Better to begin with a happy event. Too many sad ones recently.

On this day in 1805, the U.S. Marines attacked and conquered the Tripolitan port city of Derna. The Marine hymn words “to the shores of Tripoli” born of the battle.

The U.S. was a young nation. Still seeking respect from other nations.

Pirates from the Barbary states in North Africa were raiding U.S. ships. Successfully. American sailors were abducted and held for ransom.

The war with the pirates was 4 years old. President Jefferson had it. He ordered the U.S. Navy to the Mediterranean Sea to protest the attacks on American vessels.

Derna was located in Tripoli. It was there that the significant battle was to be waged. By U.S. Marines.

This was not a ship to shore event. The Marines had to travel 500 miles over desert to reach Derna. This they did.

U.S. agent William Eaton led the forces of Marines and Berber mercenaries. The Marine leader was Lt. Presley O’Bannon.

The Marines won a glorious victory.

Two historical factors were born of the battle.

The first is today’s Marine sword. Elaborately designed. The pattern representative of the battle. The sword carried by today’s Marine officers.

The other specific words in the Marine hymn. From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…..the Tripoli portion presenting the Derna victory.

A return to the normal. The trials and tribulations our nation is suffering at the moment.

Rudy Giuliani has returned!

His dementia obvious.

He slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci over the weekend. Like saying God isn’t good.

It appears Trump may be getting ready to dump Fauci. Blame him for the coronavirus. Fauci appeared only once last week at the Task Force briefings.

Giuliani  has developed into a muckraker. Especially when he attacks Fauci. He claims Fauci is responsible for the “damn virus that is killing us.”

Several years ago, Fauci approved a $3.7 million grant to Wuhan Laboratory. The Laboratory connected with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

Giuliani went on to indicate it was China’s intent to “weaponize” the virus. Thereby affecting the U.S.

The accusation typical Giuliani. Typical Trump. Giuliani said, “I don’t want to make any accusations.” Throw the thought out in the form of an accusation and let it hang there.

Already facts are coming to the forefront indicating no wrongdoing on Fauci’s part.

The Lab did not receive all of the funding. Everything else re China’s plan to infect, etc. unsubstantiated.

Giuliani says Fauci violated an Obama rule. One which prohibited the U.S. from giving money to any laboratory fooling around with viruses.

Typical of Giuliani accusations, he may next accuse Fauci of having had an affair with a staff member of the Laboratory. She made him do it!

Our politics are not just down and dirty. They are sick! The sickest I have seen.

Bill Gates is a man to be admired. I respect his successes. I respect what he and his wife are doing in these times to improve the world.

Microsoft. Gates was instrumental in creating a new industrial revolution.

His wealth appears to know no bounds. Deservedly so. He and his wife Melinda recently purchased a $43 million home near San Diego. They also purchased an $18 million house in Santa Fe.

Gates has appeared recently in the media. He has ideas and solutions for the coronavirus. In addition, thoughts and solutions for other maladies.

He puts his money where his mouth is. Significant amounts. To research and resolve the world’s dilemmas. The house costs pale in comparison.

I share this portion of the Gates story with you because some are beginning to knock the guy for his recent house purchases. They fail to mention his huge dollar contributions to charitable causes.

I look at it his way. The man made the money. His “invention” advanced the world tremendously. He is the Thomas Edison of our time. He can spend his money any way he wants.

Back to the increasing food shortages. An issue I have been discussing for some time.

We have a food shortage problem! I am not sure everyone recognizes it. What is required to make more people take notice, I do not know.

Food is rotting in the fields. At the same time that shortages are evident in supermarkets.

Many reasons involved. Two more significant than others.

The first is that the food “supply chain” has collapsed. People forget that food is grown/prepared in one place. Demand is in another.

Due to the epidemic, many of the jobs required to get the food from one place to another are gone. People out of work because of coronavirus. For example, truck drivers and those who arrange the product in whatever form for delivery.

The supply chain is broken.

Another involves fresh fruits and leafy greens. Covid-19 caused people to raid supermarkets and buy “non-perishables.” Things they could store. They forgot about fresh fruits and vegetables.

The food shortage is only going to get worse. The food bank lines longer. People not working. Stimulus checks better than nothing. However not enough to properly support a family.

Some observations concerning the economy and letting the elderly die.

Mike Norman Economics reports, “We need a real fucking plan, you shitbags.”

