My best selling book was Irma and Me. I liked the juxtaposition of the name. The subject and Louis.

The same here.

Telephones have impacted my life. Actually, all our lives. Most are unaware what  telephone communication was way back when. Beginning for me before World War II.

Enjoy this brief recollection.

I was born in 1935.

In the late 1930’s and into the first part of the 1940’s, our phone was the corner grocer. No one had telephones, except business people. The grocer took calls for the block.

If a call came for my father, the grocer (his name was Frank) would go out on the street and shout….Tell John he has a call! Someone would transfer the message to my Dad or to another neighbor to relate.

Then we got our own telephone. A four party line. Meant four homes had the same line. If you picked up and heard talking, you hung up till the line was free.

We graduated to a two party line.

Then the time came when the only line was ours. We had a single party line. A private phone.

A big deal!

Cell phones did not make an appearance till my mid law practice years. They were big and cumbersome.

The phones got smaller. I recall the flip top.

I am absolutely amazed that my telephone today is in effect a computer. I can do everything with it.

Only took 86 years.

When I am gone, will anyone remember? People find it hard to fit yesterday into today.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Nine my time. A fast moving half hour. I recount my likes and dislikes of the previous week.

Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

What is most interesting is all I need to do Tuesday Talk is a telephone. My land line telephone. You listen via the internet.

Enjoy your day!

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