I am sue you noticed there was no blog yesterday. A tuesday disaster.

I take 19 pills a day. I made it to 86 so far so they must be helping. I take the pills during the course of the day while on the computer. A case of bottled water nearby to assist.

I was opening a new bottle. The cap was hard to turn. Finally turned snapping my wrist. Came the deluge. My keyboard buried in water. Tried to clean and dry. Didn’t work. Sloan stopped by yesterday with a new one.

My notes for tuesday night’s Tuesday Talk show covered with water also. Ink turned into black water. Notes for the show gone 15 minutes before show time. Did the show of the top of my head.

I do not need the computer to do Tuesday Talk. Only a land line. Ergo, I was still able to get the show in.

Tragedies occur.

Travel + Leisure is one of America’s top travel magazine. Its recent edition listed the top 15 resorts and spas in Florida. Key West was home to three.

Number one was Sunset Key and Cottages. Number two Oceans Edge Resort and Marina. Number three Ocean Key Resort and Spa.

A big deal! All top notch.

E-bikes. I see them coming to Key West.

Tourists and locals alike are bike crazy here. Bicycles the reason Key West is #1 for bicycle deaths and injuries in Florida.

The bicycles are motorized. Electric power. Can enjoy the ride or peddle. Whatever is desired. Speed under 25 mph.

A hit already in major cities. Sales in the 12 month period ending in July up 240 percent. By next year, they will be all over Key West. I am not looking forward to it. Unless you have experienced it, you have no idea how dangerous it is to drive a car on a roadway covered with bicycle riders.

A bit of coronavirus.

Israel has been one of the world leaders in dealing with coronavirus. It will be announcing shortly that 4 shots will be required to be considered being “fully vaccinated.” Two booster shots rather than one.

Israelis will only be able “to engage in society” if their vaccine passports show 4 shots have been taken.

Israeli people not happy. Already protesting.

Pope Francis is generally on the right side of things. Vaccines, for example. He encourages vaccines, discourages religious exemptions.

On September 27-28, the Vatican held its Assembly Meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Life. The Academy deals with issues at the intersection of bioethics and moral theology. The Academy advocated for equitable distribution of vaccines and to combat vaccine skepticism.

YouTube announced it is going to ban any who claim “vaccines are infectious or dangerous.” Included is Robert Kennedy, Jr. who is a prominent vaccine opponent.

Does not surprise me Kennedy would be opposed to vaccines. He most times is on the wrong side of issues. Recall that it was recently announced he supported the parole of his father’s assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

His father he is not.

On this day in 1939, the Munich Pact was signed.

Prime Minister Chamberlain feared Germany was going to start a war. England mentally was still suffering from the huge number of young Englishmen it had lost in World War I.

Hitler did not invite Chamberlain to Munich. Chamberlain went uninvited. In fact, Hitler wondered what he wanted.

Chamberlain wanted peace, “peace at any cost.”

A one page document was signed. Hitler agreed not to begin a war. There was one condition. Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland was to be given to Germany. It was so agreed.

Chamberlain returned to England. As he departed his plane in England, he waived a copy of the one page agreement and shouted, “Peace with honor, peace in our lifetime.”

History reflects he was wrong.

The surprising thing was Hitler’s recollection of the meeting. He had no thought of asking for the Sudetenland. It was actually Chamberlain’s idea. Chamberlain thought Hitler could be “bought off” by his suggestion. Hitler agreed to accept the Sudetenland. Why not, he said. Something for nothing.

Upon death, one’s remains are either buried or cremated. There is now a third way gaining in popularity. Cost the primary consideration. The new way is cheaper.

It is composting. Turning the body into a “sack of dirt.” The process takes 3 months.

The concept is promoted with the thought one’s body is still living in a sense. Composting renews life.

Composting is legal in Colorado and Washington. Expected to be legal soon in Oregon.

Eighty six year old Thomas Krob of Spring Grove, Illinois recently died. He refused to be vaccinated. His problem was not coronavirus. It was rabies.

He woke one night discovering a bat on his neck. He refused the set of 4 rabies shots. He died in one month.

It was discovered a colony of bats were living in his home.

Rabies deaths can be prevented if timely rabies vaccinations are given. Krob was anti-vaccine and paid the penalty many persons do who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

I am perplexed. When are Manchin and Sinew going to do what’s right?

Manchin may yet capitulate. Sinew perhaps never. She does not seem capable of seeing the light of day.

A newscaster last night described her as “bush league.” Her conduct suggesting she does not belong in the Senate.

I have the feeling she wants her constituents to view her as another John McCain. She is an Arizona Senator. His life experiences qualified him to act as he did. He had earned the right. She, not.

John McCain she is not.

The House Progressives are to be admired. Some 60 odd in number.

They are sick of having been ignored over the years. They are standing strong at this time and saying “no more.”

Good for them!

Today is National Coffee Day. Free coffee available at many coffee outlets. Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks being two. One requirement generally. Food or a bakery item must be purchased.

Enjoy your day!


  1. E bikes are already all over Key West- but they travel on sidewalks with other bikes. For people who live in new town and ride bikes into old town to work- they save time and energy. However, we who ride normal bikes can be surprised by them as they whizz by gong much faster – so beware.

  2. Covid is getting big help fixing stupid from Ivermectin.

    Two people in New Mexico died recently after taking ivermectin, according to Dr. David Scrase, secretary of the New Mexico Department of Health.

    Turns out fixing stupid is getting easier all the time.

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