The operative word in the title is “clothed.”

Key West is closed down. Duval dead!

One of Key West’s famous gentleman’s clubs is The Red Garter on Duval. A strip joint with class. There is a large sign in its window: Sorry…..We’re Clothed Until Further Notice.

A delicate touch! A Key West one!

Florida’s Governor De Santis is one of the country’s worst governors in my opinion. A Donald Trump in disguise. He dances to every Trump tune.

De Santis gave local authorities permission to open the beaches. Jacksonville did. People showed up in large numbers. I wonder how many new coronavirus cases there will be in the Jacksonville area in 4-6 weeks.

Key West is in Monroe County. All the Keys are located in Monroe County.

Keys local authorities have decided to play it safe. Keys beaches will remain closed. No open ’em up date has been scheduled.

Keys people are sensitive to the virus. The  Keys suffer enough from hurricanes. Damage from 2017 Irma not yet totally remedied. People still living under tarpaulins. No stoves. No toilet facilities.

The blockade at the entrance to the Keys remains. Non-residents are not permitted to enter the Keys.

Better safe than sorry.

Key West is the southernmost point in the U.S. News travels fast in modern times. There was a time when it was not so.

Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865. It took 6 days for the news of his death to reach Key West.

Governor De Santis announced Florida expects to receive 100,000 test kits for coronavirus antibodies this week.

Seeing is believing!

While Trump was campaigning in 2016, he said he was going to Washington to “drain the swamp.” Didn’t work that way. The swamp is draining Washington and all of the U.S.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that the U.S. was on the verge of becoming a feudalistic society. A significant number of comments. Including cell phone and e-mail.

Some agreed, some not. More not. I thought perhaps I did not express myself clearly enough. Feudalism today was a new concept. I read it nowhere. It was born in my mind.

I now have company!

Paul Craig Roberts is a blog writer. His blog: PCR Institute For Political Economy. His most recent blog: “Are We Becoming A New Feudalism? The Economy Is Being Destroyed.”

His answer: “Yes.”

Our thought processes generally similar, though different in certain respects. I do not totally agree with Roberts nor he I. Though on the significant point we do: The U.S. is becoming a feudalistic society.

Roberts wrote (emphasis mine): “The LARGE BAILED OUT CREDITORS will end up with the property of the NON-BAILED-OUT DEBTORS who are BEING PUSHED DEEPER INTO DEBT with ‘bail-out loans’ and fess and penalties for missed debt payments. WRITE-OFFS FOR THE ONE PERCENT, and MORE INDEBTEDNESS FOR EVERYONE ELSE…..Break up the banks ‘too big to fail’ and return corporations from Asia to the United States a solution.”

Roberts’ final words: Time to dethrone the “elites.”

Oil companies are taking a beating. My heart bleeds for them. How sad.

Not really. As far as I am concerned, oil companies cannot hurt enough.

Oil prices are falling. Described at the moment as being below zero. First time ever.

Greed brought the oil companies to this point. Especially Russia and Saudi Arabia. They pumped and pumped. Money galore pouring in. Till each pumped too much.

The problem a simple one. So much oil has been pumped there is no place to store it. Not even huge tankers where normally excess is stored.

As a result, oil traders are paying other traders to take excess barrels off their hands. As much as $40 a barrel.

The scenario will end soon. The oil companies have seen the light. They are switching off their wells. Cheaper to leave it in the ground.

A second problem is contributing to the zero price situation. People are not buying gasoline for their cars as they once did. Most people world wide are confined to their homes because of coronavirus.

I have no sympathy re the problem of the oil companies for a couple of reasons. Each significant.

I recall when gasoline went to $4 a gallon. Twice in my lifetime. I recall when I had to wait in line for like 2 hours to get to a pump to buy gas. Hoping each time my car moved forward that the gasoline would not run out before I got there.

Finally, I am one of those that consider Saudi Arabia the master mind of 9/11. I forget the specific number. Something like 15 or 17 of those involved were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Russia. I could also care less. They have been our “enemy” since the end of World War II. They have “hurt” us whenever they could. Especially under Putin.

David Winans is a leading oil figure. He says re the drop to a zero price, “Today’s price move feels like oil is passing a kidney stone.”


