There was a time in recent years where everything in the news was Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump.

The pendulum has swung. Today it is COVID-19.

Though not better, more interesting. Especially the search for the ultimate cure and finding a way for everyone to agree to be vaccinated.

Coronavirus has become without question a world problem. The freedom argument being made in every country. Made with a vehemence.

Austria in deep trouble. Into a national lockdown. Many Austrians don’t like it. They seem to have become hard rock anti-vaxxers.

This past weekend, 40,000 marched in protest in Vienna. No care they were spreading the virus. Many failing to believe the vaccines protect humans.

The anti-vaxxers appeared to be more radicalized. Their mood “incensed” and “aggressive.”

“Provocative,” also. Many were carrying placards likening Austria’s new Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg to Josef Mengele, the sadistic physician at the Naxi concentration camp in Auschowitz.

South Africa has become a major player in the virus crisis, if the media is to be believed. One problem. Yes, the omicron variant is in South Africa. Yet, South Africa’s number of deaths is far below those of Europe and the U.S.

Why? There is no vaccine shortage, no lockdown, morgues overwhelmed, no mass casualties.

The numbers are far lower than experts had warned.

If such be the case, why are so many flying out of South Africa to other countries testing positive on arrival?

The vaccine mandate to vaccinate or lose your job is creating a havoc situation. Note I support the decision, though severe. The only way the virus problem will disappear is if most people are vaccinated.

The rule is severely affecting many hospitals.

One is Mount Sinai Long Beach Hospital. Seventy two healthcare workers were let go for failing to be vaccinated. The hospital then closed down because of a staffing shortage.

Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital suffered a similar experience. Many employees refused to comply with the mandate. They were let go. The hospital had to shut down because of a nursing shortage.

The question as to how long a booster shot lasts has been bandied about lately.

Doctor Fauci says we do not know yet. He believes it may last for a long time. Way out. However not enough data yet to make such an announcement.

The story of a 15 year old who could not afford a plane ticket. The young man traveled from Guatemala to Miami in the plane’s landing gear. He arrived safely. No adverse effects.

Strange! Temperature high in the sky 60 degrees below zero. The young man also lucky he did not fall out of the plane.

Such has happened in the past. Some die. Fewer make it as this young man did.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Hey Lou, why was Brandon oh I mean Biden not wearing a mask in mask mandated Nantucket the other day. Guess covid is over or the mask mandates are meaningless. Typical liberal… do as I say not as I do! Complete hypocrites!

  2. Same old troll, just trying to mess with Lou and his readers.

    Thinks he’s ‘quite’ with his Brandon stuff, doesn’t realize’ it makes him look stupid and a ignorant “sheeple.”

  3. I think this Brandon campaign is going to be the best thing the Republicans have EVER come up with and will be the biggest single thing that puts Republicans back in power across all forms of government. More than anything it sums up Biden’s failures to do anything and shows how ineffective he really is with the issues and with popularity.It also shows how clever Republicans are with understanding good governing. Way better than MAGA ever was and that got Trump elected

    • What a laugh! Inflation spiraling, COVID still raging, borders in crisis, hospitals closing up, Afghanistan disaster. Biden’s popularity is nearing record lows. Wake up dude!

      • Inflation spiraling globally, not Biden’s doing. Covid raging because REPUBLICANS refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks, Borders NOT in crisis, false claim. Hospitals at capacity or closing up, because REPUBLICANS ignoring pandemic and causing the problem, What Afghanistan disaster – no American soldiers have died since Trump mandated pull out. Biden’s popularity is STILL not as low as Trumps was. Get some honesty dude.

  4. Brandon, you are our ONLY hope. Biden is a gonner, can’t get ANYTHING done. He is a discrace on the global scene, and even his own people hate him. We need leadership and someone who can solve this Covid crisis, not just mandate cures that don’t work. We need someone who can stop the stedy flow of illegal immigrents and keep the niggers under control. I say we replace Hunter’s daddy with Branden, he’s our only hope!

      • Hey “Lessco,” you snowflake sissy. If you don’t like anybody’s else’s language on this blog, maybe you should take your dishonest “pearl clutching’ talents and go somewhere else. Quit Lou’s blog, like you constantly threatened to do, a year ago when you tried to get Lou not to allow political comments, because things weren’t always going YOUR way.

      • The only thing worse than a snowflake – is a ‘Brandon’ snowflake: You know, someone who has no problem dishing it out , but gets all ‘pretend’ offended when he’s faced to take it.

  5. Os stop it Lessco (Fuk Joe Biden) Brandon. Taking advise from some one identyfing as a bad azz Brandon type is nothing but the height of hypocrisy..

    Go hide behind your cross burning hobbies or maybe painting a swastaca on some graves, then come back onto Lou’s blog and lie about something while fuking Joe Biden

    Then complain about someone elses language when I personally have heard YOU use that word MANY times. What a phoney little girl.

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