Reasons for not being vaccinated multiply.

USA Today this morning published the latest “revelation.” Considered by some to be Biblicaly derived. The article titled: Some Say The  COVID-19 Vaccine Is The Mark Of The Beast.

Mark of the beast is the newest excuse for refusing vaccination. Whether correct uncertain. However the number of persons relying on the beast excuse to refuse the vaccine is increasing.

Their belief is based on the New Testament’s Book of Revelation 13:16-18. It mentions the “mark of the beast.” The mark reflects an allegiance to Satan.

Those who believe the beast theory reject its scientific base. They claim it is based on “values and morals.” Such as found in the Bible.

“Mark of the beast is an apocalyptic biblical term…..the apostle John speaks of an apocalyptic pair of beasts who will rule the earth with cruelty.” Their evil reach – which can be interpreted as hidden manipulation – will require all people who require the transaction of commerce to wear the mark of the beast. The apostle John did not identify what the mark would look like, although some theologians translate scripture to reference the number “666” to be associated with it.

“The mark will be on the right hand or in their foreheads.” Without it, “no man might buy or sell.”

There has been no finding that the mark and vaccine are similar in appearance, however.

Rather those who believe suggest “the vaccine represents a conspiracy of governmental control or that the vaccine contains some sort of marking agent to indelibly identify those foolish enough to receive the vaccine.”

Trump tapped into the lack of trust in the government and the medical field. Reached through a belief in American populism which comes with a disbelief in experts.

Certain top Republicans believe vaccines are “the mark of the beast” and “comparable to a false god.”

People with spiritual beliefs who believe that “all things are influenced by religion are more likely to believe mark of the beast which is in every Christian bible.”

Many Christians have arrived at the belief that “the world is in the time the Bible calls ‘the last days.'” When speaking of “the last days,” the Bible speaks of someone identified as the Antichrist and he would require people have a mark… buy and sell.”

Wild so far. And to think anyone would believe such garbage.

The USA Today article says, “The COVID-19 vaccine – or any vaccines – have nothing to do with any of this.

There are those who believe per Revelation 14 that the mark will be a pledge of loyalty to the Antichrist and no one will take the mark unknowingly.

Though Revelation 14 talks of “doom,” many believe God “will not doom people for taking something unwittingly.”

Unreliable information is being spread both ways. Primarily via social media.

People are increasingly coming to the conclusion that the “mark of the beast” is a reason not to get vaccinated. Who wants to be seen supporting the Antichrist?

Those who support the mark of the beast theory will be from the religious right. Evangelicals and Protestants. Those generally wrong in their twisted religious beliefs.

A closing observation. Certain religious persons are desperate for a reason to reject the vaccine. They end up in court relying on whatever as the basis for a violation of their freedom of religion rights. The courts have bent over backwards to uphold claims for a religious exemption. From my perspective, judges readily move to accept the religious claim.

The mark of the beast will find its way into a courtroom in the next year. A tough theory to handle/understand. No judge however is going to rule against people who who are opposed to being marked as followers of the Antichrist.

A couple of weeks ago, the religious exemption claim was that the Bible tells us man was made in God’s image. If so, the wearing of a face mask blocks the viewing of God’s face. No one should block God’s face.

I am still waiting the court’s decision on that one.

Southern states like to march in a similar line, to dance to the same tune.

The Texas abortion law that bans an abortion once a heart beat can be detected, is on its way to becoming law in Florida I fear. A bill has been introduced similar in nature to Texas’ new law. Governor DeSantis’ will sign the similar bill into law. Actually, I am sure he will. He continues to be on the wrong side of everything.

Hurricane Sam is a strange one. It reached Category 4 yesterday. At a time when it still was mid ocean and had not reached land as yet.

Winds 140 mph.

Sam is expected to turn northwest tomorrow and continue turning through wednesday.

Meteorologists have advised Sam will be no danger to Florida or the Caribbean.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Mark of the Beast – Right on – that proves you are stupid and Covid can fix that.

    Religion telling you not to Vax – Go for it, you are helping to prove religion is not credible. Go for it.

    Not Vaxing is politically right – nope it’s politically right wing wacko.

    Keep it up idiots we won’t forget your stupid selfisness

    • Its not all right wing. Stop with the BS. So much misinformation. Lets blame all Christians and right wingers. They are all at fault.Sounds like a different time in our history. A lot of people are afraid and dont trust the talking heads. Conflicting stories from the government and health officials and making this virus political didnt help. I had my first shot on Jan 11th and plan on getting the booster.I try to educate people about it but its not easy. The uneducated and ill informed come from all religions and political persuasions. This article and others like it dont help.We need to come together or we are done.

      • No you are wrong. This IS ALL the right wing wackos.

        There is few if any “real” conflicting stories from the government (since Trump’s been gone) that are not a direct result of Republican efforts to get THEIR way, or nothing.

        The next time republicans, especially those in the government actually try and compromise, please let us know. Otherwise stop the phony victim crap.

        • I am not happy with the republicans either.The problem is you cant see problems with both sides.If you would look at facts instead of propaganda we could get somewhere

          • We could get somewhere if there weren’t so many trolls on this blog, like you!

            You types only want to “get along” when you are losing.

            Too bad, reap what you have sowed!

      • You sound like the guy in Germany who in 1946 wanted to complain that he was being treated unfairly, after all, not all Germans were Nazi’s.

      • Well, I would agree “We need to come together or we are done.” as you said. But don’t you think you should be posting that on right wing, Republican blogs, instead of here? After all, they are the ones with their heals dung in and absolutely refuse to compromise on anything.

  2. So, now the Republicans want to shut down the government AGAIN, just like they did with Obama, just so they can then blame the Democrats (Biden this time) for what ever havoc that creates. Under Trump the Republicans quickly and without even any debate, upped the debit limit THREE times.

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