Today is Memorial Day. A time when we honor our military dead.

Memorial Day had a strange beginning. One that few know about. It is buried in the annals of history to a time immediately following the Civil War.

In those years, former Union General John A. Logan took a holiday originated by former Confederates and helped spread it across the entire country.

General Logan was the head of the largest Union veterans’ fraternity. The Grand Army of the Republic. Logan observed something that surprised him. A unexpected happening.

The people of the South were honoring Union War dead who had been laid to rest in Southern cemeteries.

The first Memorial day occurred in 1866 in Columbus, Georgia. Southerners had decorated the graves of Confederate soldiers. The Southerners included women.

The women did the unexpected. They also decorated the graves of their former enemies who had fought for the Union.

The Nation lauded the ladies. Described their action as “beautiful” and “unselfish.”

A northern Judge, Francis Miles Finch, wrote a poem commemorating what had been done by the Southern ladies. The Blue and the Gray. Finch considered the actions of the Southern ladies to be inspirational. He said, “It struck me that the South was holding out a friendly hand, and that it was our duty, not only as conquerors, but as men and their fellow citizens of the Nation, to grasp it.”

A significant line in the poem: “They banish our anger forever when they laurel the graves of our dead.”

The North quickly adopted the Southern custom of Memorial Day. It was thought to also include “burying the hatchet.” The Southern dead were to be considered brave men.

Feeling spread rapidly. By 1868, the U.S. had adopted the holiday.

A 10 year old Northern girl whose father had died in the Civil War made a wreath of flowers. She sent the wreath with a note to the overseer of the holiday in Lafayette, Indiana. The note read: “Will you please put this wreath upon some rebel soldier’s grave? My dear papa is buried at Andersonville and perhaps some little girl will be kind enough to put a few flowers on his grave.”

The Memorial Day flower laying on all graves was part of Lincoln’s hope for reconciliation. As Lincoln said, “Malice toward none…..charity for all.”

Within 3 yeas of the Civil War’s end, Memorial Day had become a manifestation of Lincoln’s hope for reconciliation between the North and South.

Leave it to the women! They always seem to get things right.

Big sea-faring day in Key West yesterday. The Minimal Regatta. A typical quirky Key West adventure providing merriment for spectators.

The Regatta is held annually in front of Schooner Wharf. Hundreds lining the boardwalk. Homemade boats of plywood and duct tape racing. Few complete the race. The boats fall apart.

Everyone has a good time! Participants and spectators.

An asteroid is going to pass over Key west and the Eastern Seaboard at 7:05 tonight. Not close. Three million two hundred thousand miles away. Such being more than 12 times the distance between Earth and Moon.

The asteroid consists of the asteroid and its moon. So referred to. Not exactly correct. The asteroids are 2 rocks. The larger one .08 miles wide. The smaller less than 2 times the big one and elongated..

The asteroids are no threat. Too far away.

Key West and measles. Various disease control centers consider Key West ripe for a measles attack. Tourists the reason. Measles could be brought in by tourists each day.

Fortunately, no measles cases reported as yet. Hopefully none will be.

I made a mistake for which I am truly sorry.

In my 5/25 blog, I chastise Trump because he would be in Japan on Memorial Day rather than at Arlington Cemetery honoring our war dead. Especially since the Japan trip appeared more social than business.

Before the day ended, I heard from Ron in the Comment section to the blog. He pointed out my error. I checked. Ron was correct. I had misspoken.

Trump and Melania made an unannounced visit to Arlington Cemetery before leaving for Japan. They were at Arlington last thursday and participated with the U.S. Army’s famed Old Guard in placing flags at the graves of the fallen. Trump and Melania assisted in placing some. They also placed a flag at the headstone of Frank Buckles, the last living World War I veteran.

My apologies to the President and you my readers.

Some things I do not understand. A federal Court Judge ruled several days ago that the subpoenas served on Deutsche Bank and Capital One had to be obeyed. Personal bank records of Trump, his children, his family, and the Trump organization had to be turned over to 2 different Congressional Committees.

As expected, Trump appealed.

Late friday, it was announced that “by agreement” the Congressional Committees and Trump had agreed to hold up the execution of the subpoenas till Trump’s appeal was concluded. The appeal is to be heard on an accelerated basis. Probably in late July.

Why the agreement? The Democrats are moving ever too slowly. The Republicans would never be as cooperative if the situation were reversed.

Back in my college days, 5 Day Deodorant Pads hit the market. Big time! Many only bathed once a week at that time.

The 5 Dayers were small round gauze pads soaked in some kind of anti-perspirant. One swab did it!

I have not seen nor heard of 5 Day Pads in years.

Yesterday, an advertisement popped up on my computer screen. Old Spice 48 Hour Protection. An anti-perspirant spray.

I checked Old Spice out. Yes, they do have such a spray and are marketing it. Those who use it only have to bathe every other say.

While searching re the Old Spice one, I discovered the 5 Day Deodorant Pad is alive and still selling. Over the internet and at Walgreens.

Merely sharing. Have no opinion.

Enjoy your day!




  1. “They also placed a flag at the headstone of Frank Buckles, the last living World War I veteran.” He’s still living and he has a headstone?

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