I have no idea what time this blog will publish today. I have to take Terri to the hospital for some tests. You may not be getting this till late afternoon.

Lisa is 55 today. Imagine, I have a daughter that age! She probably wonders the same having a father my age!

We celebrated last night. Dinner and cake at Lisa’s. Her in laws were in for the event.

Cameron in Washington.

Take out from El Siboney.

Blew out the candle. Only one. No one puts them all on anymore.

Reminisced a bit. I recalled distinctly Lisa’s birth. She was supposed to be a boy. We had a son first. Then 2 girls. Never thought the fourth would be anything but a boy. To be named Louis.

Ergo, we had no name for a girl. Took us 4 days to come up with a name. They kept maternity cases in the hospital 4 days back then. We finally came up with a name because they could not discharge my wife without a name for the birth certificate.

Lisa has always been the love of my life. A charmer. My charmer. Always a hug and kiss for Daddy, regardless of our ages.

Shana Tovah to my Jewish friends. It is Rosh Hashanna. Marks the new year 5780.

A 1906 photo in yesterday’s KONK Life of  the corner of Greene and Elizabeth Streets. Not today. Not one house! Actually a messy nothing.

A few wooden shacks. Lots of water. And some sort of warehouse.

What a 100 plus years will do.

Trump in an exceptional warring mood this morning. Attacking everyone!

He bothered me re his comments concerning House Intelligence Committee Chairman Alan Schiff (D-Calif.) He said Schiff should be arrested for treason, a crime punishable by  death or prison time, for exaggerating parts of the negative aspects of the President’s leadership.

The U.S. is not a third world country nor an authoritarian regime. Yet! If it were and Trump was eventually deposed, Trump could expect jail or worse.

He forgets whatever goes around, comes around.

Several months ago, Trump mentioned that if he lost the 2020 election the people would go to the streets. The people would not accept his defeat. It could only happen as a result of a rigged election

A commentator mentioned the possibility that if Trump was narrowly defeated, he might refuse to leave the White House.

I wrote I concurred. And that ICE would be the military force protecting him. I worry. Trump keeps building up ICE to act as his personal guard similar to Hitler’s Gestapo.

Robert Jeffress is a strong Trump supporter. A man of much influence with evangelicals. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas.

He was a guest on FOX & Friends sunday.

Jeffress commented during the interview, “If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they never will be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this nation from which our Country will never heal.”

Later in the morning, Trump picked up on the comment and tweeted it to the world.

Jeffress is part of the silent majority. Supported big time. He holds sway over evangelical voters and the President.

Yet, he viciously attacks other faiths.

His words: “God sends people to Hell” who are Germans, Islamists, Jews, and Hindus. He claims, “They lead people away from God, they lead people to an eternity of separation from God in Hell.” He forgot not the Catholics: “The Catholic Church is an instrument of Satan.”

Donald knows how to pick his friends!

By the way, Trump had Jeffress speak at the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14. You figure that one.

Yesterday was a significant one in British and European history. The year 1938. Great Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was in Munich negotiating a peace treaty with Hitler. The Munich Agreement was signed which permitted Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland.

Chamberlain’s famous words will never be forgotten: “I believe it is peace for our time.”

Turned out to be the worst peace treaty in history.

Floating around the internet yesterday was “news” that Iran’s legislature had passed a bill permitting a father to marry an adopted daughter if she was 13 or older.

Sounded strange. Did a little searching. The statement was false. It was first reported 6 years ago when it was false also.

Moral of the story: Do not believe everything you read on the internet.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “MY BABY IS 55 TODAY

  1. Nancy P had no House vote to proceed with impeachment. That levees the Pep. short handed. As a result not following the House and not having no vote on the impeachment the house Republicans can not call any one to testify before the House on impeachment. The Republicans have stopped the Trumpers from defending themselves. Good move by Nancy –do not be fair is the Democratic marching song. Real Socialists are not fair! Proof. Clean the swamp–not on your life our kid are making to much.

    • oooooh, please give me a few moments to find a tiny violin, so that I can cry with you about this (false and funny) issue.

    • You know SF, it takes an enormous cajones and disrespect (or complete stupidity) for Lou and his readers, for you to troll this site with that kind of statement, after the YEAR long Merrick Garland stunt by Mitch McConnell in the United States Senate, or the unannounced midnight ambush push through tax legislation, without any debate or compromise, by the previous Republican Congress. Or the one sided and particularly heavy handed BS confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Or the six years of almost total blockage of ANY Obama initiated legislation, durning six years of his LEGITIMATE office.

      We haven’t seen that kind of flagrant ignorance, since that Patrick guy used to post here, using his own name, which make me wonder even more about young your motives.

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