The court rooms of today are truly the courts of last resort.

There are three branches of government. The Executive and Legislative for various reasons are not solving our every day problems.

Which leaves the responsibility to the last branch. The Judicial branch. Unfortunately, it is dying on the vine. The dike is leaking. However, there is no place else for America to go for relief.

I have spelled out the reasons why over the past year in detail. Such is not the purpose of today’s blog.

Last week and this week certain portions of life in America have been exposed in court rooms. Things occurred which made little or no sense to me.

Take the Ahmaud Arbery death case in Georgia for example.

A black man jogging in a white neighborhood. Shot dead by a white “vigilante” driving around the white neighborhood seeking out some bad guy who had been committing house burglaries in the neighborhood.

The white man assumed the black one was the villain. Probably rationalizing…..He’s black. He has to be.

The white man wanted to question the black runner. Claimed he intended to make a “citizen’s arrest.” Arbery kept jogging. The white man shot Arbery from the car killing him.

The three men pursuing Arbery were white.

The shooter stood over Arbery’s dead body and called him “nigger.”

The judge refused to let the prosecution bring the “nigger” uttering into evidence.

Why not?

On its very face, the killing was race motivated. A white man shot a black man for no reason. Following which he called him “nigger.”

The Rittenhouse case another example of something out of the ordinary happening in a court room.

The judge forbad the prosecution from referring to the two dead men and the one wounded as “victims.”

Doesn’t make sense. Rittenhouse shot them. Were the three, especially the two dead, anything but victims?

A side note re Rittenhouse. He has become an American hero to the far right.

Yesterday, Rittenhouse and his mother met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Trump claims he was impressed with Rittenhouse saying, “Really a nice young man…..That was prosecutorial misconduct. He should not have had to suffer through a trial for that. He was going to be dead.”

Trump also stated Rittenhouse had become the “poster boy” for the right to self-defense.

How did Rittenhouse and Trump come together at Mar-a-Lago? By chance or planned?

Trump said, “He called. He wanted to know if he could come over, say hello, because he was a fan.”

I don’t buy it. The visit under the circumstances had to be arranged. By Trump or his people. People don’t just telephone a former President and say, I am a fan and in the neighborhood. Can I stop by?

Trump’s record when it comes to veracity is lacking. I would assume  he was lying as to how the visit came to be.

Darrell Brooks is the SUV driver who plowed into a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His driving thus far has left 6 dead and roughly forty injured. The injured include 13 children who are still hospitalized.

A week or two prior to the incident, Brooks was let out on $1,000 cash bail for a different occurrence. The incident involved among other things his running his vehicle over a person’s arm.

Brooks’ track record another reason why he should not have been let out of jail so cheaply. Makes me wonder if the judge or prosecutor were aware of his record.

Brooks’ record qualifies him as a “distinguished villain.” He is a registered sex offender. He admitted in a video that he “pimps children.” He previously had been a bail jumper. His record contained a number of violent felonies and misdemeanors as well.

The man is black. He is a Black Lives Matter follower. He is purported to be anti-white.

The Charlottesville riot civil lawsuit’s jury has returned. Seventeen counter protesters sued those who arranged for the “riot” for money damages. For injuries, etc. Damages sought compensatory and punitive.

The jury returned a verdict in excess of $25 million.

Defendants included the Unite the Right organization. The group primarily made up of white nationalist neo-nazis and Confederate sympathizers.

Individually named defendants included Richard Spence, Jason Hessler, and Christopher Cantwell. Spencer was once viewed as the leader of the alt-right in the U.S. Heller organized the event. Cantwell a vocal neo-Nazi podcaster.

An outstanding result. Twenty five million dollars impressive. One problem, however. How are the successful plaintiffs going to collect any money? Unless one or more of the “organizers” are well off financially, the judgment is worthless. Its only value is to evidence a verdict in big dollars that may dissuade others well heeled to cease and desist financing insurrectionists.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump’s administration did not create the “ease” of these killings, that was done with gun legislation long before him. Trump’s contribution however was with the impunity side of things.

    Take the Rittenhosue thing. He’s a high school dropout who had a rifle he was not of legal age to have, but the Judge dismissed that charge altogether, who shot 3 unarmed people, killing two, because he was scared they might have hurt him. Who has never yet even been laid, gets to meet the ex president and be told by him that he’d done a good thing.

    And we’re wondering why the legal system is failing?

  2. YES,trump is a violent man who spread his hate around this country. ease of killing was not meant to mean the availibility of guns but that to so easily kill another human being without reservations.

  3. I stopped by the Chart Room to have a chat and buy a Beefeater. But they weren’t open and I couldn’t get back.
    An old thorn in your side, Patrick

    • Chart Room opens at 5. I rarely go these days/yrs. First because of the pandemic.Second which leads me to believe you are not reading my blog religiously, because everyone of the regulars have moved not to return or died. Would you believe, I am one of maybe 3. Jean Thornton shows up when she is in town.Someone else who I can’t recall at the moment.

    • Patrick never gets anything right Lou, never did, He was always making sh*t up and then trying to play it to death. J*hn probably saw him coming and locked the door.

  4. Hey Lou, Kyle according to Wisconsin law, like it or not was not, was not legally prohibited from carrying the “long” gun he had in his possession. The barrel length was such that at his age he was within his legal rights to possess. And thank goodness he was able to protect himself from the career criminals threatening his life!

  5. The “Right” is lifting up Kyle to be some kind of hero of their politics. Considering they did the same with infamous sedition stoker -Trump, I am not surprised.

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