I am in a state of shock! Those who read this blog and those who know me are aware I am a liberal. I believe it is the responsibility of government to help those in need regardless of color or ethnicity. Whether Purple, Green, White, Black, Asian, etc.

Blacks would be in an uproar if a guaranteed law were passed whereby only poor whites could receive certain financial assistance.

Oakland, California is working on a program to provide families of “color” with financial assistance of $500 per month, no strings attached.

A “guaranteed income project” to assist Black and Indigenous families.

White families excluded.

The $500 would be provided on a per month basis for 18 months. Payments unconditional. Recipients can spend the $500 on whatever they choose.

Certain eligibility conditions do apply, however. The family must include one child under 18. Additionally, the income of such families must be below the median income for the area.

The program is limited to 600 families. Selection will be by random drawing.

The 600 families are divided into 2 groups. One half being those whose incomes fall below the $60,000 median income for the Oakland area. The other half to families earning $30,000 or less.

Funding will not involve public monies. Funding will be by “private donations.”

Consider for a moment the clamor if a similar program was involved with one difference. The $500 per month payments were to go solely to poor white families. Black and Indingenous families not included.

Another example of an insanity that has begun to permeate our society involves conservative Reverend Rick Joyner. I mentioned him a few days ago. He is the subject of a New York Times column today.

Joyner is a prominent evangelical preacher. He calls on Christians to pray for a civil war against liberals. His thinking as erratic as that of John Brown in support of the abolitionist movement.

The thrust of the New York Times column had to do with Joyner’s children. He is the father of five. They do not support his position nor do they identify as evangelicals. They claim to love their father. However believe his rhetoric dangerous and could trigger violence.

Joyner claims Democrats are in league with Satan. Many agree and support him.

All five of his children vote Democratic.

The entire situation typifies political polarization on a different level.

Religion and politics are like water and oil. They do not mix and must be kept separate.

George W. Bush made a comment worthy of repetition: You cannot lead a divided state. That was my problem with Richard Nixon. He divided the country. The leader’s job is to unite.”

There is another insanity which has become a fabric in our country. Republicans talking about how to resolve the gun issue. With each mass killing, they sing the same tune and do nothing. They will rue the day when one of their own family is killed.

It was midnight yesterday for Syracuse basketball this season. They lost decidedly to Houston 62-46.

Simply stated, Syracuse was not with it, did not have it.. Buddy Boeheim was guarded by one Houston player the whole game who hung to him like glue. Boeheim was out of step the whole game. Even missed some foul shots which his uncommon for him. Three’s, forget it. He made only 2 or 3.

Houston began the game fast. Ran up a 15 point lead almost immediately. Syracuse came back twice thereafter, but it was Houston’s game the last 10 minutes.

Sophmore Jesse Edwards is the Syracuse substitute at center. He played a hell of a game! At 6’11” he can block shots. Did so repeatedly.

The pros will be after Boeheim. If he remains, the team should be much better next season. Most of the players will be returning.

Syracuse has nothing to be ashamed of. Their record prior to the tournament poor. However their 2 victories in the tournament before going down to Houston redeemed them.

One of Key West’s most popular haunts is Captain Tony’s. Located on Greene Street, just off Duval. The original Sloppy Joe’s in the 1930s.

The building was constructed in 1852. Since that time besides being a bar, it was an ice house, city morgue, telegraph station, cigar factory, bordello, and gay bar. In addition several speakeasies specializing in gambling, women, and bootleg rum.

I mention Captain Tony’s this morning because of a piece of indoctrination I came across. I have always wanted to know what local places Harry Truman frequented. Still have not been able to ascertain. This morning, I read that Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy both visited Captain Tony’s.

An exciting day for me yesterday. Received my second vaccine shot.

Within a half hour, I became nauseous. Not overwhelmingly so. Uncomfortable a better description. I am still nauseous this morning. My arm where I received the shot is sore also.

Not complaining. Merely sharing.

The local gymnasium where I received the shot was much more crowded than when I got my first. I discussed it with one of those working. When I got my first shot, only first shots were given Yesterday was a combination of first and second shots.

I am excited. I’ve been told I should wait two weeks before going out. In two weeks I will be over 400 days of self-quarantine. I can’t wait!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Capt. Tony’s ? Great place especially when he was alive and holding court almost daily. The tree, once known as the hanging tree, has quite a history. I forget how many were hanged in that tree but it seems like it was around 80.

    Being fully vaccinated doesn’t completely make one immune from catching the virus.

  2. The Oakland program is apparently a “trial” program, entirely funded by independent wealthy individuals who stipulated the conditions of the give a way.

    It looks and sounds racist, but how different is it from some Lithuanian or Irish group doing something similar?

    As someone who would scream should the Proud Boys do something similar for a “white” raced only group I think too, it’s probably not the smartest thing to do. Thing is the Proud Boys would never do anything like that, they are NOT a philanthropic or charitable kind of group. Their thing is violence.

    Still, seems to me that it will be a shame to see the good deeds of a few good people were denied because a Proud Boys tantrum.

    • I’m confused. What do the proud boys have to do with a private cash giveaway in Oakland, CA. Have they objected? Has ANYBODY objected?

      • I think that was a reference to what someone else would never do, you know “help people” Like that poster said “they are NOT a philanthropic or charitable kind of group. Their thing is violence.”

        Perfectly clear to me and an appropriate illustration of what good could come from private philanthropy.

        Proud Boys would likely burn these people out, or at the very least burn their churches.

          • Have you heard about cell phones, they’re all the rage now days. Same with automobiles, seems like everybody has one of those too. You may want to catch up with other things, maybe watch TV, other than dancing with the stars. There’s this new thing called Proud Boys, it’s every where, they burn churches, cause violent riots, pretend to be something called antifa. Not hard to learn about them they’re on all the news. You can learn about them at gun stores, just ask the clerk.

  3. That Oakland deal sounds sweet! Money for nothing is my motto! I will just self identify as a black person and I’m in! This will help with my coke and hooker budget.

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