What’s wrog with people? The number of crazies seems to be growing.

One of the latest incidents involves a purported BLM leader and former professor. He was arrested after an Abraham Lincoln statue was discovered smeared in feces and paint. The statue was one of Lincoln seated. Its location a public park in Boise, Idaho.

The perpetrator a Terry Wilson. The police spotted him. He tried to run away. However, the police caught him.

His vehicle was found to contain a firearm, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Many blacks believe Lincoln was not without sin. They are keenly aware the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in Confederate states. Lincoln feared they would be made to fight against the North.

Lincoln’s personal feelings re Blacks was well known at the time. Before and during the Civil war he had expressed himself re his adverse thoughts involving Blacks.

One is, “I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the Negro into our social and political life as our equal.”

We are to quick in American society today to condemn what was consider valid when spoken, but is not so today. History is not stagnant. It is a moving story.

If we are going to find acceptable smearing a statue of Lincoln with feces, then we also should do the same to Washington’s Mount Vernon home and Jefferson standing in all his glory in the Jefferson Memorial.

Both were slave owners. Jefferson it is claimed even made pregnant a woman of color and their descendants are well known today.

Biden held his first official press conference yesterday. I thought he was terrific! Responded to each question, even where it was obvious the reporter was trying to sandbag him. Biden’s preparedness was obvious.

The reporters failed to distinguish themselves. Questions were repeated after answered. Reporters pushed when the question was so inappropriate that there was nothing to push.

I suspect one of the reasons for the poor questions and the manner asked was the age of most of the reporters. On the young side. Seeking a “gotcha” moment.

Biden looked like a President, acted like a President. He responded to questions knowledgeably.

At the end I felt comfortable. No one, whether a reporter or Kim Jung Un is going to rock his boat.

FOX News and Trump are birds of a feather. During Trump’s 4 years, I often thought FOX News bore the same degree of responsibility as Trump for spreading the distortion and lies of the truth.

Distortion was in vogue for FOX yesterday.

Trump had a 2 hole binder with him. He did not read from it. He did occasionally check to be sure his facts were to correct. FOX referred to the notebook as “cheat sheets.”

There is only one way for the filibuster to go. Out the door! Get rid of it!

Biden knows it, as does the rest of thinking Americans. Anything less than complete abdication of the filibuster will cause Biden to fail in producing that which is needed and he promised.

Reverting back to the old way and compelling long floor argument represents compromise. I understand the problems in getting around some members of his own party. He has to figure a way, however. He has been a member of Congress since he was 29. He knows all the tricks there are to know.

I hope he can get it done. Death to the filibuster a necessity.

McConnell evidenced this week that he is a cry baby. Though he cannot be accused of wetting his pants. At least, not yet. He told reporters the President has not spoken to him since he took office nor has he invited him to the White House.

It is obvious Trump knows his adversary. He has legislated with him more than 30 years. More importantly, he was Obama’s Vice-President for 8 years when McConnell did everything to block needed legislation supported by Obama. He jerked Obama around at every turn.

Biden obviously understands the axiom you can fool me once, but not a second time. Nothing wrong with Biden treating McConnell persona non grata.

Something I can understand. A University of California study was released this week. It reported that most Americans have gained 2 pounds a month during the pandemic.

I can understand. I gained no weight. However my stomach has gotten bigger while my pants have gotten smaller.

Tomorrow a big day for me! I get my second vaccine shot. It will also be my 392nd  self-quarantine day.

I do not plan going out tomorrow night. My understanding is one should wait 2 weeks before mingling with people again. I can handle another 2 weeks.

Cocktails at 7 is in Key West. All the way from Seattle, Washington. Unknown to me till she arrived yesterday. Sent me an e-mail that she had arrived, was staying at the Pier House, had a reservation for dinner there also.

Meet me, she said. No, I said. I did not intend to blow the more than one year of self-quarantine I had suffered. I have only 2 weeks to go till I’m with Willie Nelson on the road again!

Her name is Cathy Hakola. She lived in Key West in the late 1980s at the “haunted house on Virginia Street. The former “Mercedes Hospital” run by Maria Valdez de Gutsens.

Maria is long dead. The story however is she still walks the floors and rooms of the former hospital. People claim to have woken at night seeing her with a hand on their head or touching an arm. Once seen she is gone.

Cathy says she believes the story. However never was touched by nor saw the good Matron.

As to what she observed last night on Duval was not surprising to me. Two other persons have told me the same thing since last weekend.

The people on Duval were not just spring beakers. Cathy says 50 percent were people in their 50s.

More observation data. Only 10 percent of all on Duval were wearing masks. She and her daughter visited a couple of Duval lady attire shops. Bought several outfits. Masks required.

Cathy has had a good and expensive time so far. In less than 24 hours. We spoke on the phone this morning again.

She rented a car in Miami to drive down. She told me she had become aware of a car rental company called Turo. They rent cars personally owned a couple of days a week. She rented a red Mercedes convertible. Claims it was “adorable.” Sounds it. They drove to Key West with the top down all the way. Cost: $175 a day.

