Great day today! What could be better? The Ryder Cup by day and Syracuse football in the evening.

It is 11:30 and I am just beginning to write the blog. Started at 6 this morning with the research. Have been running back and forth from the office to the TV. Hopefully the blog will go smoothly and I can soon return to the TV full time.

Another hurricane on the way. Sam. Purported to be a big one. Already a category 3 and only in mid Atlantic. Expected to be a 4 when it hits land. No certainty yet where “land” will be. Maybe Florida, maybe not. All land points remain open.

Whatever, a biggie. Sounds dangerous.

Great people these Taliban. They live by the Quran and die by the Quran. Properly so. It is their religion.

The Taliban announced they will begin carrying out executions and amputations of hands. Must be permissible in the Quran. However, the Taliban advised the executions and amputations will no longer be public. I assume, though I might not be correct, the Quran does not spell out a place for execution.

I cheated on my quarantine last night.

Tom and Fran Dixon are back in town. Travelers they are. Fear not caronavirus. They leave Key West to return to Buffalo tuesday. Leave for France for a week friday.

Love their company. We have been friends 15 years. Met in Key West that long ago. They live in Buffalo. Visit Key West frequently. Tom owns a small piece of the Ocean Key House.

We met at the Chart Room. I told them the time I would arrive. My marching orders were they should be done drinking and have paid the bill. I wanted to spend no time in the Chart Room. My beloved Chart Room scares me during the pandemic. It is small and when packed there has to be a lot of virus jumping around.

I walked in and they were ready to walk out.

We ate on the Pier House Deck. Another of my requirements. We had to eat outside. The food was wonderful. The company excellent. We had a great time.

They have to be good friends to put up with me.

The Maricopa County audit is complete. No improprieties found. Biden even garnered 300 plus additional votes in the audit.

It was announced that a new audit has begun. In Texas. Strange. My recollection is Trump won Texas by 5.5 percent of the vote. Though it was the closest Presidential race in decades.

The Texas audit initially will be of 4 counties. Two Republican and two Democratic. Guess the goal is to try to show cheating in the Democratic counties.

The new audit as stupid as the Maricopa County one was. Waste of time and money.

Apparently Trump imposed on Governor Abbott to have the Texas audit initiated.

I cannot understand how Republicans stand loyal to Trump. Republicans have always supposedly been the smarter of the two political parties.

A recent poll indicated 78 percent of Republicans believe Biden lost and Trump won. The poll was done by CNN/SSRS.

I close with a couple of coronavirus items.

The CDC Advisory Board announced yesterday that persons over 65 and those in long term care facilities will be the first to receive booster shots. Pfizer so far approved. Moderna approval expected in the next 2 weeks.

Pfizer booster shots will be available beginning next friday.

Trump continues to run the Republican Party. His craziness continues to warp the Republican Party. Pennsylvania another new state for audit, investigation…..whatever it will develop into.

The Pennsylvania Senate is leading the probe. They have issued or are in the process of issuing 9 million subpoenas. The subpoenas are to all Pennsylvania voters. Require the voters to provide specific personal information. Most or all of which is not of the Senate’s business.

A lawsuit already commenced by the Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General claiming the subpoenas not legal in any fashion.

This “crap” has to stop! The courts are the only place these oddball improper activities by Trump or his henchmen can be halted. When an entity such as a State Senate does something like the subpoena thing in makes people wonder if Trump might not be correct in asserting the election was rigged.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “SPORTS DAY TODAY

  1. Lou, you said “Republicans have always supposedly been the smarter of the two political parties.”

    When was that?

    Let’s just take the last few Republican Presidents:

    Ronald Reagan when asked how his historical heroes were, answered with three fictional movie actors.; George Bush senior went to war with Iraq, under a presence with Kuait that turned out to be false, apparently thinking the American public would never know; George Bush the second, my god, where does one start with the “not so smart?”

    I ask you again, why would you say Republican’s are supposedly always been the smarter of the two political parties? And I did’t even go back to the Gerald Ford or Richard Nixon presidencies.

  2. Hey Lou, I looked up that “ website you talked about on your post a couple of days ago.

    Seems like there’s been another dozen or so loudmouth stupid antivaxers taken care of by the “Hoax” Covid pandemic.

    Can’t say I’m at all sympathetic.

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