Jobs available for many today. Not taken. Many eligible for the American work force do not want to work. The American dream is no longer within their reach. Work, yes. Deeper in debt, yes. Making it almost impossible to get ahead.

The American dream is now reserved for the wealthy. Those already wealthy. The economy only works for those already in the top ten percent.

Many have come to believe there is no longer a reward for hard work. No sense to developing a good employment track record to push one up the ladder of success. The ticket to the middle class no longer being available.

Work is viewed as a dead end. The house, car, family, college educations, etc. merely a dream. Costs rising faster than income.

Some believe a theory I cannot subscribe to: Stress of overwork breaks down physical and mental health. I am from the old school. Hard work never hurt anyone. Success is the reward of hard work. Those who believe this not working bullshit for the reasons set forth are on the wrong track. Perhaps even lazy.

Three polls taken last week indicate fewer than one third of Americans want to see Rose v. Wade overturned.

A dear friend died monday. Sherwood Boehlert. He was 85.

Sherry was my Congressman for 24 years. Always available to help. A telephone call away.

Sherry was a moderate Republican. He became a leader of the moderate wing in Congress when his party was in power. He became Chairman of one of the more powerful Committees.

I have not seen him in years. When he retired from Congress, he moved to Washington, D.C. I retired and moved to Key West.

Sherry was not typical of today’s Congressional Republican. Far from it. There should be more on both sides of aisle today like him.

May he rest in peace.

Confucius say: “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Which indicates to me parental guidance in recent years not what it used to be.

Anti-vaccine persons exist world wide. Stupidity seems to permeate society everywhere. Insurgency, also.

Australia for example.

Constriction workers are required to be vaccinated. If not, they cannot work.

Monday a violent protest occurred in front of a union headquarters in Melbourne. Harsh.

The cries of the protesters were “Freedom” and “Fuck the job!”

One oddity. Those protesting were not union members. They were “far right extremists…..heavily infiltrated by neo-Nazis and other right wing extremist groups.”

It’s the same all over!

Karl Bohank has been a meteorologist for 33 years. He was Michigan’s WLUC-TV weather man.

His broadcasting company mandated all employees had to be vaccinated. He refused and quit.

Bohank said, “Personal freedom should be paramount…..We are being bludgeoned with fear… an effort to control us.”

He quoted Thomas Jefferson from the Declaration of Independence: “When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

Everyone has a right to think as they wish. They must however be prepared to suffer the consequences. As Bohank was. What I can’t understand is how an apparently well educated man could neither see nor understand the value of the vaccine to himself and the rest of his community.

Children are being placed in jeopardy by parents who do not believe in the vaccine or mask wearing. Parents placing their children in danger’s path.

A newly instituted lawsuit in Federal Court in Albany, New York, exemplifies the stupidity of parents merely as to the mask wearing requirement. Nine children and five parents are named as plaintiffs in the suit.

The purpose of the suit is to lift a mask wearing mandate from school children.

The basis of their claim is mandated mask wearing violates children’s first amendment rights, and causes them physical, psychological and sociological harm.

Quoting from the Complaint follows.

“The masks have made the children sick, stunted their intellectual and social growth and most importantly violated their freedom of speech and association.”

“While the virus may no longer be fatal to our health, it poses an existential danger to our liberty.”

“Our kids are suffering in these masks; they can’t breathe in these masks, they’re uncomfortable. Our kids have not seen a smile in school in over a year.”

Stupid parents. Forrest Gump comes into play again: “You can’t fix stupid.”

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, your “people not returning to work” essay looks to be straight out of the GOP’s “what to rant about” playbook.

    A significant number of the people who are not working anymore are those who can’t !!! – Many of those are people who won’t get vaccinated and many are those who fear their jobs will unnecessarily expose them to exposure. Then There are those whose jobs disappeared (restaurants and teachers) and those are just now coming back.

    This is now a whole new world. I worked in a theatre here in NYC – no way I’m going back there for a while.

    Don’t let those right wing thugs put words in your mouth Lou, at least not before you think things through.

  2. Particularly I’ll-informed commentary today. If you don’t think the stress of working multiple jobs and still not making ends meets doesn’t correspond to physical and mental health deterioration, you’re neither thinking nor seeking out a huge body of research on the subject. In terms of college education as a determinant of success, it’s a complex subject. But I’d guess your higher education cost well less than $50,000. Today that’d get you maybe three semesters at a mid-level public school. I have two friends, husband and wife, that are both highly specialized doctors. Their combined student debt is $1.3 million. These are people with the skill and desire to do important medical work and they’ll be burdened by this for decades while performing a vital societal function. Whereas lawyers like you require less training at less cost and are objective drains on society. You’ve been out of touch for about 15 years but your post today served as a great reminder of just how much of an out of touch a pompous, wannabe intellectual, millionaire you are.

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