The last 36 hours have been very exciting!

I started last night with Hansel and Gretel. The Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Robert was in it. His first play on a big stage. He was thrilled and proud!

We all went. Lisa was more excited than anyone. She lives for her children.

Ally is 5. She grew up last night. She did not want to sit with the family. She asked to sit with her girl friends.

Robert, of course, was brilliant! He played a mouse. He sang. He danced. He did some gymnastics.

My grandson, the performer!

After the show, I hurried over to bocce.

I missed the first game because of Robert’s show. The second game had just started. We had lost the first game decisively. Not good. It was a money game. However, my team came back in the second game and won big.

I talked with Don prior to the third game. He and Keith were playing at my end of the court. My thought was you guys just played a terrific game. You’re hot. Stay in and let the momentum carry over. It would not bother me under the circumstances. He and Captain David agreed. I sat out the only game I could have played.

We were getting killed in the last game. Badly. Finally rallied and only lost 16-12. I told Don never again. We should all pay when we are supposed to. I think one of our recent problems is we are mini managing our every move at bocce. Screw it! Let’s just roll the ball and have fun!

I had no intention of watching the Royal Wedding this morning. For what ever reason, I  woke at 5. I watched the wedding. Beautiful. Colorful. Touching. The size of the onlookers bespoke tradition and stability.


I recalled that in my lifetime,  the wedding days of my four children were extremely happy ones. A warm feeling of family and friends.

At 10 this morning , I did my Key West Lou Legal Hour live on the internet. I probably am immodest, but the show once again was terrific!

Great topics. Like gasoline prices, Exxon and Shell’s first quarter profits, Russia cutting back on petroleum exports, storms in the South, a couple of matters involving the U.S. Supreme Court, Georgia stepping into Arizona’s shoes regarding show me your papers!, Japanese fu-go, Alabama weird dumb laws, the new Key West school building, Massachusetts and pot smooking, suicide in the news again, and that charmer of charmers, Donald Trump. My comment regarding Trump was made with tongue in cheek.

I had lunch today at Hogfish. Guess who sat at the table next to me? Hulk Hogan! In the flesh. A big guy! Wow! What muscles!

Hogan is the world famous wrestler and actor.

A nice guy. We chatted a bit. He is in Key West with friends. They were boating the keys. Pulled their boat into Hogfish’s dock for lunch.

I ask you, does it sound like I had a good time the past 36 hours? Absolutely!

And…..I still have tonight ahead of me.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis –

    Your grandson Andrew's babysitters love watching his activities too! They're so proud of their little bubka!

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