It was breaking new last night! Broke in the New York Times. Reporter Michael Schmidt one of the persons who wrote the article. It hit the media at 7:45.

Matt Gaetz is a 38 year old Congressman. A Republican, he represents a district in the western Panhandle.  He has been a Congressman since 2017.

The news involved Gaetz being the subject of an FBI investigation regarding possible sex trafficking with an underage girl. The issue under investigation is whether Gaetz had sex with a 17 year old girl and paid her to travel with him across state lines.

The investigation begun last fall while Trump was President. The investigator begun under Attorney General Barr. To be noted the investigation neither a Biden nor Democratic thing.

Gaetz was a close ally of Trump. Still is based on his public activities/pronouncements on Trump’s behalf.

His background not necessarily bad, though it does contain some questionable activities.

Gaetz was the lone no vote on the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act.

In 2018, he defended Trump’s statement that Haiti and African nations were “shit hole” countries.

In 2018, he was arrested for driving under the influence in Floirda. Police believed he was under the influence. He showed signs of physical intoxication. At the scene, he first denied he had anything to drink. Then admitted to 2 beers.

He failed the eye test. Decline to submit to field sobriety tests. Refused taking a breathalyzer test. Failure to take a breathalyzer test results in an automatic suspension of the driver’s license for one year.

He was never tried for failure to take the breathalyzer test nor was he tried on the DUI charge. At some point, all charges were dropped.

Between 1999 and 2014, Gaetz received 16 speeding tickets in Florida.

He alleged James Comey had leaked investigation matters to New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt. Could not have been. Schmidt was 10 yeas old at the time.

In 2018, Gaetz invited alt-right Holocaust denier Charles C. Johnson to attend the State of the Union Address.

On January 6, 2021 Joel Valdez, senior communications aide to Gaetz, posted a video on Parler hours before the storming of the Capitol: “From the top of the Capitol Office Building, WE HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR! #Stop the Steal.”

And more.

America is divided along party lines over Biden’s religion. His Catholicism and his right to receive Communion. An article touching on the mater was published in the National Catholic Reporter yesterday.

First to consider is what has happened to freedom of religion? Is not Biden entitled to the same?

Biden is the second Catholic President in U.S. history. The first was John Kennedy.

Biden appears to be a devout Catholic. Mass on Sunday where he receives Holy Communion. Not a Johnny come lately to the Church going, etc. A practice he learned in his youth and has followed ever since.

He has never made a secret of his faith. Quite frankly, he has to be a man of faith. Forget not, Biden lost his first wife and young daughter in an automobile accident. He lost his son in recent years to bran cancer.

A man needs God to survive such events. He openly admits his faith helped carry him through.

The question being asked is whether Biden’s faith is authentic. Actually, how much faith does he have? Such is being raised by some. Also the issue has been raised whether he should be allowed to receive Communion because of his being pro-abortion.

The March 30 Pew Poll reported 58 percent of adults are aware Biden is Catholic.

Eighty eight percent of Democrats believe Biden is “somewhat religious.” Sixty three percent of Republicans believe Biden “not” or “not at all religious.”

Biden has been referred to by members of both parties as a ‘fake Catholic” or a “Catholic in name only.” These words being echoed by the U.S. Bishops Conference.

The Bishops Conference is upset because Biden defines himself “as a devout Catholic” while at the same time supporting legal abortion.

The Bishops Conference is pushing hard to prohibit Biden from receiving Communion. Recall there is a split between the Bishops Conference and Pope Francis. The Bishops Conference is in bed with the far right in the U.S.  They dislike Francis. Periodically make moves to depose him. Would you believe!

Anyhow, Washington’s Archbishop and Bishop agree Biden’s abortion position is not a bar to his receiving Communion. They have publicly advised Biden will not be refused Communion.

Specifically addressing the abortion issue, 55 percent of Catholic Republicans believe Biden should be disqualified from receiving Communion. Whereas, only 11 percent of Catholic Democrats do.

When the issue is one of morality, who would you prefer as President? Trump or Biden? The question answers itself.

Spring Break is now being reviewed as if it is over. It is not. One or two more weeks to go.

Seems like Spring Break brought a change with it this year. A change which suggests the Spring Breaks of old are dead.

The only place in the U.S. where Spring Break got out of hand was Miami Beach’s South Beach. Two nights at the most. Then quiet. Fort Lauderdale had a slew of Spring Breakers. No problems.

Key West came through the situation so far with everything kumbaya. Recall, I thought Spring Break in Key West was going to be a disaster.

I was wrong.

There were fewer Spring breakers because rooms and house rentals were not available in the same quantity as years before. Holiday renters were taking them for 2 weeks.

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston was pleased how things worked out. She said, “I check regularly with our Chief of Police but it appears that we have welcomed a fun, respectful group of college students looking for some sun.”

Enjoy your day!




  1. Can you imagine if some more normal and reasonable person, like say Andrew Cuomo, had done the things this Matt Gaetz has done. Fox news and all these other “pundits” would be clutching their pearls with indepth coverage.


    • …or if it was the other way around and Matt Gaetz had 30 women accuse him of inappropriately looking at them or making inappropriately comments in their presence, or even similar inappropriate kisses on the cheek. Yeah nothing, not a mention in the press or an uproar on FOX News, nada!

    • I think it is more complex than a simple cynical answer. Going to jail for having performed or received an abortion, is hardly “feel-good.”

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