Good morning!

Gray outside. Sun will be breaking over the ocean soon. I am up early. Golf this morning.

My yesterday started with Office Max. I work on a large laptop. It seemed to be hot all the time. The heat coming out of the left side was making me perspire. That is hot!

Someone suggested a cooling platform. That is why I was in Office Max.

I wish I had known about cooling platforms sooner. It makes a big difference.

Ran into my neighbor Andrew at Office Max. Andrew is the neighbor with the MTV house across the water from me. We argreed to have dinner together next week.

Took a walk after Office Max. Along the Atlantic at Smathers Beach. Never a lonely place. It is amazing how many people walk there every day.

I spent the afternoon writing. Did yesterday’s Amazon Kindle legal blog. FU-GO. Appears to have dirty word implication. Does not. It is Japanese for ballon bomb.

Last night started at Don’s Place. The whole world was there. Including Don, David, Jeff and Boomer. Bocce tonight. Much of our conversation surrounded bocce. Tomorrow night is a money game.

It is amazing how values change. Bocce has achieved a level of importance to me. I never played it in my other life.

I have been desiring the mussels and shrimp served at the Southernmost Beach Bar. It was my spot for dinner last night.

In addition to the shrimp and mussel appetizer, I ordered fried calamari. My jaw is not yet ready for calamari. Oh, the pain!

Emmett is now bartending at Southermost. The pool bar oceanside. I went over after dinner and had a drink with him. A good guy!

Have to move my butt now! Can’t be late for golf!

Enjoy your day!

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