Being the ever interested citizen, I watched Trump’s “show” at 6 last night. Nothing new. Same old same old, except been a while since Trump had some national CEO’s on.

I have a bitch.

Since day one, test kits, masks, etc. were always next week. Second week 1 million plus “next week.” Four million the representation for another next week. Nothing even close to the numbers represented ever arrived.

All talk. No action. No “promise made, promise kept.”

Last night, new numbers. In millions like you would not believe. Some next week, some in a month.

Always “tomorrow.” The problem is tomorrow never comes.

The media is having a field day with Trump’s Clorox/Lysol cure.

An article on 4/27 in Forbes was titled “Disinfecting Info: How Clorox and Lysol Took the White House to the Cleaners.”

The Boston Globe expressed itself editorially yesterday: “Disinfect the White House of Quackery.”

Even the Key West KONK Life E-Blast this morning in a Tim Weaver Bonehead Island cartoon: “The Press didn’t say ingest Clorox. An idiot would know better. He said inject Clorox! Inject!”

I fear coronavirus induced restrictions are being lifted too soon. Hope I am wrong. My guess is there will be an increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths in certain areas of the U.S. in 4-6 weeks.

Trump and his people love telling us “a promise made is a promise kept.”

My comment is limited to stimulus monies being sent to Social Security recipients who receive their Social Security payments by direct deposit. The deposits will be made by the end of April.

We shall see.

Key West beaches were opened yesterday afternoon at 4. One admonition: Masks preferred, but not mandatory.”

Blake Hunter’s Prime Time opened over the weekend at Studios of Key West. An opening party the first night following the performance.

I am going to receive many negative comments from what I am about to write.

This mornings KONK Life E-Blast contained a series of photos of those at the party. I know most of them. Are they crazy? Irresponsible? Most seniors. Maybe they thought they have been on earth long enough.

Whatever, they were hugging and standing close together. No 6 feet, not 3 feet, not 1 foot.

Love you all! Stupid move! Unless you believe it’s time to open things up. It’s like driving 100 plus miles an hour on U.S. 1.

An “only in Key West” occurrence. As reported in this morning’s Key West Citizen Keys History section.

On this date in 1992 “police made a gruesome discovery at a home on Southard Street: They found a man who had been dead for 2 months and his room mate was unaware he was dead.”

Twenty year old May Johnson still sick. If she were alive today, we would think it was coronavirus.

May’s April 28, 1896 diary entry states, “Still sick. In bed all day, very sick from effects of yesterday’s chill.”

May has been sick for at least a week.

Fitting words by Abraham Lincoln for today’s U.S.: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Mutiny on the Bounty for real. Not just a movie starring Clark Gable.

It was on this day in 1789 that the mutiny occurred on the HMS Bounty. Fletcher Christian and his followers set Captain Bligh adrift in a launch in the South Pacific.

Tuesday comes quickly each week. Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 my time for a bit of ranting and raving.

My primary topic concerns Dr. Anthony Fauci, the $3.7 million he allegedly gave to the Wuhan Laboratory, and Rudy Giuliani’s charge intimating Fauci’s purported wrongdoing. Very interesting.

Typical Giuliani muckraking.

Enjoy your day!

16 comments on “TOMORROW NEVER COMES

  1. Joe Biden “might” not have dementia. But he did go knuckle deep on Tara Reade.

    After he forcibly finger blasted Reade, Biden said “aw man, I heard you liked me”. Them pointed his insertion finger at her and said “you’re nothing to me”.

      • “It was my former boss, Joe Biden, who raped me”. I believe her. And all women should believer her too. Biden should go to prison. There’s room in Epstein’s old cell.

        • Oh, by the way. I won’t be voting for Trump either. I’m writing in Bernie as my guy! He hasn’t forced himself on anyone.

          • Capitalists will disagree with you. I supported Bernie the first time out, he is now a broken record with no new offerings. Good job wasting a vote, maybe you can go with Jill Stein for the throw-away.

        • Didn’t that all happen in the early 1990s, around the time that Donald Trump’s first wife (Ivana) was accusing him (Donald Trump) of full on Forceable Rape and didn’t she actually call the police? Wasn’t that also about the time Donald Trump was having a sex with another woman not his wife named Marla Maples?

          How do you think we the public should square just these two separate incidents as far as importance, among the two presidential candidates? One an actual rape allegation where the police were called at the time and the other an actress who has a movie coming out, where it wasn’t until 25 years later after Biden became a presidential candidate.

          Don’t I recall you dismissing the Kavanaugh thing as from a “desperate woman” who was only trying to make a name for herself soooo many years ago, and that Bret was a different person now?

          • Joe Biden raped a woman. Period I don’t know what that fact has to do with anyone else. If you support Joe Biden, you support rape and you are just as much of a monster as he is.

            • This is about you that’s “what that fact has to do with anyone.” You are willing to condemn and smear Joe Biden with those suspiciously convenient allegation, but ignore those against some one very parallel (his presidential opponent) who did far worse.

              Jessica Leeds told the New York Times in October 2016 that Trump reached his hand up her skirt and groped her while seated next to her on a flight in the late 1970s.

              BTW – Tara Reade is claiming sexual as*ault, you are saying “rape” why?

              Me thinks you are a shallow phony snoflake, who just repeats other peoples smear campaign.

              • You are just as bad as he is. Turning a blind eye to the Holocaust makes one an accomplice. You are an accomplice to rape and perhaps you need a look in the mirror. You monster.

                • Your comprehension skills are horrible. I’m not talking about him, I’m talking about you YOU! What Joe Biden MAY have done, does not sound so good and IF he IS guilty of it, then I too will criticize him for it. But your willingness to single him out, and him alone, is my problem with YOU.

                  I am accusing YOU directly of being a hypocrite and a phony snoflake, clutching your pearls in an effort to smear Joe Biden, before we know the whole story, which sure smells like a political stunt to me.

                  Don’t forget, Donald Trump has 25 (or more) of these, and for that you seem to have have apparently, NO concern? And you want to call ME a Monster?

            • Thirty plus percent of America didn’t care Trump confessed to molestation and now he sits in the Oval. Enough said.
              We are in the time of the lesser of two evils, sadly.

    • That was the ‘official’ cover story ‘talking point’ given out to provide cover for Bret Kavanaugh.

      Good enough for him, should be good enough for Biden, right?

  2. In the future all candidates shall have a “Molestation Index Number” so we can compare one to the other when choosing.

  3. Florida has golf courses and they are open.
    New Jersey has golf courses and they are closed.
    Maine has golf courses and they are open.

    Florida has a Rep Gov.
    N.J. has a Dem. Gov.
    Maine has a Dem. Gov.

    Florida has a Trump Golf course–open
    N.J. has a Trump Golf course–closed
    Maine has a NO Trump Golf courses -open

    I guess it depends on who owns the Golf courses and who the party of the govern to see who plays golf.

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