What a country we live in! People don’t want to be inoculated with the vaccine. Ok, we’ll put it in their food.

Salads the dish of choice. Specifically, spinach and lettuce.

The National Science Foundation gave a $500,000 grant to the University of California-Riverside. Researchers have been charged with growing edible plants that carry the same medication as an mRNA vaccine.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Somehow before we are done, everyone will receive the vaccine.

The Ivermectin craze is hurting horse owners. Shelves in feed stores are bare. The farmers have an insufficient supply of the deworming product. Their horses are suffering.

An anonymous commenter brought to my attention the story of Dusty and Tristan Graham, also known as the Alabama Pickers.

The story so interesting it prompted me to research the issue of COVID deaths further. There is a website specifically limited to those who were anti-vaccine, refused to be inoculated, and died.

Oh, so many.

The site is The post again is dedicated to those who publicly opposed the COVID vaccination and subsequently died from the disease.

Dusty and Tristan Graham refused to receive the shots. Their work took them all over Alabama. They posted a video on their YouTube channel to such effect.  The video confirmed they would never get vaccinated: “We are ALIVE and still Reselling on eBay.”

A few days after the posting, they both came down with the virus and were hospitalized. They died within 3 weeks of each other.

Before becoming afflicted they wrote, the vaccine is “technically not a vaccine.”

We all mourn any person’s death. Those who invite death by failing to get the shots invite their demise. My commenter properly wrote, “COVID is fixing stupid every day.”

The biggest hospital system in Indiana is Indiana University Health. The hospital system has 36,000 employees. The hospital instituted a vaccine mandate. One hundred twenty five refused and left their employment. A small number compared to the overall 36,000 employees. Most of the 125 were part time employees.

I share the Indiana hospital’s numbers for a specific reason. Most if not all similar situations I have read about had a larger number of staff departing. In this case, an insignificant number. Why this Indiana hospital and few if other institutions?

I close with a Donald Trump comment.

This past weekend, the “Justice for the J6” rally was scheduled at the Capitol. Projection was only 700 would show. In the end, 200 did. The media suggests the low number indicates Trump’s popularity is waning. I am not sure, though I would hope so.

Trump commented prior to the rally: “My heart is with those standing with the rioters.” He added at another point in the comment: The January 6 protest concerned “the rigged Presidential election.”

He will never give up!

Enjoy your day!

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