There is a world wide pandemic. Millions sick. Many dying. The virus can successfully attack anyone.

Fortunately, vaccines have been developed which thwart the disease. Protect everyone vaccinated.

The problem is not everyone believes protection is required. Some do not believe the virus even exists. Others, it is not a danger. Others fear the vaccine itself will harm them. Some concerned with a violation of their freedoms. And so it goes.

There is a warning of a fourth surge. Things were going well. The numbers coming down. Masks, social distancing, and the vaccine were working.

The group of non-believers were joined by those who thought the danger was behind them. Threw the masks away. Forgot social distancing. Traveled. Played. States removed restrictions. Resulting in the numbers going up again.

Rochelle Walensky is the Director of the CDC. She warned of an “impending doom.” While holding back tears, she advised yesterday that the numbers and hospitalizations were moving back up again. Deaths following slowly behind. Walensky said, “Right now I’m scared.”

Biden followed up later in the day backing Walensky’s warning.

The U.S. 7 day average has risen to 60,000. A 10 percent increase. Deaths moving to 1,000 per day.

We cannot live with this danger constantly over our heads. The vaccine solution has arrived. Those that do not want to get the shot or follow the restrictive rules should be isolated from the rest who want to avoid sickness and death.

Exile them!

The solution is simple. Create and deport them to places where they can live to together. Unable to infect believers and those who follow the rules.

What I suggest is serious. Severe. However, coronavirus is serious and severe.

Islands and places as were established for those with leprosy. Tough! May become necessary, however. Those that want to do what they want should be able to do so. However without creating a danger to those who disagree with them. New places like the leprosy colonies of Kalaupapa and Penikese Island.

The U.S. has leaders who fail to believe the severity of the virus and its danger. Trump stands in the forefront. Another is Florida Governor DeSantis.

DeSantis vows to ban “vaccination passports.” Proof a person has been vaccinated. To be used not only for air travel, but also simple things like entry to a movie.

His attitude, not on my watch.

The worst is yet to come with DeSantis. The Republicans consider him Presidential timber for 2024. The recent C-PAK meeting found him high in the polling. The only one above him in poles was Trump himself.

Two weeks ago DeSantis decreed that restrictions on businesses were withdrawn. Those fined for not wearing masks, did not have to pay their fines.

DeSantis’ “Open for Business” policy did not work in Miami Beach. His “Florida is open…..spring break is on, come on down” was a failure. Ocean Drive early on a disaster for party goers and the area itself.

Many believe Miami Beach was the “guinea pig” to show the world Florida was reopened and people should not be concerned with COVID-19.

Those who have had one or two vaccination shots receive a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. People were admonished as they received their card to save it. No one was certain yet where it would be required.

Staples and Office Depot/Office Max have stood up to provide a public service. Each will freely laminate the record card through July 25. A coupon needed to have the lamination done for free. The coupon is on the internet this morning.

The container ship stuck in the Suez Canal and blocking traffic no longer stuck. After 6 days, the ship is out and moving.

The ship’s name is “Ever Given.” Provided 6 days of drama. Paralyzed the canal. Wreaked havoc on global trade. It is estimated it cost $400 million per hour (yes, per hour) for goods delayed through the canal. Note the figure does not cover the cost of freeing the ship.

Ship horns blew in celebration yesterday when Ever Given was freed.

It is estimated it will take at least 6 days more for the canal to be fully cleared for operations and the backed up ships to pass through.

The thing that impressed me the most was the size of the ship. One quarter mile long. Compared to the height of the Empire State Building. Without cargo, weighs 220,000 tons.

A major Key West industry has suffered. A bad season! The spiny lobster industry. Its season sub-par.

The lobster season ends April 1.

The drop in harvest has been significant.

The reason primarily attributed to hurricanes and tropical storms that skirted the lower Florida Keys in August and September.

Nature is fickle. Key Largo and Miami had successful seasons. The storms that affected the lower Keys did not come near Key Largo or Miami.

To a lesser degree, the Pandemic and China enter into the picture also.

Placing the matter in perspective, lobster landings in the lower Keys will be near 3 million pounds. Last year, it was 5.2 million pounds.

A big hit!

Join me tonight for my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A fast moving hard hitting half hour. I call them as I see them.

Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


28 comments on “A LIFE IN EXILE

  1. Spot on, Lou – and well said.

    But I fear the “denial culture” so prevalent in our society today, will ignore any reality and ruin this too.

  2. I have another option Lou. Instead of exiling those who want to go about their lives…the rest those too afraid to do so, should stay cooped up in their homes or THEY can go to the exiled islands.

    The people who remain will either die or prosper, much as the human race has done throughout history, gradually reaching herd immunity.

    Related question- Lou, what do you now plan on doing now that a 4th surge is coming? Possibly not being protected from it by having the current vaccination?

  3. As long as it isn’t Trump I could not care less about who the next GOP nominee is. Trump is an anomaly in the existence of the Human Race.

    • It won’t be Trump and it won’t matter who the GOP nominee is, the Dems have figured out the voting racket and we will never have another GOP president. Dems win. Country loses.

      Glad I’m too old to live out the rest of the downfall of this country. But really glad the young ones who caused this mess will have to live with it. That I find hilarious.

      • Republicans can’t win without cheating, they admit that openly. Thinking otherwise is ignorant and delusional.

        There has been NO evidence of Democrats cheating.

        The “country” sure hasn’t seem to lose when Obama took over and brought things back from the Bush/Cheney years and so far everybody seems to be bouncing back since Biden has taken over.

