The pain of coronavirus is everywhere. Those afflicted, their families, and the medical staff caring for them. Personal and in one’s face.

An example occurred on Anderson Cooper’s show last night.

A young wife and mother. Married 10 years. Two children. Ages appeared 3 and 2. The husband/father had come down with the virus and was hospitalized. He died.

He left a note to his wife for her and someday the children to read and understand. The mother said that she had a blanket with her husband’s picture a part of it. The children were climbing on the blanket, pointing, and saying Daddy. Sometimes striking the picture with their hands as young ones are prone to do.

Anderson Cooper was the first to cry. He broke up several times. Then the wife. Then me.

It was heart wrenching.

Day 45 of my self-quarantine. Hanging in there. Wish things would get better however so I could get out into the world again. I think I am in the initial stages of cabin fever.

Some things happening in Key West.

Key West is closed to visitors until after May. Then local authorities will do a look see to determine if it is time to open the town up to outsiders. All of Monroe County operating under the same rule.

The County is being safe and not sorry. Smart! It was reported in the Citizen that Monroe County will probably be closed to outsiders till after Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties opened and experienced no problems. Then Monroe County would consider reopening “lodging.”

I mentioned yesterday Key West had a case of Legionnaire’s disease. One. Turns out it is 5.

The one reported yesterday at Poinciana Gardens. The “new 4” really “old.” I do  not recall hearing about them. The 4 oldies were reported 2 months ago at the Paradise Inn on Simonton Street.

Keys weather has been fantastic for several months. Bright sunny days. Very little rain.

The lack of rain has caught up with us. The beginnings of a drought. Officials describe it as a “moderate drought.”

Flowers and greenery beginning to wilt.

Not bad, but enough to impose a drought restriction. Homeowners may only water their lawns 2 days a week. No longer the 3 days previously the rule.

Key West 1896 young lady May Johnson not well. Her sickness keeping her bed ridden. She thought she recovered and went out for 2 days. Dancing one of them. However, not her time yet.

She has suffered for 3 consecutive days. Terrible chills. SICK AGAIN as she describes it. “Suffering agonies.”

The doctor visited. Gave her some pills.

Trump time.

Donald does as Donald wants and gets away with it.

There is something called the emoluments clause in the Constitution. Prohibits a President from certain investments. The issue came up early in Trump’s Presidency. He said he was not going to be bound by the clause.

Trump owned 30 percent of 1290 Avenue of the Americas. The remaining 70 percent was owned by Vornado Realty Trust. The building was refinanced in 2012. The total refinancing package $950 million.

It is assumed Trump still owns the 30 percent interest.

The Bank of China is state owned. The government owns it. The Bank of China took $211 million of the $950 refinancing

The note becomes due in 2022.

Has the obligation influenced or will it influence Trump’s judgment?

Trump has been using the Task Force reports at dinner time each evening in place of the rallies that no longer can be held because of coronavirus. Trump has taken to reading from a prepared text. Sometime deviating and speaking extemporaneously. Followed by questions and answers.

We are looking at roughly 2 hours each evening.

Not last night. Trump took no questions. Immediately walked off the platform following the text material. His total time last night 21 minutes.

The “why” of it all. Trump’s by needle or other type ingestion of a disinfectant into the body or  some form of UV ultra light to cure coronavirus.

The world up in arms. Cannot understand the stupidity of Trump’s suggestion.

Trump took no questions because he well knew they would have had to do with his foolishness from the previous evening.

Trump’s drug of choice to kill Covid-19 has been hydroxychloroquine. He had been pushing it like crazy. The possible “cure.” Why not try it?

It was revealed this past week that it had been used in some hospitals. Where tried, more died than recovered. Obviously the hydro whatever not the “cure” as Trump had promoted it.

Turns out there is another phase to the story.

Admiral Brett Giroir is Assistant Secretary of HHS.He sent out a 4/4 e-mail pushing government officials “to flood New York and New Jersey with treatment courses.”

