A special day for my granddaughter Ally. She graduates from eighth grade. Her excitement knows no bounds!

Ally has turned into a beautiful young lady. Thoughtful. Not afraid to speak her mind.

The event 10 this morning at City Hall.

Tomorrow a big day for Ally, also. Her birthday! Fourteen.

A lot of excitement for her in a 48 hour period.

What to give her as a gift? Last year, I did good. Rang the bell. Got her a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure.

Been scratching my head as to what to give her for graduation and birthday.

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking. She is excited at the thought of attending high school. Told me she was going to all the dances.

I did not know she could dance. She can’t. Doesn’t bother her. She is confident she will learn quickly at the school dances.

Yesterday, I read an article about summer dance classes. A quick one week course. Days. Broken down into age brackets. Ally would be in the 12 and older teen age group.

That’s the gift!

Hope I ring the bell again this year.

I have been house confined the past few weeks. Today, I will be out and about. By day.

Ally’s graduation. Family lunch thereafter. An early afternoon doctor visit. I am anxious to lean the result of a further test. Then a manicure with Tammy at 3. I need one! I have Dracula nails.

All that in one day! A lot for me. When I did get out, it was only for one event. Like grocery shopping or a doctor visit.

The world awaits!

Enjoy your day!



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