Staying at the Pier House. Six hundred some odd dollars a night.

Cathy has always wanted a Mel Fisher gold coin neck piece. A good one she always told me. I assume the one she bought last night was a good one. Cost: $6,000.

My friend Cathy is having a good time.

I recommended Latitudes for dinner tonight. She was told they were booked solid for 4 months. I believe it.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Key West may well be a den of inequity with people not social distancing or masking. However the Covid death rate is Monroe county has been 0,02 %

    I know no one wants to be part of the 0.02% figure. But why stop experiencing life.

    • According to The New York Times, there have been 6,304 COVID cases in Monroe County. There have been 48 deaths. That would be a fatality rate of 0.76%

        • You have to wonder how many more have died from getting Covid 19 in Key West, but dying elsewhere, like back home. Maybe more important is that the Covid death rate in LOT’s of places is less than 1%, but probably a misleading number here.

          Willie Feet only posted on the subject because he thought he’d discovered a figure (.02%) that would prove Lou wrong on something.

          Willie VERY wrong again!

            • Anybody that would take Florida statistics on ANYTHING to do with Covid, let alone some body who would get it wrong to the degree you got it wrong is more than inaccurate. That’s somebody that’s trying to push an agenda, not the truth. You weren’t trying to inform anybody about anything, you were trying to pull a fast one, just like soooo many other posts you make on Lou’s blog.

              And the death rate is on the low side of average, nowadays. Australia is 1% infection rate for their whole country, much less for their death rate.

  2. Most Northern states banned slavery decades before the civil war. Most before 1800.

    Our government banned the import of slaves in 1808.

    Slavery was kept in operation as long as it was due to southern democrat plantation owners. KKK was started by souther democrats.

  3. Sally Hemings was of mixed race and a slave of Jefferson. Its reported she had several children by him and travelled extensively with him.

    It was relatively common for slave owners to have offspring with their slaves.

  4. The first court case in Va. concerning slavery was a black land owner filing against a black indentured servant claiming he had too much invested in this man to ever let him out of the contract. The court awarded the landowner life use/ownership of the indentured servant.

    That then caught on and spread like wildfire.

  5. Racist troll Willie Feet seems to spend more time on Lou’s blog actively trying to be wrong, them most people spend brushing their teeth.

  6. Even once vaccinated after the waiting period, its possible to be Covid infected. The vaccines are not 100% effective.

  7. Outright and open racism is now an acceptable thing on Lou’s blog, not just with Sandy Feet, but now with Willie P., and even Don S.


    • I’ve not really read anything here that I can see as racist. Not everything can be considered racist as these young woke progressive’s think. Anything they disagree with is written off as racist. Ridiculous. i blame most of this on the fact that history was pretty much stopped being taught in the ’70’s.

      • Willie P. Feet, based on your posts I doubt you see ANYTHING racist anywhere and if you did, you would lie about it anyhow. You have to be the MOST racist person on Lou’s blog.

  8. CBS reported, “Oakland to give low-income residents $500 a month, no strings attached.”

    No strings?

    Paragraphs 10 and 11 said, “Oakland’s project is significant because it is one of the largest efforts in the U.S. so far, targeting up to 600 families. And it is the first program to limit participation strictly to Black, Indigenous and people of color communities.

    “The reason: White households in Oakland on average make about three times as much annually than black households, according to the Oakland Equity Index. It’s also a nod to the legacy of the Black Panther Party, the political movement that was founded in Oakland in the 1960s.”

    It is racist.

    I hope someone sues Oakland.

  9. Totally bogus and misleading garbage from a 10¢ race baiting and hateful frequent poster, who thinks he’s clever.

    What Don Sauber has left out if his outrage rant, was that the program of $500 a month for certain qualifying needy low-income families, is being rolled out in Oakland, California, and is funded by PRIVATE donations.

    Don has been writing hateful screeds for many years and is very astute in doing so in ways that he can defend as “”not lies” – but by intentionally leaving out “PRIVATELY FUNDED” really does change the whole meaning of what he wrote, from something essentially good for people and Oakland, into something somehow sinister and wrong. Furthermore, it’s reflects badly and far worse than just a lie, revealing Don’s intent and not just an unimportant omission.

    Don has made his living from these kind of manipulations, twisting and spinning the truth, he has even paid the price of employment for having done so. You would think he would have learned his lesson, that he’s really not that clever and that the people reading Lou’s blog are not as dumb as his regular readers. Perhaps Don has been doing this too long and is now an overconfident arrogant bully, more likely he just doesn’t give a sh*t. The truth is, he’s just an azzhole.

    Don, maybe you want to only post you garbage to your own followers, on your own blog and stop embarrazzing yourself in front of people who can think for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

    • I disagree with your completely misguided post. Don’s comment was to provide a benefit that excludes certain races is by definition racist. What difference is the source of funds? None.

      • Your choice Don, but lies are lies!

        If anyone wants to express his racism, it should at least be based on facts, all of the facts, not a distorted manipulation of the truth.

        Shame on you.

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