Better late than never!

It is almost 5 friday afternoon. Tino just telephoned and woke me. Are you ok? Where’s the blog? I had been in a deep sleep. Jenna called immediately after Tino. Are you ok? Louis, you sound disconcerted!

I was. Still groggy.

I had my internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Overslept. Interesting. Maybe something is wrong with me. Anyhow, I rushed to the station intending to do the blog after the show.

I never got to it. Then, I forgot. Terrible!

I had a luncheon scheduled after the show with one of my neighbors. Andrew lives across from me in the MTV house. It was the first time we  broke bread together.

Andrew is in his early 50s. Has his home here in Key West and another in Switzerland. Perhaps others, also.

We ate at Louie’s Backyard outside. A pleasant day for it. Warm without heat. A cool refreshing breeze blowing in off the ocean.

We spent a couple of hours together. I enjoyed his company. Hope we get together again soon.

After lunch, I had to stop at Lisa’s. The grandkids are home from school. The plan was to color Easter eggs. We did. Robert and Ally were excited. I was, also. Lisa and I were concerned they would screw up. Drop a cup of coloring or break an egg. They were pros. It was Poppa who screwed up!  I dropped an egg!

When I returned home this afternoon, I fell asleep on top of the bed. A good deep sleep till Tino telephoned.

Now you know why I was late with the blog today.

Last night was one of the best times I have ever had playing booce. Every member of our team thought they had the best time, also.

And we lost 2 games!

We played the Bubbas. They are in first place. They are always in first place. They are the very best. These guys have been playing together for 15 years. They even practise. Every shot is precsion.

I was benched for the first game. I have not been playing well. We lost a close one 16-15. I was given the opportunity to redeem myself in the second game. We lost 16-14.

Each  game was close. Competitive all the way. We played as good as them. Shot for shot.

I played well enough in the second game that I was permitted to play in the third. It was close. We won! 16-15!

What a night! To have played three such competitive games is unheard of. At the end, both teams were congratulating each other big time. It was the intensity of the matches.

We were in third place going into last night. We will drop a bit.  But we are all fired up. If we could play the best as we did last night, we can play anyone!

Watch. We’ll probably lose our next 5 or 6 games. Oh, well. It was great feeling in any event.

After bocce, I went over to Don’s Place with everyone. We were going over every shot. Where could we have done better? Where did we screw up?

During the day yesterday was busy for me.

Robert and Ally attend Montessori. Ally is in kindergarten and Robert the first grade. Yesterday was show time for them! I had to be at Montessori at 9:30 to hear Ally sing. I had to return at 1:30 to watch Robert perform. I enjoyed! A proud grandfather was I!

I will share this morning’s show with you tomorrow.

Enjoy your day! Oops! I mean enjoy your evening! It is close to that time!

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