Nice day!

I cannot remember Key West weather being this consistently good in many years. 80s by day. Cool in the evening. Open window weather to sleep by.

We celebrated Easter with Sunday Brunch at the Yacht Club. It was a special Easter Sunday brunch. even the Easter bunny was present. Robert and Ally received Easter baskets from him.

We sat outside by the water under a tent. Robert and Ally are old enough now that there is no rush at these events. They sit and talk with us. We converse.

A manitee had been sighted earlier in the dock area. We went looking for the manitee. Robert and Ally had never seen one. Unfortunately, the manitee was no where to be found.

Robert and Ally gave me a chocolate bunny. Actually, it was from Lisa’s heart. Lisa knows I enjoy the thin chocolate bunny at Easter. Not the thick hard one. She has given me one for years.

The chocolate bunny sits in the refrigerator. Later to day I will try a piece.

I needed groceries. Headed over to Albertson’s after brunch. Publix was closed due to the holiday.

I hate shopping in a supermarket I rarely frequent. I did nor know where anything was.

All of a sudden I heard…..Poppa! Robert and Ally ran over. They were grocery shopping with Corey and Lisa.  The grandkids spent their time going from their parents to me and back. They were a big help shopping. If I listened to Robert and Ally, my cart would be overloaded! They try to buy everything!

I watched Morning Joe for a while this morning. They show is being broadcast from London. The Royal Wedding is Friday.

Joe and Mika were sitting outside. I immediately recognized where they were. Or so I believe. Trafalgar Square.

Seven yearts ago, I had legal business in London. At Lloyds of London. I stayed at a hotel on Tafalgar Square. I could see it on TV this morning. I recognized the area. Believe I saw what was Nelson’s Column, a huge statue.

If I am wrong and it was not Trafalgar Square, I will receive many emails today telling me so.

London was beautiful and interesting. Truly an historical place. I would enjoy returning.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. If you think the Manatee is still in the area just turn on the garden hose and stick it in the water.. He'll find it, they like fresh water.. Patrick

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