A headline in this morning’s Miami Herald: “They Went To Find A Party Somewhere Else.” Who? The Spring Breakers. Turns out last night South Beach was quiet. Relatively deserted.

Where did the Spring Breakers go? I thought a few days ago when the 8 pm curfew was imposed was they would hurry to Key West. Appears I may be wrong. Unless they’re taking eh long way to here.

I woke 3 friends I know were out and about last night. Their responses the same. No appreciable difference re Spring Breakers from the night before. The anticipated Key West deluge had not occurred.

Hope it stays that way. There is always tonight and the rest of the week, however.

One of Key West’s favorite sons has been Tennessee Williams. A Key West resident from 1941-1983. I write about him bcause he was born on yesterday’s date in 1911.

Williams purchased his Key West home at 1431 Duncan Street in 1950. His home for 34 years.

Daughter Lisa lives on Duncan one and a half blocks down across the street.

Duncan today is not as it was in 1950 when Williams purchased his home.

Williams frequently told people he bought the home because of location. He could step out the front door into the water. There was no across the street at the time. Today the ocean is several blocks away.

The Williams home is as lovely today as when Williams lived there. Present owners maintain it as the item of beauty it was and is.

Another Key Wester of note was recently in the news. Stephen Mallory. On March 26, 1851 he was elected as a U.S. Senator from Florida.

Unfortunately, Mallory was an avowed racist. Someone commenting in Citizens’ Voice said, “He was on the wrong side of history and humanity.”

He was a prominent figure in the U.S. Congress. Became a recognized expert concerning Naval matters. Chaired the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs.

Came the Civil War, Florida seceded. Key West however remained loyal to the Union. Mallory opted to go with the South.

During the Civil War, he served as Secretary of the Navy under Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

At the end of he War, he was charged with treason and imprisoned. Served only one year. He was pardoned by then President Andrew Johnson.

The pardon barred him from ever holding public office again. He returned to Key West and successfully practiced law for the remainder of his life.

Key West maintains a Memorial Sculpture Garden located next to Mallory Square. Key West named the prominent ocean front location after him.

The Garden has the busts of 30 famous Key West persons. One is Mallory.

With this group and that taking down various monuments believed to have been improperly placed, why has anyone not ever removed Mallory’s? I do not recall the issue ever arising. I suspect a handful of other traitors are also honored in the Memorial Sculpture Garden.

Lincoln’s statues have been attacked several times in recent years. I reported yesterday the most recent. A person covered a statue of Lincoln in Boise with feces.

Talk has always circulated that Washington and Jefferson should not be honored as they owned slaves. And it goes on.

No statement is being made that Mallory’s bust be removed. I make only the observation concerning his activities during the Civil War.

What I am suggesting is what is good for the goose, should be good for the gander. Interpret the statement as you see fit.

Beginning monday, Monroe County school hours will change for some. The schools will return to a full 5 days of classes. Not mandatory that all attend. Those not wising can continue on a 3 day in class and the other 2 virtually at home.

I am excited. I get my second vaccine shot today.

From what I understand, it is wise to continue remaining at home for an additional 2 weeks. No problem. I have come this far. I can do it. Today is my 392nd day in self-quarantine.

Two weeks from tonight, I will be out and about. Hooray!

Syracuse/Houston tonight. Scheduled for 9:55 pm on CBS.

Syracuse won its first 2 games in the tournament although decided underdogs in each game. Underdogs again tonight. Houston the #2 seed whereas Syracuse the #11 seed.

Whatever happens, happens. I am thrilled we made it this far.

Biden keeps moving ahead with matters he said during the campaign he would.

An announcement re climate change was made yesterday. Biden has called a virtual conference for 2 days beginning April 22.He has invited 40 world leaders, including China and Russia.

Ted Cruz. He acts more and more each day like Donald Trump.

Cruz was at the border yesterday ranting and raving how terrible Biden was bcause of the way immigrant children without parents were being held.

He forgets what the children were subjected to under the Trump administration.

Cruz’s attire surprised me. He was dressed military style. Like many of those who attacked the Capitol January 6.

Enjoy your day!



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