Trump was elected in 2016 because he figured out how to anger certain voters to support him. He is continuing this year to foment the anger of voters. The goal the same. Anger directed at the establishment. This year in the form of a “peaceful” rebellion against governors.

Trump is literally destroying the Presidency to guarantee his reelection.

The historical purpose of the Presidency was to unite the States, not further divide them. Trump’s encouragement against State stay-in-place orders is unpresidential and unbecoming a President.

Trump’s dislike of immigrants evidenced in the recent $2.3 trillion stimulus package. Quietly. Just coming out.

More than one million U.S. citizens are barred from recovering stimulus checks if their spouses are immigrants.

Tuesday again! My blog talk radio show tonight at 9: Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Join me! The show is a quick half hour. Guaranteed not boring. I rant and rave about everything.

Little is happening in our country at the moment, except for Trump and coronavirus.. Therefore most of the show will be about Trump and coronavirus. The 2 most important topics on our plates at the moment. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Good Blog today Lou, and I agree with you, Trump is destroying the presidency and the country along with it. It is turning our that he’s the Hoax!

  2. Re: the Keys closure. What about all the Keys residents who are going up to Miami-Dade and then coming back into the Keys to share the virus with our community?

  3. Helen, Wisconsin voted over 14 days ago. News reports from there attribute only 7 not 70, not 700 only 7 new cases attributed to in person voting. those cases are also in question as to the direct source of the infection. So much for the huge spike that “Governor Maggie Gao” was worried about. she’s the chief of staff for the barely breathing Governor and is the person making the decisions for Wisconsin.

    • It is a little early to be spouting even incorrect false information about anything meaningful coming out of Wisconsin, quite yet, even if your post does seem more like an attempt to smear everything regardless of what facts we really do know.

      You might however want to read the recent Green Bay Press articles about how the CDC is on its way there because of an increase there of more than fourfold in just 10 days. The Milwaukee Journal and other papers too are reporting noticeable increases too. Brown county alone is reporting 24 new cases, considerably more than your factually incorrect claim of just 7 for all of Wisconsin.

      But if your interest is just stirring up trouble NO increase will be enough to keep you from butting in with false and misleading information, because, well, that’s just you!

  4. Helen, the “7” cases statewide I mentioned were attributed to in person voting (huffington post). According to the Green Bay press gazette, there has been an increase in covid in the area and they are looking to the possibly of an outbreak at a Green Bay Area meat packing plant but the press gazette states they have NOT seen a spike as a result of the recent in person voting. – Woodie

  5. Wiggle Wiggle! You got it wrong and now you want to double down? That As*ociated Press report only covered 7 people they could find in Milwaukee who they attribute to having gotten infected because of voting and cautioned that the number would likely increase in the next few days (which you left out) as more information came in. Helen is correct in suggesting it’s a little early, as the AP report your quote clearly warned.

    Overall numbers and trending data, for the entire state, would be far more telling and what little data there is so far, is that the downward lull that was happening during and immediately after the voting period has now reversed and the number of new cases is now headed back up.

    Please stop twisting things on Lou’s blog to try and make a case you want and start telling the truth for a change.

  6. We are in a war to hold civilization together and there are always casualties in war. Maybe those Wisconsin voters will show us how many to expect.

  7. If Wisconsin is one of the states to evaluate, the state is still shut down right now, with the order extended to mid may.
    5.5 million residents, about 13,000 hospital beds. Currently in all state hospitals patients that are hospitalized and being treated for Covid – Under 350 individuals. People want back to what will be our new normal and I admit it will be different but it’s hard to understand the medical reasons to keep so much shut down! The young and healthy for the most part will recover. The old or high risk should continue to take precaution! Mallard

    • You have to be ignorant to have said “but it’s hard to understand the medical reasons to keep so much shut down!” the shut down is not medical, but preventative. With out a shut down those infected multiply exponentially, totally plugging hospital capacity and any possibility of them being able to provide help to an ever increasing number of people. This Virus has also shown to effect the young and healthy in nearly equal numbers. ANYONE paying attention to experts or has any kind of education or common sense would know this. Anyone wanting to only make a political statement would ignore this.

      2/3s of American people have polled they do NOT want to lift guarantin rules just yet.

      You seem to get EVERYTHING wrong all the time, which qualifies you for a dunce award or you are Sandy Feet the deciettful Troll.

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