We live in bad times. All times have bad. I suspect however there is more these days. Things like war, death, illness, starvation, homelessness, humiliation, degradation, pain, suffering, etc.

Not everyone is born perfect. Such is why I find it difficult to attach God is Good to this story.

Sailor a 3 year old boy. Lives in Greenville, South Carolina with his mother Jessica, Dad, and 2 year old sister.

Sailor was born blind and with 2 rare brain defects. He has trouble communicating his needs.

It was morning. Dad was at work. Mom was trying to finish household chores. Sailor had been crying all morning. Jessica could get nothing done. Held Sailor, tried to calm him, etc.

Nothing worked.

The doorbell rang. It was the internet repairman. His name Rob Kinney. Never had been to the house before, knew no one in the family.

Upon hearing Rob’s voice, Sailor immediately ran up to him and held his arms up. Rob picked him up. Sailor stopped crying.

Took Rob 45 minutes to correct the internet problem. Held Sailor when he could. Talked to him constantly. Sailor never cried during the 45 minutes. Actually giggled.

By the time Rob was ready to leave, Sailor was drifting to sleep.

I have been reading Brief Answers To The Big Questions by Stephen Hawking. Hawking a world famous cosmologist and best selling author. He has been described as the most renowned scientist since Einstein.

The threat of a nuclear war and climate change represent some of the issues with which he grappled.

The primary questions he sought answers to included whether humanity would survive, should space be colonized, and the development of artificial intelligence.

One of the chapters is titled Will We Survive On Earth? I briefly share a few of his thoughts in paraphrased comments.

In January 2018 a handful of scientists from the Manhattan Project, which had given the U.S. atomic bombs during World War II, wrote concerning the Doomsday Clock. Their measurement of the imminence of catastrophe. Military or environmental facing our planet. It had been 7 minutes to midnight. They moved it up to 2 minutes.

The world is closer to Doomsday than ever before, with one exception. The time in the early 1950’s at the start of the Cold War.

Hawking raises the question whether time is running out for the human race.

Politics a contributing factor to answering the question. Hawking believes the world is more politically unstable than at any time in his memory. Large numbers of people feel left behind both economically and socially. As a result, they turn to populists to lead them. Politicians who have limited or no government experience and whose ability to make calm decisions in a crisis have yet to be tested.

Such leader(s) move the Doomsday Clock to a critical point. Careless or malicious forces bring us closer to it. Armageddon may be around the corner.

Hawking claims 2 primary causes. Climate change and nuclear war.

He claims climate change is there to be seen today. Climate warming that will be sustainable. The Artic and Antartic reduction of ice caps, the killing off of the Amazon and other rainforests. Greenhouse gases and global warming on the rapid increase.

The net effect similar to that of Venus: Boiling and hot sulphuric acid, a temperature of 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

Human life would be unsustainable.

Hawking advises the world today has the technology to correct the problem. It lacks the political will.

He claims nuclear war is the immediate threat to humanity at the present time. Mostly forgotten in man’s mind.

Russia and the U.S. are no longer trigger happy. They understand clearly the consequences. Hawking’s book was published in 2018. He fails to mention Trump.

Terrorists and smaller nations who have acquired nuclear capability do not comprehend the dangers of nuclear war. An accident or crazy mind could unleash nuclear devastation world wide.

If man does not address climate change immediately or nuclear war becomes inevitable, there is but one solution. Escape earth!

We may have to move to another planet to save and preserve life.

Climate change went international this past weekend. In 150 cities world wide. Thousands demonstrated against its evils. Yelled for change.

Interestingly, many portesting were young. Under 18. Some grammar school age.

The frequency and intensity of recent hurricanes another indication of Climate Change’s impending doom.

Another mentioned in this morning’s paper. Karen. Presently a tropical storm, expected to be a hurricane by thursday. Moving east in the Atlantic. May hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The U.S. expected to miss it ravishes. Typical of most recent hurricanes, Karen will turn north and go up through the Atlantic never coming near the U.S. shoreline.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Climate change – 2 questions

    What is the perfect temperature of earth?

    What caused the end of the ice age when a good portion of North America was covered in a sheet of ice?

    • That’s not the questions we need to be concerned with, unless you are trying to obfuscate or troll the issue.

      What IS important, is : is the climate changing in a way that will harm us and if so, is there anything that we can do about it?

      The fact that we can PROVE that the climate is changing and in a way that will harm us and that we have caused or at least contributed to the change and the speed of this change, is NOT disputable and need NOT be debated (or TROLLED).

      What we do need to worry about, debate and discuss, is what can we do about it and when can we start that.

    • The perfect temperature is whatever thermometer reading occurs during the time that Democrats control all aspects of the U.S. government.

  2. When Einstein first published his work, the finest minds of the time did not understand it. They asked what kind of “Jew science” it was. The answer to the problem some proposed was “let’s kill him.”

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