Obstruction everywhere in government. Trump obstructs. Has Congressional witnesses obstruct. No one answers anything. Congressional investigations have become exercises in futility. Obstruction has replaced legislating.

Without question, obstruction is rotting the foundation of our country.

Democrats play the game, also. Nowhere however as much as the Republicans. Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell the worse of all.

What bothers me also is that those who support Trump basically continue to do so. I refer to “people.” I find it difficult to understand. I am coming to the conclusion that many are unhappy, possess get even attitudes. Many I suspect failed to get something out of life they wanted and feel deprived. Trump makes them feel he is going to fill that void in their lives.

Today’s obstruct is aimed at Biden and his son Hunter. Sick! Where does Trump get the authority to tell the leader of another country if he does not cooperate in a U.S. political investigation he will not get the $250 million promised?

A major contributor to the problem are the courts. The system is antiquated. Needs to be brought into the 21st century.

The court system moves too slowly. Especially the federal system. It takes 2-3 years to get a matter litigated. How can Congressional applications to the courts to enforce the rules get them any relief if the relief comes years later?

At the very least, a special system should be established whereby federal issues at the highest level affecting our government are heard on a fast track basis. Most of the issues could then find their way to the Supreme Court in 6 months or less.

Law schools teach that justice delayed is justice denied. No question about it. Let’s correct this procedural problem and get government moving on an expedited basis.

I was not able to get all of the blog I lost into yesterday’s blog. Left out local items. I add them today. They have to do with thursday evening.

I was out on the town. Had been in for several evenings.

My first stop was Aqua’s Side Bar. Looking for my friend David. Enjoy his company. Rarely see him anymore. For whatever reason, he has substituted the Side Bar for the Chart Room many evenings.

No David at the Side Bar. Noticed a new tiny bar next door to the Side Bar. Part of the Aqua building. Called Tutu.

A gay bar. Unquestionably. No one inside. I stopped in anyhow for a drink.

The barmaid lovely. Her name Yasmin. Twenty six years old. Born in Brazil. Raised in Boston. In Key West, 3 years.

Yasmin just coming off heavy back surgery. She had a disc replaced.

I mentioned Tutu is a gay bar. It looks like one! The only gay bar in town that looks like a gay bar.

The bar stools are lined with different colored tutus. The colors throughout the bar bright and cheerful.

The place is very small. The size of 2 good sized closets.

David’s birthday is today. Happy birthday David! Meet me for a drink Monday around 6 at either the Side Bar or Tutu’s.

I was hungry. Walked past Antonia’s. Nicolle alone at the bar. Too dead for me. Continued to La Trattoria. No one at the bar. My search ended however. I sat at the bar alone.

Barbara Grob is one of the loveliest and nicest people in Key West. We have known each other 20 years. Our paths rarely cross, however. We have probably run into each other 5 times over the years. Strange for a small town.

Barbara and her husband Tom had just returned from 8 days in Hawaii.

Barbara and Tom presently own and operate The Local Luxe in Key West. The store is located at 615 Fleming. Just off Duval in the heart of Old Town.

Barbara has been in the same type business her 20 years in Key West. Always has sold unique jewelry, art and special items of clothing that appeal to women.

Barbara has specialized in certain objects over the years. Hers is the ART SLUT brand. Also, geckos.

She has had 4-5 stores. Works hard. A success!

I hope we do not have to wait 5 years to run into each other again.

La Trattoria was enough for me. I was home and in bed by 8:30 watching television.

My last 2 nights have been spent home. Working a couple of hours each evening on Growing Up Italian. The book I probably will never finish. It is in its fourth revision.

Sometimes we have to wait forever for something.

It has been announced that as of today, the 5 new HAWK crosswalk signals on Northern Roosevelt Boulevard will be in operation. About time. It has only been 5 years since local government convinced the State of the need. In those 5 years, accidents involving fatalities and injuries have occurred.

The State makes me laugh. The Florida State Department of Transportation announced yesterday that it had completed the job ahead of schedule. Five years?

Florida is strange. First it take a couple of years to convince the State of a need. Then at least a year or 2 to draw plans. At that point money is ought. The job put into the State budget. Another waiting period of 1-2 years.

I may have been wrong when I said it took 5 years. Probably more like 7.

Anyhow, it’s done. Let’s hope it does the job intended properly.

This morning’s KONK E-Blast contains a 1948 photo of Bertha Street facing towards the Atlantic. At least 4 blocks from the water.

It was hurricane time. A category 3 had hit Boca Chica. Barely missed landfall in Key West. Sort of like the Irma situation.

The photo amazed me. There was nothing on Bertha Street. Not because of the hurricane. Because nothing had been built yet. All that could be seen were 2 homes on one side of the street and 2 small 2 story apartment houses on the other.

No 1800, Las Brisa, the hockey court, etc.

Two more hurricanes added onto the 10 mentioned yesterday.

Lorena is #11. A Pacific problem. Heading for Mexico’s resort studded Baja California peninsula. The eye is reaching for the southern end of the peninsula.

Now comes Mario. Love the names!

Mario coming out of the Pacific, also. Not expected to make landfall anywhere.

Two interesting observations/quotes to share.

The first by a person who frequently comments to this blog. JustSaying. An astute observation. I had complained about hitting the wrong button and losing my blog. Just Saying wrote: “Better you hitting the wrong button than Trump hitting the right one.”

The other a part of this morning’s editorial Cheers and Jeers in the Key West Citizen. A quote by the philosopher Pego: “We’ve met the enemy and he is us.”

Trump’s wife’s first name escapes me. However she wrote at one time that Trump kept a book authored by Hitler on his night stand and used to read a few pages each evening. It was not Mein Kampf. Another.

I want to share some Hitler quotes. Who do they remind you of?

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

“Think a Thousand times before making a decision But – After making decisions never turn back even if you get a thousand difficulties.”

“When diplomacy ends, war begins.”

“The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes.”

“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

“Kill, Destroy, Sack, Tell lies…..after victory nobody asks why.”

“The greatest strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.”

“Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.”

Enjoy your day!



  1. You have to go back to guys like Dick Cheney or John Ehrlichman or McCarthy to find the kind of vibe that Moscow Mitch generates.

    • …and unfortunately with a lot of help from blind and foolish supporters. Not just those in government, who can be excused for wanting to get/keep their jobs, but also public supports who’s best interests are compromised by poor judgement and misplaced hate. People without principles or ethics, people destined to pay the price for their misplaced sycophancy.

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