The end is near. I am anxious. I want to be art of the active world again.

Received my second shot saturday. I have missed two Marches in a row. Last year and this year.

Have been told wait 2 weeks before going out. Two weeks a week from this coming saturday. Not looking to go crazy. Merely want to sit at a bar, have a drink and talk to someone.

My self-quarantine is somewhere in the 390 days. By the time that saturday night arrives, I will have crossed 400.

Who would have believed!

Ted Kane. A friend. Recently, visiting in March. Missed him last year because of the quarantine. Missed him again this year.

Ted e-mailed me yesterday. He heads back to New York State this wednesday. It will be another year before we meet face to face again.

Ted got his second shot February 11. Ergo, he was able to make the March trip.

Ted, next year at the Chart Room!

DeSantis and Trump birds of a feather. I keep repeating myself in that regard. Both know it alls. Trump claims DeSantis  the best governor in U.S. Would be by Trump’s standards. He did everything Trump said to do with similar disastrous results.

DeSantis totally screwed up the handling of coronavirus from masks to distribution of the vaccine.

So…..coronavirus is on the up sweep in Florida. Lucky we are!

Florida has been the #1 state either not imposing certain restrictions and then lifting those imposed way too early.

Florida’s numbers are especially up among the younger. In the past 2 weeks, new cases have averaged 5,000 per day, an increase of 8 percent.

Variants are another problem. Especially variant B.1.1.7. The most contagious variant. On the “rise exponentially.”

The CDC expects the variant to hit Florida hard. As the variant rises, it will be followed by a surge. Such has been the CDC’s experience with exponential rises.

Interesting observations re South Beach Spring Break. It has now been termed a Black Spring Break. This past week a “Black Beach Week.”

Black leaders from the highest echelons to those on the street have described the curfew and crackdown “unnecessary force.”

Miami authorities claim the breakdown occurred because the crowd was different this year. Primarily Black. Authorities were required to turn Spring Break into a “police state.”

Two weekends involved. The first chaotic. Bad. Police reaction great. The second nothing in comparison. Curfew followed. Fewer students about during the day.

The “success” of the calm second weekend is attributed to the police using “discretion” in approaching developing problems. As a result, there were “fewer crowds” and “no significant issues.”

An article in this morning’s Washington Post describes Key West’s cruise ship problem as “rough waters.” Involving the City, cruise individuals and state lawmakers. The three tangling big time over the issue.

The people of Key West with a 60 percent vote in November required smaller cruise ships and fewer people coming off the ships for day activity.

Key West is the southernmost point not only in the U.S., but also Florida. The state capitol is in Tallahassee to the far north.

With the cruise ship issue and some others in the past, hack politicians who have nothing to do with Key West and represent areas far away from Key West have become involved. Spurred on by the moneyed people of Key West. The train, trolley car and bus owners, and bar and restaurant owners. All whom do not want the referendum result to hold. They obviously will lose money.

The group have again called on their legislative friends from far away areas to intercede and help them. Screw the people the cry!

It appears the moneyed persons will win, the people lose. A governmental shame equivalent to the new voting laws passed in Georgia.

Trump claimed over the weekend that Biden’s border policies were destroying the country.

Biden retorted by accusing Trump of requiring immigrant children to starve to death and stay on the other side. Biden said, “No other administration did either, except Trump’s. I’m not going to do it.”

What is common and expected today not so in years past. The telephone and President Herbert Hoover involved.

On this day in 1929, Hoover had a telephone installed in the Oval Office at his desk.

If my memory proves correct, the telephone had been around since the 1870s.

The White House had a telephone in the foyer outside the Oval Office. Hoover and his predecessors were required to leave the Oval Office to use the phone.

Hoover wanted a phone at his desk. Understandable. Expected to be a simple hookup. It was not. All kinds of problems arose getting the phone to work correctly.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Republicans, especially nowadays, are NOT for the people. They are the party of business. It’s Republicans in Tallaha*see who are nullifying the wishes of the people in Key West.

  2. Check out the site moderator’s rant on March 23rd.

    Here is just a snippet of what she lied about…

    Please find me ONE official (and credible) “Antifa” call to arms or violence, in America.

    She apparently needs to read the headlines from Portland today.

  3. Several people have asked for actual proof of “AntiFa” violence, especially a single “Antifa” call to arms or violence, in America.. It always goes unanswered. That’s because there is no such thing.

    From time to time several news outlets refer to “anti facist” counter protesters to Proud Boys, etc., but that’s different, being “anti fascist” is a reference the press uses to describe people who are, well – anti fascists. that’s a good thing, as “Fascists” are causing so much of the problem.

    “Antifa” is an concept, not an organization that incites riots or even calls for protests, let alone riots. It’s principal importance is for the irresponsible right wing press including FOX news and the Republican party to use as a scare tactic.

    Once again, Please find us ONE official (and credible) “Antifa” call to arms or violence, in America (FOX news “Hair’s on Fire” references are NOT a credible source.

    • Oh, you mean the guys wearing all black with bullet-proof vests and ski masks, and carrying weapons ranging from ski poles to guns? The ones who are known for violent protests and vandalism? The ones who are currently terrorizing the Oregon state Capitol? No, you must be mistaken, because they don’t exist. The videos and photos of them beating people bloody are all staged.

      We know for sure they don’t exist because they don’t issue a “call to arms”, whatever that is. Would that be like sending out messages on tv and Facebook announcing the time and place of their next violent protest? I don’t think protest groups do that.

      So antifa doesn’t exist. There you have it.

      • Absurd pest post.

        One single nonspecific sweeping reference (headline actually) on FOX news to an “Antifa riot” which was caused by an attack by the Proud Boys white supremists, in their signature “All Black” uniform with bullet-proof vests and ski masks, carrying weapons ranging from ski poles to guns, on peaceful BLM protestors!

        That’s your “proof” that Antifa exists?

        You are not just delusional, you are a trolling freak with nothing better to do than try and start a riot on Lou’s blog with false and misleading article on FOX news, advertising a Tucker Carlson back, over a month ago, on March 14th?

        Send us one single incident when “Antifa” sent out messages on tv and Facebook announcing (or anywhere else, for that matter) the time and place of their next violent protest?”

  4. Bozo th Clown on March 29, 2021 at 5:26 pm said:
    Always with the Insults and name calling, when you don’t get your way isn’t it?

    A whole lot of that has been going on here for a long time !

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