Everything is in short supply! Even Santa Claus!

There are national and regional companies that rent Santa Claus to malls and stores. They are having a problem this year. Too few Santas available.

Two reasons. One, many retired due to the pandemic. The other health concern related also. Santas that still want to work but have a fear of contacting COVID so are taking this year off.

Numbers never lie. The demand increase for Santas over last year is 120 percent. The decrease in available Santas 10 percent.

The old law of supply and demand.

Many businesses and families noting this year’s problem have already made reservations for “meet and greet” next year.

Those places that will have Santa this year have a new set of rules. Included are any child over 2 must wear a mask. Social distancing is in play. No lap sitting will be allowed.

Sadness takes many forms. The Santa problem is one.

I was out last night. Almost like the old days.

Fran and Tom Dixon are in town. It was our night together.

We met first at the Chart Room. Good to see them! Friends for years!

Fran looked her delightful best as usual. Always a deep tan. Tom his normal cheerful self.

There were two other couples at the bar.

The lady portion of one had lived in Utica for 20 years. We reminisced about the town. She and her boy friend have been coming to Key West for 20 years.

The other couple told me we had met last year. I remembered their faces, but not names. We chatted briefly.

It was good to walk the length of the bar chatting with the visitors. I was doubly happy that my old friends Fran and Tom were spending the evening with me.

It was cold. Around 68 degrees. Did not want to have dinner outside at the Pier House. Instead, we went across the street to Ocean Key.

A quiet night through out town. Thanksgiving visitors had left.

The three of us raised a bit of hell at the Hot Tin Roof. Company and meals both good.

Fran mothers me. For years. This year’s gifts included two cheese cakes. She made them both while here in the kitchen of their suite at Ocean Key House. Several different type candies. Always good!

One failure. Fran supplies me with face masks. Ten or twelve at a time. She makes them up in Buffalo. Well done.

She forgot to bring them this trip. I will have to survive with the tons of face masks I have. Both from Fran and which I purchased. I was always afraid I would run out.

The Democrats have to stop screwing around. For experienced politicians, they appear inept most times.

They have to bring back the filibuster. It is REQUIRED to save the country (especially a voting rights bill), enable Biden’s overall programs to pass, and help America’s people to live a better life.

OTHERWISE, the U.S. will move dramatically closer to a change in government style, to a radical lifestyle for its people, and my sense is a government tending Nazi in nature.

I filled the gas tank last week at $3.35 a gallon. Driving in town last night, I noticed each station had the same price. $4.25 a gallon.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey Lou, speaking of Voting rights, cheating at the voting booths became rampant in our generation in part because of pro sports “all star balloting”. Voting integrity can only be corrected by republican legislators. Democrats will cheat, lie and steal to win an election. When we all were kids we were all encouraged to grab piles of MLB, NBA etc… all star punch ballots and vote hundreds if not thousands of times for our hometown professional players. I was told I was only allowed to complete one all star punch ballot, because a “Vote” is sacred and a “Vote” is only once! Wish my democrat friends learned the same lesson.

    • Garbage facts, garbage thinking. Almost all voter fraud has been found to be with Republicans and everybody knows that. You should be ashamed with your blatant dishonesty.

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