Hurricane season ends today. Thank God, no  hurricane beset Key West. Irma was enough. Hopefully it is buying us a few more years.

Weathermen describe this season as “quiet.” No question about it. A minor storm here and there. Nothing of consequence.

The Conch Republic Navy will celebrate the end of the 2021 hurricane season with a flag burning at 5 pm today. The event will take place at the USCGC Ingham at the Truman Waterfront Park.

I can recall when I first came to Key West some 30 years ago. The hurricane season ended 9/1. Later extended to 10/1. Then to 11/1. Now in effect 12/1.

Someone out there does not like us.

Special dessert last night. Fran’s cheese cake. Delicious!  I’m so lucky!

Start wearing a mask again. I don’t have to tell you why. Be safe! Be cautious! For yourself, family and friends.

There is one subject that is rarely discussed. Death. Seems to be the huge elephant in the room.The issue came up sunday evening while having dinner with Fran and Tom.

We got into age and dying. Fran is 71, Tom 75. Youngsters in effect. Their concern not similar to mine. I mentioned that at 86 I find myself thinking about it. Makes sense.

Fran asked how I felt about dying. Not really concerned. I have no fear. What will be, will be. My life has been long. Good and bad at different times. No complaints at my end, however.

Fran asked my thoughts re an after life. My response two fold.

Nothing. Dead means dead. I assume it will be black like having surgery. Once you are out, you’re out. Everything black till you wake. With death no waking, however. Black forever which means I experience nothing.

The second one I would hope for and prefer. If such is the way it is. There is an after life. Another life. The other side.

I will meet my grandparents and parents. We will be joined again. Could not ask for anything more.

The next morning (yesterday) I was skipping through the internet looking for an interesting blog topic. Their it was. A death story.

I share it with you.

Scott Drummond was 28 at the time. He was skiing. Fell. Got up and continued skiing the rest of the day. Experienced no pain or discomfort.

When he took off his glove, he found his thumb hanging by the skin. Totally separated from his hand, except for the skin.

He went to the hospital immediately and was rushed into surgery. They were going to try reattaching his thumb.

Scott died on the operating table. He was dead for 20 minutes. Then returned to life.

Scott much older now. Married 45 years. Has rarely spoken of the experience.

His words during his recent interview spoke volumes.

I “went to heaven…..People should not fear death.”

He was in a field of beautiful flowers and tall rees. A white cloud ahead. He could feel, but not see, a person walking next to him.

Scott had a distinct recollection of his whole life in his mind. Quickly. Every detail.

The person next to him suddenly stuck out his arm blocking Scott. The person’s arm was the first of any part of his companion that he had seen. The man said, “It is not yet your time, you have more things to do.”

Scott describes where he went as the “most peaceful place I ever have went.”

“I know there is a God without a shadow of a doubt.”

“I’m not afraid of dying.”

Several times he choked with emotion, his eyes filling with tears. He had to pause. I share Scott’s experience with you. Draw your own conclusions.

I found another story involving a woman that was dead 90 minutes. I leave it for tomorrow.

My Uncle Frank died on the operating table during a heart procedure. He was gone 30 minutes. Then returned.

My Uncle was a simple man. Uneducated.  Typical family man. His wife my Aunt equally pleasant. Three daughters.

The experience led him to say he was not afraid to die. His experience a happy one.

He described a cloud surrounding him. A green field leading to a low wood fence. He walked toward the fence. As he did his family came to greet him. All previously dead, of course.

His mother, father, brothers and sisters. They were smiling, greeting him. He was happy.

As suddenly as he had arrived, he returned. The doctors could not explain why.

My Uncle was a bit unhappy about returning. Where he went had that impact on him.

From that day forward, he would always say he was not afraid to die. Actually looked forward to it.

He died a good 20 years later.

The new variant is named Omicron. My curiosity got the best of me. What/where was Omicron?

Turns out no where. Omicron is the name of a letter in the Greek alphabet.

How far do we go with many of the racist arguments. Sometimes enough is enough.

Students at the University of Florida want “Black Friday” renamed. Black and white students alike. Consider the term racist. Discriminatory against Black people.

Some students thought it should be changed. Others were of the opinion the issue was being “overanalyzed.”

The reporter doing the interview at the end would advise that the term Black friday was not about “skin color.” It had to do with shopping. Some who initially though it discriminatory at that point changed their minds and indicated it was ok.

Tuesday again. My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Good show. I rant and rave about things. A fast moving half hour. Join me at

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey Lou, regarding your paragraph starting with “Students at the University of Florida”, why do you capitalize the letter “B” in the middle of the sentence when referring to Black people but not capitalize the “w” when referring to “white students”? Why the inconsistency?

  2. Louis, just like the months leading to 2016, the mouth breathers are surfacing again. Fear not, they were soundly defeated in 2020 and that was BEFORE their leaders attempted act of insurrection on the Capitol. Thank you President Biden for saving America.

  3. Lou, I thought global warming was causing more hurricanes? What gives?

    I thought global warming caused the sea to rise, how come Key West isn’t underwater by now? What gives?

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