I apparently gave up too soon yesterday morning. After watching Joseph Maguire testify for a while before a Congressional Committee, I gave up. Pure frustration. The questioning sucked. The answers non-responsive.

I quit too soon! One and one half hours after the hearing began.

From everything I saw on TV and read later in the day, things got better. Much better. The Committee did a good job, Maguire did a good job. Republicans sat with their tails between their legs and left quietly afterward.

Trump got nailed, but good! The truth came out! No games.

It would appear Trump is on his way to impeachment.

There are visitors who get excited when they see an iguana. Favorably excited. Think they’re cute. Green miniature dinosaurs.

Iguanas are bad. All should be eradicated. Shoot them, hit them over the head, but kill them. They are of no appreciable value to man or property in the Keys.

I have been in Key West for 30 years. The iguanas started showing up about 5 years after I arrived. First saw them on the golf course. A lot of big ones. Bothering no one. Sitting on tree branches or scooting on the ground.

The group first seen has propagated. It is crisis time. The State of Florida agrees. Finally.

Iguanas are everywhere. Always in huge numbers. Generally big ones and little ones together.

The do not bother humans. You can walk very near one and they will not move.

The problem is they destroy. Flowers and bushes. Eat ’em up! Defecate in pools. Happened to me 2 times. Had to remove and replace the water. They grind their way into seawalls and sidewalks.

I recall when pythons first invaded the Keys. Few in number. Now in the millions. Florida did not know what to do. Scientists and the State agree they have now reached a point where they can only be contained, not eradicated.

We may have reached that point with iguanas.

They are protected by animal cruelty laws. Kill and don’t kill. May only use guns where permitted. Generally approved method of killing is to shoot them in the head or bash their heads on a rock.

Otherwise, hands off! The law provides they may not be made to suffer during the eradication process.

The problem is now referred to as a “war.” However cannot go around “shooting willy nilly.” Key West is not the “wild west.”

Interestingly, iguanas are of no value to man. Except for food. A basic food in Central and South America. Supposedly tastes like chicken.

Not for me.

I went out last night. The Chart Room and Mary Ellen’s.

Tammy bartending at the Chart Room. One of the most charming persons in Key West.

Business slow. All of 4 people in the bar while I was there. The streets are quiet. Key West’s dead season. Things will pick up next month with Fantasy Fest. From no one to every one. As many as 70,000 the night of the parade.

I have always wondered where 70,000 sleep. In all the Keys there are not enough beds to handle 70,000 people. The beaches can only hold so many. Cars all over with people sleeping in them.

I had dinner at Mary Ellen’s. Good food. I have found the best to be a cup of tomato soup accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich. Outstanding!

It has been a while since I have written about sex in Key West. Doubt Key Westers have been abstaining. However nothing unusual occurring.

Till monday. It was back to normal. A woman called the police. A bare assed couple were fornicating on her front lawn. They were arrested.

Came across an interesting occurrence in France.

A male employee was on a business trip. Met a strange woman. They were having sex in her hotel room. He had cardiac arrest. Died.

A French court said the dead man’s wife was entitled to recompense for his death. Money because he died on the job. The court equated sex on a business trip like “taking a shower or eating a meal.”

The fact the man was “cheating” was immaterial.

The employer had to pay.

Fantasy Fest less than a month away. A new event has been added. The Air Sex Championships.

Performed with clothes on, yet all about “fornication-adjunct actions.” Whatever that means.

Men are the performers. What they do involves song, courage, humor, and erotic imagination. The best description I could come up with is that it is like playing an invisible guitar, except the performer plays an invisible partner.

Things were apparently very competitive in 1955 in Key West. The motels were having a price war. On this day in 1955, 8 motels posted signs offering “free rooms to tourists.”

The City of Key West and the owners of the cruise ship Silver Spirit are in a pissing match. Over money.

Last year on November 24, the 608 passenger Silver Spirit hit a “mooring dolphin” near the Mallory Square hotel area as it was leaving.

Cost Key West $970,520 for repairs. The City did not put the repairs out for bidding because it thought it important to repair immediately so the businesses in the area would not lose money. The City also added on a 5 percent “administrative fee.” On top of which it also added loss of business because other ships could not moor till repaired.

The cruise line has offered $250,000 lees than the $970,520 the City claims it is owed.

The usual cries are emanating from City Hall. We are going to sue. We will not cut a penny. The lawyers will take care of it.

Not a wise approach.

These are relatively large dollars. $250,000 not that big a difference. The City will not recover every penny. That’s the way it is. The cruise line will have to pay more.

Throw the matter into some sort of binding arbitration and get it resolved that way.

Note also the City’s attorney’s fees will be out of sight if handled in the normal fashion.

There is nothing to be gained by either side in outright litigation. The parties should short cut the legal process with binding arbitration and get the matter resolved swiftly and cheaply.

I find hurricane Lorenzo interesting. In the process of making a loop back into the Atlantic.

At this time, it is a category 4. May go to a 5. May hit land in the Azores. No danger to the Caribbean or U.S.

My first “looping hurricane.”

I came across some quotes re lies and deceptions. Trump causes both to be in the background of the news daily.

The most well known lying quote is, “Oh, the web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Another is, “When we with honeyed words but evil mind, persuade the mob great woes befall the state.”

Re deception, “People don’t change…..They just find new ways to lie.”

The southeast is in desperate need of water. Jean Thornton in Birmingham keeps telling me how dry it is and how long since it last rained.

It has rained in Key West for at least a month almost every morning. Today, I was up at 6. Raining. It is now noon. Still raining.

Enjoy your day!





  1. This is just a test. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to post to this blog. My comments seem to be accepted, but often don’t show up. Anyone else?

  2. The questioning sucked

    Sucked in spades, The Dems fell short with few exceptions and the Republican sought damage control over revelation. America has been polluted by Trump and his antics.
    That said I suspect his defenders are starting to look for a way out of this mess, a soft landing for them if possible. Trump should be very concerned.

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