A no question about it line. Good health is the most important thing.

Its source the 1974 movie The Godfather: Part Two. Hyman Roth was always sick. He uttered the words.

Many illnesses. The most prevalent at the moment is COVID-19.

The virus seems to hit an area big time, reduce significantly only to return as strong if not stronger another time.

Three countries/geographical areas are experiencing a resurgence not expected.

One is Austria. So bad, the country is in total lockdown.

Another Australia. Infection rate skyrocketing. Australia has opened quarantine camps for those infected and those exposed to the virus but not actually infected. Army soldiers are collecting the already sick and those exposed and trucking them to the concentration type camps.

Africa is into the problem big time. So bad that 8 nations are refusing to permit airlines from the exceptionally infected areas to land in their countries. The U.S. is one of the countries.

On the local scene, a situation worth mentioning.

Dr. Bruce Boros is one of Key West’s finest physicians. A respected heart doctor. Seventy one years old. Purportedly a wise man. Not in every regard, however.

Dr. Boros is anti-vaccine. He believes in ivermectin. The drug used to deworm horses. The same drug the CDC has advised people not to use.

Dr. Boros and his wife have been taking ivermectin for 16 months. Last week, Dr. Boros attended a one day anti-vaccine summit. Dr. Boros told the gathering about ivermectin and advised he never felt better.

It was announced this weekend that 7 of the doctors attending the summit have become infected with coronavirus. Dr. Boros one of them.

Word is Dr. Boros is quite ill and treating at home.

I respect the Doctor. He was off base in this instance, however.

Cases are on the rise in the U.S. Deaths fewer. Just under 60 percent of Americans have been vaccinated. Still not enough. Of the just under 60 percent, 80 percent are the most vulnerable. Which in itself is a good thing.

The U.S. rise is reflected in the numbers. Last week, the U.S. experienced 93,904 new cases daily. An 11.6 percent increase from the previous week. Average daily deaths were 1,116. Down 4.6 percent from the previous week.

Most U.S. hospitals have staffing problems. Some have shut down their ICU facilities as a result.

People worldwide are crying “freedom.” A significant number. They vehemently oppose mandated vaccines. Many will become infected. A good number die. U.S. statistics show 90-95 of COVID sick in hospitals today are the non vaccinated.

New York Times columnist Eugene Robinson commented on the problem in this morning’s edition: “Anti-vaccinated zealots here and abroad who demand their ‘freedom’ have it exactly backward. The vaccines can free us from the plague, if we will let them. The unchecked virus offers only tyranny.”

COVID affected the market big time friday. The DOW ended the day dropping 905 points. The biggest single day drop in recent times. At one point during the day, it had dropped more than 1,000 points.

Experts claim the drop the result of the new 0micron variant which is doing a number in Africa. It has the capacity to move rapidly worldwide. The effect on the economy would be disastrous.

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  1. “ Africa is into the problem big time. So bad that 8 nations are refusing to permit airlines from the exceptionally infected areas to land in their countries. The U.S. is one of the countries.”

    Another Trump policy that Biden has adopted to save his presidency. When Trump did this y’all called him racist.

    • “Lessco” your just a troll who doesn’t understand what day it is.

      Trump was considered a flaming racists because he was open committing racists acts for many years, encouraging violence and suppression long before he was even president.

      Trying to make Biden comparable to trump with racism only makes you look more stupid, than your usual crap.

    • Dishonest – You mentioned Africa, now want to talk China. Quit trying to manipulate everything to fit your narrative and then switch when you are caught doing so.

  2. This troll is just trying to stirr up (mess with) everybody to start a fight, than actually have any kind of meaningful discussion.

    Honesty doesn’t matter to him.

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