Bum Farto and Jimmy Hoffa birds of a feather. Men with criminal backgrounds. Both fell off the face of the earth.

Both disappeared within one year of the other in 1975 and 1976. Farto in 1976, Hoffa 1975.

This is an update on the possible location of Hoffa’s body. Farto no one knows where he is or ended up. He could still be alive basking on a Caribbean beach.

Hoffa disappeared in Michigan in 1975. Forty six years ago.

It has been assumed the Mafia had his body buried under a New Jersey highway then under construction. Authorities have never been able to find his body.

The FBI recently renewed the search for Hoffa’s body. On the basis of new information received.

The man who claims to have actually buried Hoffa made a death bed statement to his son who in turn conveyed the information to the FBI.

The now deceased claimed he buried Hoffa’s body in a steel drum in New Jersey in the Jersey City landfill. At a location below the Pulaski Skyway. Fifteen feet underground.

The FBI investigated the site for 2 days late in October. The site is as large as a little league baseball field.

No digging as yet. The FBI is analyzing the findings they made during the day inspection.

Will we ever hear where Bum Farto is hiding or buried? Farto is part of Key West history and his story should have a conclusion. Hoffa’s story should have a conclusion, also.

Wisconsin does not appear to be a safe State. First Kyle Rittenhouse. Now an SUV operator who drove his vehicle into a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Five killed, more than 40 injured.

A “person of interest” is in custody.

No further facts available at this time.

Two pieces of COVID information.

I am angered. Governor DeSantis is secretive in most every respect where he should not be. My most recent concern is the number of new coronavirus cases that have popped up in Key West since Fantasy Fest.

The information is not available. DeSantis prohibits dissemination of COVID figures. Note, he wants to be elected President in 2024.

The guy has to be bad. He danced to every Trump tune. Yet in recent weeks, even Trump has found him lacking.

Seniors should have received their booster shots by now. Anyone 65 and older.

Statistics for Florida indicate 2.9 million senors have yet to receive the booster shot. Doctors believe the seniors are leaving themselves “exposed” as the holidays approach.

The rumor began 2 months ago. Still was “hot” 1 month ago. Beware! There will be a shortage of turkeys at Thanksgiving time.

Turns out such has not occurred.

The only shortage is in birds 10-14 pounds. Not really a problem. People just buying turkeys a bit larger.

I’m glad there will be no shortage. I have been on Lisa’s back to buy a turkey early. She did buy early. Last week. I would have bought 2 months ago!

Protests and rage against lockdowns and mandates are occurring all over the world. Not solely a U.S. problem. It is obvious that some fail to believe COVID could kill them or just don’t care.

This day in 1963 one of the saddest in American history. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

I recall the moment I heard vividly and the week that followed. Our President was dead. Unbelievable sorrow.

Americans are different today. I doubt the country would similarly mourn if Biden died. Half the people would dance with joy.

Our country is sick.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent. That’s how it works, Mr So-Called Attorney. If you don’t like it, please suicide out forthwith.

    • No, he was found not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. He was not found innocent. That’s how the system works. You should take some time to learn about it.

    • Don’t bother with Fred, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, ever. Thing is the more he posts his opinionated garbage, the more he looks like a complete jerk and a fool. Frankly I find it entertaining with it’s stupidity. As a front row right winger, he makes them all seem useless

  2. Hey Lou, Christmas parade was certainly a tragedy that could have been avoided if this career criminal wasn’t able to post $500 bail set by a liberal Milwaukee court. Also, with regard to the safety of Wisconsin, because of Kyle, the state is definitely safer!

  3. The Judge who released Darrell Brooks on $1000 (not $500) was not a liberal Judge, the incident took place in Waukesha, where Darrell Brooks was living, THE most Republican community in ALL of Wisconsin. He has felony incidents all over the country, not just in Wisconsin.

    Perhaps you might want to get your facts straight before you attempt to smear liberals for something that was not a political incident.

  4. Hey Lou, the crime was committed in Waukesha. The life long criminal was out on $500 bail from a crime (including bail jumping) committed in Milwaukee. And thank you, I do know my facts!

  5. Looks like you are indeed wron, according to FOX News he was “Two separate judges freed him on low-cost bail, records show. First for $500 in February after allegedly shooting at his nephew the previous summer and again for $1,000 earlier this month after a woman accused him of punching her and running her over with the same SUV that allegedly plowed through Waukesha’s Christmas parade, killing five and injuring 48.”

    I guess you only “know your facts” when you choose to manipulate them to say what you want to them to say. That’s called dishonest.

  6. This guy who ran down all those people in Wisconsin should hire Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys and claim it was self defense and that he feared for his life that these unarmed people at that parade were out to kill him. He should ask for bail and party while he awaited trial, just like Kyle.

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