In 1965, the main ship channel off Key West was dredged to a depth of 35 feet. The first step in creating/building an island where one had not existed before. Fill then was used to create the island. One million one hundred thousand cubic yards.

There was a need for the island. The Navy required a fuel stowage facility. When completed and put to use, the new island was referred to as Tank Island. It so remained till 1994 when the Navy stopped using the island.

The island remained unused and uninhabited for several years. Except for some natives who illegally camped there and called it home.

Then Sunset Key came into being. A very special place. Private residences in the multi-million dollar range. Special guest cottages. And…..Latitudes!

Latitudes is one of the finest restaurants in the lower Keys. Perhaps the finest. Beautiful. Magnificent. A view to die for. Food superior. Service equal. Pricey. Worth every penny.

Reservations a definite.

Arriving at Latitudes an experience in itself. Sunset Key is 500 yards off Key West. Latitudes provides a boat to take its customers back and forth. A unique experience in itself.

Try Latitudes. You will love it!

Another doctor visit yesterday. My heart is good. Which leaves my problems somewhere in my trunk. We are down to the lower stomach.

I have been assured not cancer. Something screwed up, however.

The extreme tiredness has curtailed my night life. I probably needed a rest after all these years. However, I am anxious to return. I miss the Chart Room, my friends, and the acquaintances I am fortunate to make.

Trump continues to ignore Florida’s Panhandle. Financial support promised several times. Arrives in very small amounts. Accomplishes in effect nothing.

Mexico Beach is the smallest Panhandle community to have been hit by Hurricane Michael. A direct hit as a category 5 storm. Eighty percent of the buildings destroyed.

The people of Mexico Beach consider themselves “forgotten.” They have been, they are.

Trump has to put money where is mouth is. Talk is cheap. He should put up, must put up. He is treating Mexico Beach like Puerto Rico.

You can only hide things so long. Trump is finding that out.

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled the Deutsche Bank and Capital One banking records of the Trump family are subject to Congressional review. The subpoenas served are good and must be obeyed.

The noose is tightening. Trump will appeal. I doubt any appellate court will overturn yesterday’s decision.

China will fight the tariff war on all fronts. The nature of the Chinese people.

The Chinese government yesterday began a “boycott” of American goods. The people were told not to buy American products and to stop going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is big in China.

Pain on all fronts!

Michael Snyder is a national journalist. I enjoy his writings. He published one yesterday on the economy.

Snyder asked if the economy is so good, why are large U.S. corporations laying off thousands of workers?

Layoffs come with a recession. Trump tells us no recession. Best economy ever!

Snyder senses the country is already in recession. He believes the economy numbers that Trump relies on are not honest.

I wrote similarly two weeks ago. I claimed how can we rely on anything a person says who lies about every thing. Who refuses to provide his tax returns which probably will reflect financial chicanery.

Snyder wrote the corporations are letting workers go because of “a slower than expected 2019.”

He supports his position with Ford’s recent announcement it will be laying off 7,000. He further substantiates his position with the announced layoffs to come at other large corporations. Nestle 4,000, 3M 2,000, MGM Resorts 1,000. He also sets forth the announcement by Dressban that it is closing all of its 650 stores.

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4 comments on “A VERY SPECIAL PLACE

  1. Trade wars are like all wars. The generals at the top who start them continue to live like kings and suffer hardly at all. It’s the grunts in the trenches at the bottom who are the ones who suffer and feel the pain.

    • Then there are the farmers who get welfare to tide them over, so that they keep voting for extended corruption!

  2. If Trumpster is winning the trade war, why is everything going to cost us more? Maybe we would be better off if he lost.

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