Genesis 19 recalls Gomorrah as a place where “grave sins” were committed. Flagrant sins.

Studio 54 opened in New York City on this day in 1977. Disco! Big time! The global epicenter of the disco craze.

Immediately became the most famous night club in the world. Drugs and sex the attraction. Drugs not my thing. Fine looking women another story. All beautiful!

I visited 2 times in my late 30’s.

A class club.

I had a limousine driving me around. My days in New York were extremely busy. Several different conferences in different parts so Manhattan. I required the limousine. I general kept it for a night on the town afterward.

I had already stopped at a couple of bars and restaurants. It was late. Asked the limo driver if I could get into Studio 54. “No problem, Mr. Petrone.”

He made 2 telephone calls. One to make my reservation. The other to announce when we arrived that I was there.

The doorman open the limo door and said, “Welcome to Studio 54, Mr. Petrone.” Immediately knew I was going to like the place.

I did not have to pay, though there were long lines of others waiting to get in and/or pay. I was escorted into the heart of Studio 54.

What a place! Magnificent! Reeking of excitement. The women outstanding! I had died and gone to Heaven!

Studio 54 had not the best of reputations. Probably the drug issue. However in the end the authorities were not able to close it down because of drugs. They got one of the principals for tax evasion. Shades of Al Capone.

Studio 54 had its closing party the evening of February 4, 1980. It was labeled: “The End of Modern-day Gomorrah.”

Nothing like it has ever returned to New York City.

I have been predicting a food shortage for several months. It is here and is only going to get worse.

Forty percent of Los Angeles has turned to food banks. Food banks being strained in New York, San Diego, Chicago and Houston. Running out of staple goods.

At the same time, farmers are culling pigs, dumping dairy products, and breaking eggs. The food supply chains have been upended. Becoming increasingly impossible to get crops from farms to where ever they go next and then to grocery stores. Markets struggling to stock their shelves.

The strain on the food system a social bomb in the making. Proof the long lines on highways waiting to get to food banks. Many in line there for the first time. Not working, no cash flow.

I hope we do not get to where Greece was the first time I visited. Food scarce. People ate their pets. Then raided the zoos and killed the animals. Then ate anything growing from the earth. Then dug for roots to boil to make soup.

Big Pine is physically the largest of the Keys. Population  only 5,000. Not one case of coronavirus!


Big Pine residents are a bit of a different breed. Skilled at being alone. Worry not about career prospects. Appear emotionally experienced in dealing with problems.

The Monroe County Commission announced the County will not be open to outsiders till June 1. Good for the Commission. The road block preventing non residents from entering will remain in place. Other restrictions will remain also.

The numbers for the County are not bad. A total of 76 caronavirus cases. Only 3 deaths. Fifteen of the cases in Key west.

As the world turns. Yesterday I reported that the County determined the Keys were into a drought. Much sun and next to no rain for several months. A drought restriction was imposed. Lawns could only be watered 2 times a week rather than 3.

This morning it rained big time for 3 hours. Hard! The drought announcement may have come a day or two early.

Yesterday was my 44th day of quarantine. Self-imposed.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The internet has become the site of whatever social life I have. We all have.

Last night was cocktails at 7 again with Cathy in Seattle, Washington. We celebrated her 58th birthday.

Love Skype!

Enjoy your Sunday!

11 comments on “END OF GOMORRAH

  1. Always love hearing your stories from back in the day, Lou, and your posts during these times. Wonderful news that KW’s deaths have been minimal and that they will remain closed to outsiders for a bit longer. I hope the Keys recover from this catastrophe. I know I for one cannot wait to visit again, whenever that may be. All best!

  2. It has always been “us vs. them” down here, but it is probably the same in every tourist spot the World over.

    • I live in Manhattan. Believe me when I tell you the “Copa” is considered for tourists, amateurs and wannabes.

      • My older sister used to say that you’ll only meet guys from Jersey or from upstate if you party at Copa, was not her fav.

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