Trump is not the only President who failed to take care of his people. In mentioning Trump, I allude to his mishandling of natural disasters. Puerto Rico and the Panhandle being two.

America’s troops in World War I were the reason the Allied forces won. They returned conquering heroes.

Twelve years later, things became tough economically. Most of the soldiers and their families were suffering.

When the World War I heroes returned home, they were each given Veterans’ Bonus Certificates. Such were to provide cash payments to veterans at some point in time.

It was 1932. The U,.S. already into the Great Depression. The veterans sought their yet unpaid bonuses. On this day in 1932, the first 1,000 veterans arrived in Washington. They were referred to as the Bonus Expeditionary Force. Within one month, the number of arriving veterans reached 20,000.

They were orderly. No disturbances. Washington police arranged for areas where they could camp.

The House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing the payment of the bonuses. The Senate failed to pass the bill.

The veterans were upset. Extremely so. They refused to go home.

The government offered to pay the cost of their return. Two thousand of the 20,000 refused the offer. They remained to protest.

Hoover was still President. He seemed not to understand the plight of the veterans. He was insensitive to their needs. He criticized them in severe words and tone.

Hoover finally would not take their presence and complaining any longer. On July 28, he ordered the Army under the command of General MacArthur evict the veterans forcibly.

MacArthur did. Not nicely. Veteran camps were burned. MacArthur drove the veterans out of Washington.

Hoover lost the next election to Roosevelt. The economy the primary reason. Forcing the veterans out of Washington similar to the treatment some migrants receive today at our southern borders.

Sloppy Joe’s birthday today. On this day in 1937, Sloppy Joe’s opened at a new location. The corner of Duval and Greene Streets. Where it still sits and operates to this day.

Joe threw an opening party at 9:30 that the evening. Free dancing and souvenirs for everyone.

This day another of importance. In 1828, Congress passed a bill establishing a territorial or federal court house in Key West. Business was beginning to boom. Primarily the salvage business. A federal court sitting in Key West was a necessity.

Irma still with us. And will be for many years to come.

One example are the canals. Money coming in piecemeal to dredge and unplug them. It was recently announced that 5 more canals will be dredged at a cost of $242,000.

The job being done piecemeal. Because the money is being allocated piecemeal.

Last night, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I was exhausted at the end of the show.

Preparation during the day no problem. I felt good. The half hour show knocked me on my ass. My normal enthusiasm diminished as the show progressed.

I am getting better, however.

National and international news has been relatively quiet the past 2 days. I ascribe it to Trump being less nasty than normal. Perhaps he was tired from his trip to Japan.

Mount Everest has been in the news the past few days. It was on this day in 1953 that Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached he top of he highest mountain in the world. They were the first to do so.

This month 11 have already died trying to reach the summit.

Hillary and Norgay’s accomplishment significant. So much so that the Queen of England knighted Hillary. Norgay could not be knighted since he was not a British citizen. He received the British Empire Medal, however.

As I was preparing to proof this blog, Robert Mueller appeared on TV. He read a prepared statement. I am not getting into the details at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow. However, I do have one point to make.

Everyone, including Mueller, is pussy footing around with conclusions, who can do what, etc. The problem seems to be the “policy” that a sitting President cannot be indicted. Such is not law. It is a Department of Justice policy. Which means though it may have some importance, it does not have the power of law.

Another thing is a basic one soon learns upon entering law school. There are no absolutes. Every law, every rule, is subject to exception.

I am grossly disappointed (1) with Mueller’s Report and (2) Mueller himself. In this instance, he has failed his country.

Enjoy your day!




  1. I do not disagree with your comments on Mueller, but in the end….
    Trump has disgraced this nation, the office he holds, the high standard of our country, our constitution and the many who died to secure those things. Now what is America going to do about that? That will determine who truly fails this country.

  2. Well Lou, after listening to Mueller’s 10 minute presentation today you must need BP lowering medication. That is icing on the cake– DOJ opinion saves a despot once again. Even if Mueller thought him indictable the GOP would block in the Senate as L. Graham would attribute the report to a “deep state” attack. We have peaked as a country–the best days likely behind us. I guess Trump is right he CAN shoot someone on 5th ave and go free.

    • That ends when he is out of office…. by recent poll activity that is looking good for 2020. The SDNY will be waiting.

  3. Interesting fact is that as young officers, Eisenhower and Patton were both in on suppressing the Bonus March. One of the routed marchers was an ex-soldier who had saved the wounded Patton’s life while in combat back in WW1.

  4. You all know this impeachment isn’t going to end well for those supporting it. Why doesn’t everyone just focus on the 2020 election if they want to remove Trump from office.

    • Not true, impeachment can help reveal the truth, even if this president cannot be removed from office by this method. The 2020 election may provide justice, based on what the impeachment process reveals, even though it is far more likely to be “fixed” again anyway.

    • I do not fully disagree…but even more to the point…. if a charge is earned a charge should be pursued. After all isn’t that what Trumps base wanted…to drain the swamp and stop the politics that go with?

      • Yes, that too, it is the duty of Congress not to avoid an impeachable act, just as it is the duty of any police officer not to ignore any crime being committed. Regardless of what the courts might eventually do with regards to punishment.

  5. I do not disagree but is that the first consideration?… more to the point…. if a charge is earned a charge should be pursued. After all isn’t that what Trumps base wanted…to drain the swamp and stop the politics that go with?

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