        I find you and the story you are trying to make hilarious.

  4. The American Journal of Public Health says that Florida is undercounting the number of people who died from COVID-19 by thousands of cases, casting new doubt on claims that Gov. Ron DeSantis navigated the coronavirus pandemic successfully.

  5. Does anyone else see an obvious problem with the “vaccination pa**port” idea? The card you receive when getting vaccinated is printed in black & white on 3” X 4” card stock. It has no raised seal, or watermark or magnetic strip. It is easily reproduced. So what is to prevent some kid in his parents’ basement from printing out thousands of them and selling them on eBay?

      • Uh huh. But I wasn’t really asking for a free psychological evaluation. I get enough of those from my wife. Do you have a legitimate comment on my concern?

        • Sure – it would probably require a National program to be effective, and Trump mandated a “let the states figure it out” solution.

          I would think that if this is really a problem then Biden will do something about it, so that you and your friends can shred it into uselessness

          But let me ask you a question. Why is it you Republicans always thing “other people” want to cheat?

          • Thanks. But I’m not a Republican, and I was simply wondering about a loophole big enough to jeopardize the whole “vaccine “pa**port” idea. Almost anyone could cheaply produce the cards for profit.

            I’m talking about local forgers out for a quick buck, not a National politically inspired fraud. Why does everything have to come out of some perceived mistrust between Republicans and Democrats?

            • Because you Republicans insist on divisiveness, EVERYTHING, since Newt and Roger Stone took over is strictly designed in an us or them way – EVERYTHING

              BTW – I love how you pretend to be serious and at the same time have to ask that question, kind of cute!

              • It’s an easy question to ask since I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I think y’all are overcome with hate for each other.

                • …and you “1776” are either terminally naive, stupid or a political hack. For the last four years this blog has been inundated with MAGA freaks pushing Republican splendor and calling everything they don’t agree with as “libtards.” The president of the United States (Donald Trump) openly and repeatedly saying he would not help and liberal (blue states) with aid or otherwise and specifically saying when any vaccine became available it would go to red states first. Now you want to pretend to be a warm and fuzzy and wonder why we can’t all get along, stand on the sidelines and tisking your finger at everybody, calling us y’all as if you are some how above all of this. Bull Sh*t YOU are either terminally naive, stupid or a political hack. And you are not fooling anybody.

                  • Feel free to research my posts and find any that pushed a Democrat or Republican agenda. Yes, I get to watch from the sidelines, and it’s an ugly sight to see. Kind of like two train locomotives crashing head on with each other.

                    • In 1946 Germany, it was impossible to find anybody who would admit to have been a Nazi

                    • If you look like a duck, act like a duck talk like a duck, then you are probably a duck, regardless of how you try and pa*s yourself off to others.

                      You try awfully hard to convince us you are not a Republican, yet you never seem to criticize anything they do. The Republican president attempts to extort people in various states to produce illegal votes, you say nothing. That same Republican president riles up his supporters in a way that ends up in a violent attack on the Capitol, and you say nothing. This sort of thing seems to be your signature. This is the “tell” more than your shout.

                      You, and people like you, are just as responsible for the problems facing America, in it’s decline, than those activists with guns and clubs. Denying it and looking the other way is as good as openly supporting it. If you truly believe you are doing the right thing, than why don’t you keep your mouth shut instead of lecturing Lou’s readers by posting your Neville Chamberlin cop-outs on his blog.

                      Your pazsive aggressive behavior does not qualify you as self aware or honest. Your peers do that better and from what I’ve seen, you are just not listening.

                    • We had Jewish neighbors in Brooklyn, where I grew up. They used to say about Germany that it wasn’t the Nazis so much as those who knew what was happening and did nothing about the problem, because “Hey, we’re not Nazis.”

    • Does anyone else find it (NOT) coincidental that self described neutralist “1776” decided to post a question on Lou’s blog about “Covid pa**ports” on the exact same day that Republican rep Qanon conspiracy weirdo “Marjorie Taylor Greene” began a big deal public rant on that very same subject?

      Me thinks “1776” is totally full of sh*t when he tries to claim he’s non partisan and neither a Republican or a Democrat.

  6. Lou, you’re site moderator needs some serious mental help.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to be the woman that lives with her.

  7. nasty reply, evading the issue, like always.

    Stir the pot, then run like hell when it all runs over, never accepting responsibility for anything, smugly blaming everybody else.

  8. CNBC reported, “The U.S. is facing impending doom as daily Covid-19 cases begin to rebound once again, threatening to send more people to the hospital even as vaccinations accelerate nationwide, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday.”

    CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky made a teary-eyed emotional plea.

    That’s a tell.

    It tells you the facts don’t back her up. She said there are 63,239 new covid-19 cases every day.

    Times 365, that’s 23 million new cases a year.

    We have had 30 million cases in the past year.

    The crisis is subsiding. Like Katherine Hepburn in a movie with Spencer Tracy, she resorts to tears to get her way.

  9. The New York Times headline said, “Biden Pushes Mask Mandate as C.D.C. Director Warns of ‘Impending Doom.’ ”

    The New York Post headsline said, “Psaki: Biden, Harris fly private, don’t need to follow CDC travel suggestions.”

    I did not include this because of the hypocrisy. Hypocrisy in Washington is like saltwater in the sea; it is expected.

    No, the two headlines show which is a newspaper and which is a broadsheet fit only for parrots to poop on.

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