Strong words. True, however. The U.S. is wandering aimlessly in a reactive fashion rather than proactively. Some reactiveness required. An overall plan necessary, also.

McConnell says he favors “letting the States declare bankruptcy.”

His lunacy more skillfully stated than Trump’s. Trump comes out hitting away, with little thought. McConnell thinks things out before he speaks and many times has a reason not initially evident behind his statements. A skillful mind, a devious mind.

McConnell fears “revenue replacement…..We’re not interested in solving their pension problems for them…..We’re not interested in saving them from bad decisions they’ve made in the past.”

What is he saying? Some believe his words are intended to mean we should avoid the costs of caring for retirees and just let them die off faster. And in case you do not understand, the Republican right wing wants the elderly to die sooner than later. What’s the purpose in keeping them alive?

An example used involves New York City and coronavirus. Two thirds of all Covid-19 deaths involve people 70 or older. Who make up only 10 percent of the population. Their care and confinement expensive.

Then there are Medicare and Social Security. Think of the money that will be saved!

They think this way and talk this way. They are as bad as our Russian, Iranian and North Korean enemies.


Enjoy your day!




  1. CaronaVirus cases in Wisconsin are now up dramatically (more than doubled statewide) from where they were on election day and so far show no signs yet of peaking.

  2. If our food chain is broken it will have to be rebuilt. And that may turn out to be a good thing. Currently there are too many giant “factory farms” and too many cases of salmonella and e.coli poisoning of consumers. Our foods contain high levels of fertilizers and pesticides. Not to mention filthy slaughterhouses and animal cruelty. This is an opportunity to fix the food chain.

    • Government regulations with enforcement by way of proper inspections would solve that right away. It is what government should be all about.

      • Agreed, this smaller government, with few or no regulations just simply doesn’t work. It’s another one of those pipe dreams that sounds great but, like trickle dow economics, in real life doesn’t work.

        And who benefits? You only need to look at those currently in power and their friends to see that.

  3. Steph, Lou may be right about food shortage. Wisconsin spike is attributed to a meat packing plant in Green Bay (and to a lesser degree the GB prison population). The plant has been closed! what other food suppliers will have to shut. Brown county where Green Bay is has had a high rate of infection but only 2 deaths to date. Mostly young in the plant (and prison) who get it and recover. Additionally there has been a spike in wisconsin due to an aggressive increase in testing of more than just the seriously ill.

    • It’s true that the Green Bay plant in WI has contributed to many of the new Caronavirus cases in Wisconsin, but that is only 147 cases, out of the 511 new cases in Green Bay alone, according to the Green Bay Newspaper. No one is saying where the meat packers got sick, besides they are all Wisconsin residents and count no less than any other resident. Thing is, the increase in overall Wisconsin is pretty much across the board county by county and has more than doubled to now about 5500 SINCE the April 7th Election fiasco. I don’t think there is any honest person in Wisconsin that can say the situation in Wisconsin has NOT gotten worse since the election, but there are some who are trying to muddy the waters with lame excuses. We also can’t say how many were a direct result of the voting fiasco, or not, but Wisconsin was on a downward trend that has reversed and in a big way since then.

  4. Lou, apart from the waco right wing press, I can’t find any credible reference to Fauci recently giving the Wuhan China researchers any 3.7m grant to study Coronavirus. I do see where we helped establish the research center back in 2005, but not the recent grant. Do you remember where you saw that. I’m wondering if it’s just not another one of those made up OAN conspiracies?

  5. Lots of calls to poison control in New York shortly after Trumps press conference, but NO reports of hospitalization from ingesting poison. Clearly a bunch of leftists and liberals making calls to poison center to create fake news which was then carried by every fake news media outlet!

    • Not so, “pix11” in NYC is reporting – “Between 9 p.m. Thursday and 3 p.m. Friday, Poison Control received nine cases of exposure to Lysol, 10 cases of bleach exposure and 11 cases involving other household cleaners, a spokesman said Saturday.” Must have been rightest and conservatives attempting Trump’s cure.

  6. We all better hope that promising vaccines now being developed in China and Germany are successful, so that the better governors in America can get them smuggled in and out of Trump’s control, otherwise only subservient red states and his rich friends will be the only ones able to get anything.

  7. Some say that staying inside and washing our hands and not touching our faces and babying ourselves in general will weaken our immunities to other diseases as well as keep us from developing any immunity to cov.

  8. The poison control states the 30 calls were about “possible” exposure to disinfectants. Once again no hospitalizations… sounds like fake callers!

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