I have always thought the Chart Room popcorn the best. Something about its taste. A step above.

Never gave any  attention as to why till recently.

I was at the Chart Room. Enjoying their popcorn when a lady from Ohio at the other end of the bar exclaimed how good the popcorn was. Another agreed.

Why so good?

Tammy said, tabasco sauce. Added into the mix.

Who would have thought!

The funny part is the popcorn is neither hot nor spicy. Just tastes good!

Spent yesterday afternoon reworking some pages in Growing Up Italian. While the TV was running on the wall. The Clemson game.

Clemson #1 in the nation won by 1 point. A great game. North Carolina had nothing to be ashamed of.

The best of the best Clemson seems to have one tough/bad game in them most years. Three years ago, Clemson was ranked #1. Till they played Syracuse. Syracuse was having its usual nothing special season. Syracuse won.

Two years ago, Clemson won by about 3 points. Won on a touchdown in the last minute of the game. Syracuse had a good team last year.

This season, Clemson whipped Syracuse’s ass.

The reason I watched the Clemson game was because I still cannot get a Syracuse game on Comcast. Comcast and the ACCN apparently still fighting over money or have walked away from the table not caring about fans like me.

Syracuse did win. Beat Holy Cross 41-3. Nothing to cheer about. Holy Cross not in the same league as Syracuse. Don’t understand why Holy Cross is on Syracuse’s schedule so late in the season. Normally an easy game is played first or second.

All alone last night. Decided on a quick trip to Hogfish for dinner. Glad I went. Occasionally, I luck out and get to sit next to fishermen who have worked the docks for years. Great stories, great conversations.

Last night, it was Adam and Oliver. Oliver preferred to be called Ollie.

Both appeared to be in their 50’s. Being on a boat for years in the blazing sun weathers a man’s face. Ages it. Throw in a couple of missing teeth and you have the Key West fisherman.

They had come back to dock because of the weather. The horrific rain storm in the morning.

I got an education. There are all kinds of shrimp. The ones I recall are pink, brown and rock. Key West famous for its pink shrimp. Referred to as “Key West pink.”

I asked about the shrimp season. Turns out there really isn’t a season per se. Shrimp can be fished all year. The type of shrimp decides which months. Combined, the months make for a year long season.

Hurricane Lorenzo still out there. Surprising everyone. Especially the meteorologists.

At the moment, Lorenzo is a category 5. Very much in the east Atlantic. Closer to Europe than the U.S. Will never reach the U.S. Has already turned and is heading northeast.

Meteorologist claim they have never seen a hurricane of this size so far north and so far east at this stage of the hurricane and at its present velocity. One meteorologist said Lorenzo is “out of place for such a large and intense hurricane.”

Did a lot yesterday. Even read the Whistleblower Complaint. No big deal time wise. Only 9 pages. Written in simple everyday language. Easy to understand.

I suggest you read it if you have not. It is all over the internet. Something that everyone should be conversant with. Unquestionably, it will form the basis for any impeachment proceeding against Trump.

One of the reasons our government and our lives are so screwed up are the laws being passed and court decisions being made.

Legislators no longer necessarily vote for what is right. Rather they vote for that which will assure them of reelection.

Many court decisions are off the wall. In the extreme. Made by conservative judges who see no other way than to the right.

Many new laws/decisions tend to divide. They contribute to the extremeness existing in society today.

An example are laws/decisions protecting police officers if they kill someone in the line of duty. An innocent person.

In the past 20 years, laws and decisions have been placed on the books in most states providing the police officer with the defense that he thought he was going to be killed. If an officer believes he is in danger of death, he is not responsible for the death of another even if the officer was wrong in killing the person.

An example supporting my thinking is a defense being asserted in a Mississippi case. Not one where the officer may get off if there is a law protecting him from responsibility if he thought he was in danger of death. This example a different legal issue. Represents an extreme stretch in the law being attempted.

The police went to the wrong house to make an arrest. Ismael and his wife were watching TV. Their dogs began barking. Ismael went to the door. He may or may not have had a gun. The door may never have been opened.

One of he police officers shot 6 bullets. The bullets went through the front door. The bullet that killed Ismael entered the back of his head.

Ismael and his wife married 16 years. Ismael self supporting. Worked, paid taxes. However, he was not a legal resident of the U.S. An alien.

His wife has sued because of his wrongful death. Those representing the police have come up with a unique defense. One I doubt has ever been tried before in the U.S.

The defense claims the lawsuit must be dismissed because Ismael was an illegal alien. As such, he had no Constitutional rights. No standing to have a suit brought by his wife.

Never heard of anything like this before!!! Wow!!! A stretch!!! Killing without responsibility. Same for repercussions. None.

The Donald has brass testicles. He keeps pushing people and nations around. At some point, people and nations may push back. Then war.

The tariff dispute with China is ongoing. Gets worse by the day, not better. Trump keeps defecating on China hoping to make China capitulate to what he wants.

China never will. They too are a power in the world. China is not going to take Trump’s shit.

The talk on Wall Street this past week is that Trump is reviewing options that would authorize him to limit American investment in Chinese markets.

He would in effect be trying to destroy China’s stock market.

Such things make me fear a shooting war is inevitable.

Trump’s people may have thought he was going a step too far. An announcement was made last night that Trump was not considering such action “at this time.”

Trump has to go. Either by impeachment or defeat at the polls. Otherwise, the world will be facing the Apocalypse. It will be Armageddon.

To my Jewish friends, Happy New Year!

Enjoy your Sunday!







    • if not Israel, we certainly need Russia’s permission. Reuters is reporting today tat the Kremlin said on Monday that Washington would need Russian consent to publish transcripts of phone calls between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. And so far no word from our dear leader comrade Donald Sharpie to the contrary.

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