I just completed reading Dorothy Downs’ most recent novel. Her Soldier of the Queen.

Dot and I have been friends for years. She has written before. About Indians, their art, crafts and activities. Her Soldier of the Queen her first venture into life. Its joys and sorrows.

War time. Two lovers. One married to another. The pain of the romance. The pain of separating from a husband. The pain of a lover’s death.

The story of a woman who never became the woman she was meant to be till she met her lover. The novel’s closing line: “I did know happiness for a brief moment in time.”

I enjoyed reading the book for a number of reasons. The primary that it had the Hemingway touch. Inadvertent, I am sure. Never the less, it was there. Dot wrote certain passages and phrases in Hemingway style.

I recommend Her Soldier and the Queen. The novel will touch you. It is available at Books & Books and through Amazon.com.

Trump is aware he is on a downward trend. 2020 has not been a good year for him. Coronavirus and how he has handled it behind his downfall.

Instead of letting the scientists and doctors rule the roost, Trump gets his nose into the situation every day. For whatever reason, he does not understand that the illness that confronts us must be approached step by step. Total resolution will take time.

Trump seeks the “immediate cure.” One discovered by him, of course.

First it was hydroxcloroquine. The malaria cure that he said would be the the cure all. He knew. He knew because he understood these things, because he had a feeling.

He did not know and his feeling failed him.

Yesterday came the best. Two new and different approaches. Untried. In their infancy stages of examination at best.

One the injection of disinfectant into the body to beat the coronavirus and clean the lungs. The other UV radiation or some sort of light made to enter the body, also.

The disinfectant some thing like Lysol or Clorox. The UV light’s precise source, I am not sure.

Prospective suicides can kill themselves by drinking even a small portion of a disinfectant.

We were told yesterday that the disinfectant bleach approach could kill the virus in 5 minutes. An isopropyl alcohol even quicker.

Trump was aware that the day before, his hydroxcloroquine cure had gone down the drain. A report came out indicating more deaths where the drug was used in comparison to survivals.

He needed a new winner! Immediately! He found it in the disinfectant injection and /or ultra violet light.

The information re the 2 possible “cures” came from a mid level employee in the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate. Neither scientist nor doctor.

Trump proudly showed him off at the podium. His new find! The man responsible for the 2 possible new cures.

Some physician comments in the news this morning: “Irresponsible and dangerous…..Don’t take medical advice from Trump…..A totally ridiculous concept.”

Timing can be an upsetting factor. Earlier this week and before news of the possible new cure finds, the CDC warned Americans to be careful with cleaning products as cures for the virus. The FDA warned against ingesting disinfectants.

As I was listening to Trump pontificate at the Task Force report session yesterday, Dr. Josef Mengele came to mind. The Nazi SS doctor who experimented with prisoners at Auschwitz. Known as the Angel of Death.

Many were killed via lethal injection in the years Mengele was at Auschwitz.

A fellow by the name of Clifton published a book in 1986 about Mengele. He wrote Mengele was “lacking empathy.”

Trump does not agree with Dr. Fauci’s testing concerns. Understandable. Trump is smart. Knows everything.

Key West like the rest of the world is concerned with coronavirus. Our lives have changed here as elsewhere. Quarantine, businesses closed, etc.

Now comes an old disease to harass us. Legionnaires Disease. One case. A resident of Poinciana Gardens. Residents have been made aware of the problem.

Oil companies are like banks and insurance companies. Whores.

The oil industry is in deep trouble. Saudi Arabia and Russia are paying traders to take their crude oil excesses off their hands. Oil is trading at zero levels.

One would expect gasoline prices at the pump to drop radically. Finally, consumers would get a break.

Not so. At least in the Key West area. Price per gallon has only dropped $.14 in the past 3 weeks.

Enjoy your day!

28 comments on “I THOUGHT OF HEMINGWAY

  1. But, But, Trump has always been a Snake Oil Con Man, from way before he became president….

    Whats the big deal, anyhow?

  2. I’m no Trump fan but I was watching that live presser when Bryan explained his lab’s findings about the bug’s lifespan under various conditions. It was the first time I heard something about cov19 that didn’t sound like a guess.

    • Yes, but that’s actually old news and published is several places back in late March and all over network news. I saw that first on Huffington Post, then even on TPM. I think Drudge report had that too.

  3. I read where now Harvard has decided not to take the $8.7m it was granted as part of the Department of Education stimulus program, citing political pressure. Good move, for what ever reason.

    Forbes has now published what other universities received under this same program, and the list is long and includes a number of eyepopers. As an example, Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University received $15+m, nearly double of what Harvard received. Several “for profit” schools received bailouts in the 10s of millions too. Even Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY is getting $5.4m. Singling out Harvard seems a little political, regardless of how you feel about the whole thing.

  4. Duh – All anyone needs to know about The Donald is that he would ponder… even for a second… injecting disinfectant into the body would be a cure for COVID-19. If the guy had a brain, he would take it out and play with it.

    Well Duh

  5. I just drove from Key West to Ohio- gas on turnpike was $1.73-1.89
    Other states around $1.50 but just $ 1.13 where I am

  6. Trump NEVER told people to inject disinfectants, he NEVER said they should do that. Although he did say that he did say “I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you just to see what would happen”

    Also, to be clear, I never said that he didn’t say that. Nobody can find any place on Lou’s blog that said that I didn’t say that, I dare you to find that I said that.

    This is all being done by those who have TDS and want to impeach Trump for not having said that.

    Furthermore, it wasn’t me that said this or that I even posted this.

    and the Chineze is bad.

  7. Lou, please you are a much better person than that to compare the president to a horrific nazi doctor. It’s ok you vehemently dislike trump but to compare trump to a nazi monster who
    used the resources of his own country to EXTERMINATE citizens of the country is just so so wrong on your part. While I disagreed with the politics of Obama I would never go to the level you just did. Please don’t do it. You are a much better man than that! Lou you really are, please be better than that! Scaup

    • This is not about dislike, this is about outright malfeasance, incompetence and deliberate dishonesty with someone who is destroying America.

      Disagreeing with Obama and a psycho dictatorial president who thinks he’s an emperor are two different things.

      You are either Sandy Feet ignorant or you are a totally fugazi political sycophant.

      BTW even your limited comprehension skills should tell you that few knew who the Nazi’s exterminated until AFTER it was over, should WE take that chance? Bleach is Jim Jones

      Lou’s doing what he feels is right and is doing a good level headed job at it and he is hardly alone. Most honest experts are doing what Lou is doing. Most Freaks and fools are doing what you are doing, ignoring the truth then trying to get other people to agree with you.

    • Even Hitler would have known ingesting bleach was not a good remedy for anything!

      Jim Jones knew too, but Publix was closed that day!

      Trump is all “Who Knew?

  8. Lou is a good person and DOES know better, which is why he is appropriately criticizing Trump and comparing him to a brutal Nazi monster who did terrible things.

    You are the QUACK who is NOT doing the right thing, phony snowflake.

  9. Trump’s presidency is a Hoax, he is no leader and his bumbling, self serving time in the White House is proof of that. Please keep up what you are doing Lou, it give the rest of us comfort that we are not alone. Don’t listen to the same old Bull Sh*t from that same old fool who is always trying to start a fight.

      • … and confuse tyranny, bad management and wrong doing with what they want to think is their right to a different OPINION? Enough already.

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