Someone was not happy. Thought the drug stores should also be “pushed.”

The matter now public.

I would like to know who and why it was “pushed.” Who is responsible? Is anyone in government benefiting financially from the “push?”

Worthy of an inquiry? Especially where people apparently died because of its use.

Saturday night. A date night. I am having cocktails at 7 via Skype with Cathy in Seattle. We are celebrating her birthday.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Keeping Monroe County closed until the end of May is sensible and reasonable.

    No one is saying that we should not reopen America, the question is wen to do so. The experts say they don’t REALLY know, but doing it right now would not be smart. Although there are others with a different agenda, I would rather we listen to the experts. The Keys are a fragile place, in more ways than not. If we open too early, we’ll pay for it a lot longer than if we wait until it’s at least reasonably safe.

  2. Lou says Trump suggested that coronavirus patients should use a needle or other type ingestion of a disinfectant into the body. Is that really what he said? Have you read the transcript of his actual words?

    Meanwhile, the medical use of ultraviolet light therapy (called PUVA) has been around for decades to treat certain medical conditions. It is not currently an accepted treatment for coronavirus.

    • This was already posted (and commented on) yesterday. See below:

      Sandy Feet on April 24, 2020 at 5:43 pm said:

      Trump NEVER told people to inject disinfectants, he NEVER said they should do that. Although he did say that he did say “I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you just to see what would happen”

      Also, to be clear, I never said that he didn’t say that. Nobody can find any place on Lou’s blog that said that I didn’t say that, I dare you to find that I said that.

      This is all being done by those who have TDS and want to impeach Trump for not having said that.

      Furthermore, it wasn’t me that said this or that I even posted this.

      and the Chineze is bad.

      See comments on Lou’s post yesterday

    • I’m not Lou, but I saw the presser/rally where Trump talked about the stuff and have read the transcript, both before and after it was revised (that’s all over the news) and I think Lou’s description is accurate and informative, unlike your question which seems VERY manipulative. It doesn’t really matter it was a stupid thing for Trump to have even attempted and now he’s going to own it forever, no matter how much you or anyone tries to g@sslight it!

  3. Ah, love! Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night… nor hunkering down in the midst of Cootie Bugs shall stop love. It’s the age of online contact.

    The activity for online dating sites is up about 25%, and Lou has Skype.

    Enjoy your Saturday night date Lou.

    Kokomo Man

  4. I am sure that Trump will work out something with China based on his loan obligations on that 1290AA building in NYC, will somehow include something to do with his current influential position. You can book that! You can also book it’ll be buried and he’ll deny it, if it does come out. Funny if it’s something China that eventually puts him in jail.

    • Old news, and wrong.
      Trump does have an investment in an office tower located at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, near Rockefeller Center in New York City. But the loan financing that building is no longer owed to the Bank of China. It was sold years ago into a securitization that is serviced by Wells Fargo and owned by a wide range of investors. So Donald Trump is NOT in debt to the Bank of China.
      Try to keep up, people.

      • Well, let’s just wait and see. You are almost always wrong about things like this and anything surrounding Donald Trump always seems to end up a stinking mess. We have no reason to expect anything different with this one.

        • Ahhh, yes. When you can’t refute the message, you must always attack the messenger. It’s a common tactic that has been around for centuries.

          • Comprehension? Perhaps you might want to reread that reply. Sounded to me like it makes perfect sense and reasonable advise. It also sounds like you are a hothead poster.

            Besides, I don’t think Lou said that Trump owed the Chinese for his 30% investment. In fact Lou said that “The Bank of China took $211 million of the $950 refinancing” and that’s about it. Lou didn’t say anything about Trump owing China anything with this building, he only said “Has the obligation influenced or will it influence Trump’s judgment?”

            Like I said in my reply to your post, Let’s not Jump the gun on this and azzume anything “Donald Trump always seems to end up a stinking mess. We have no reason to expect anything different with this one.” I’d still stand on that, and advise you to do so too and forget your “gotcha” sh*t.

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