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Short blog this morning. Have to get the car to the garage. New tires and brakes.

Today’s title can be read 2 ways. One good, one bad. If you did not pick up on it, reread it slowly.

I won’t waste your time going over yesterday’s happenings. We are all aware. However, I would like to share some thoughts.

With the Impeachment Inquiry, the die is cast. The Rubicon has been crossed.

Trump’s UN presentation left much to be desired. He spoke of the U.S. as a national nation, not a global one. I do not buy it. Not a healthy way to go. Everyone needs friends!

Giuliani has lost it! Amazing! The man was a great U.S. Attorney and Mayor. His time has passed.  Trump would be better off without him. He is only going to get Trump into more trouble.

Republican talk will be that with the Impeachment Inquiry, the Democrats got Trump. Not true. Trump got himself.

Trump’s lack of truth is one of the things that has led to the Impeachment Inquiry. He apparently never read: “Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

Howdy Doody went over well! Glad I wrote it! Some day, I will do the Mickey Mouse Club. Nothing wrong with remembering/being reminded of that which was enjoyed in days earlier.

Jean Thornton called from Birmingham. Loved the Howdy Doody bit! Though much younger than I, she falls in an age bracket that would.

Kokomo Man often comments re the blog. He brought to my attention that I forgot Clarabell the Clown. I did. Sorry. Clarabell never crossed my mind. Must be age.

Clarabell was one of the regulars on Howdy Doody. He was mute.

Over the years, 3 different persons played Clarabell. One was Bob Keeshan. He had his own show in later years as Captain Kangaroo. As Clarabell, he communicated through mime and honked his horn for “yes” or “no.”

Even the Peanut Gallery got into the act with Clarabell. Howdy Doody was not the only one who had a dedicated song. Clarabell, also. The kids sang it every show. It began “Who’s the funniest clown we know? / Clarabell / …..And since the day that he was born / He’s honked and honked his horn.”

Clarabell only spoke once in the 13 years the show was on. At the end of the last show, the camera zoomed to his face. With tears running down his cheeks, he said “Good bye.”

The entire staff cried with him.

Climate change! Climate change! Climate change!

A priority today. Even though some such as Trump do not believe it is for real.

Today’s New York Times ran a column by Brad Plumer: Major Climate Report Warns Of Severe Damage To The World’s Oceans. The report referred to was one the UN published the day before as part its climate change program.

The report stated the Earth’s oceans were under severe strain from climate change “threatening everything from the ability of people to harvest seafood to the well being of hundreds of millions of people living along the coasts.”

Key Westers have a special concern. We live on the ocean. In due course, many of our homes will be washed waw. Foodwise, fish a big thing. Most Key Westers eat fish every night of the week for dinner. Why not? Definitely fresh and tasty. Cheap also. Many catch their own.

The marine biologist Hans-Otto Portner claims, “The oceans are sending us so many warning signals that we need to get emissions under control.”

The word is definitely out. Are a sufficient number listening?

Enjoy your day!


  1. I got it; the good, the bad… and the ugly. I’ll leave it to your readers to find it for themselves.

    Thank you for adding in Clarabell. I don’t know why, but he and the peanut gallery are parts I remember most.

    M-I-C… Cee you real soon,

    Kokomo Man

  2. Just curious why property prices are not falling in Key West? Won’t they be under water soon? I would think people would be getting out while they can sell at a decent price.

    • You can ask Al Gore about that. I believe he’s at his beach house this week. Either that or he jetted off to his 10,000 square foot Tennessee mansion to preach from there.

        • Al Gore is that fairly well do do (although not as rich as Trump) environmental activist, who was the Vice President during the Clinton years. He was widely smeared and belittled by right-wingers for his warnings on climate change and other environmental issues.

          Not sure what the meaning behind bringing him up on this blog is all about, but it does seem to reinforce that he was all along and that we’d all be a lot better off if we had listened to him and heeded his warnings these last 20 years since he’s been in anyone’s headlines, instead of plowing ahead as if the problem didn’t exist.

          • With sea levels rising at such alarming rates, it a head scratcher that the Glorious, Exalted and Great Leader Obama purchased a $15,000,000 oceanfront mansion on the low lying 1%’er community of Martha’s Vineyard.

            • Your mention if that here is nothing but another one of your Trolls and a stupid attempt to smear the Obama’s. Alwys hate with you, isn’t it?

                • The “hate” reference is to your apparent motivation in posting such nonsense for the sole purpose of trolling, as your posts are more random smears than anything to do with anything being discussed and appear to be just garbage attacks with no real purpose. PLEASE make some attempt to comprehend the discussion, rather than just being an annoying pest.

                  • What he posted is not nonsense, nor trolling. He pointed out that Obama purchased ocean front property, at about 3′ above sea level. The discussion in Lou’s blog today is about climate change. He was right on subject and correct about Obama.

                    • Yes it IS total nonsense. Lot’s of people are buying homes on Martha’s Vineyard and mentioning Obama’s attempt to buy Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbec house is a cheap shot at best. First of all, the house is NOT near the ocean (as in harms way) and secondly is perched way above any danger, some 120 feet above sea level by one account I’ve read. Although there certainly is some value in discussing why anyone would want to buy a house when it is is harms way, given today’s crisis of rising levels, your smear attempt of Obama in this issue, is NOT above criticism and just a cheap shot way off topic.

                    • Wow, talk about somebody who hasn’t really thought things through very well. Using Obama as an example of someone whose has foolishly bought seaside property at a time when climate change is threatening those kind of properties. When the reality, the truth is that Obama, who as president championed a lot of things to reduce climate change and rising oceans, has wisely bought a piece of Island property that is actually high and dry, from this kind of thing. Wouldn’t an appropriate example of some idiot who stands to loose on this exact same issue, be Donald Trump, with many of his oceanside Golf Courses and his beloved gaudy oceanside Florida winter palace, Mar a Largo, who has notoriously denied and used his presidency against climate changes and rising oceans, goes without mention.

                      This is exactly why Republicans and other right wingers who support Trump are treated with disrespect and distain by Lou and other normal thinking people. One doesn’t need to be a Liberal or a Democrat to see this, do they!ose who .`

    • That guy was just “hating”on Obama, the facts about any Martha’s Vineyard purchase were never part of his smear. Just Trolling.

        • and, I think, all they’re trying to do is play some sort of game to take everyone’s eyes off the real problem. Maybe try and rationalize the magnitude of today’s real problems by comparing them to some fake FOX news kind of problem. I’m waiting for them to try and equate an invasion (maybe just a bombing) of Iran to Obama having worn a brown suit, or Jimmy Carter having sneezed.

      • I, like Oboma, live with in a few feet of the high tide mark, but I never ok’ed spying on a precedential candidate or looked the other way when my V.P. and sec. of state JK, relatives took billions from china. I did not fundamentally change America!

        • You really have an over inflated impression of yourself and a piss poor understanding of facts. Either that or you are tool for the cult.

        • Did you hear Biden’s son was partners with Whitey Bulger’s nephew? Yes, the organized crime boss Whitey Bulger. Damn the corruption runs deep with this crew.

  3. Yes, his NEPHEW (the son of a legitimate and well respected Masachusetts legislator and college president), who was ONLY one person in a group of investors. Unlike Donald Trump, the president of the United States, who was in a personal relationship and received several glowing letters from Whitey Bulger himself.

    Perhaps the innuendo smear should be aszigned to the more appropriate goon?

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