Happy Easter!  Happy Holiday!

Things change with time. Especially holidays. One of the items I will miss most on this Easter Sunday are two special Italian dishes. Actually desserts of sorts.

One is gazzad. I am not sure I am spelling it correctly. Perhaps gozzad. Or something else. Whatever.

Picture a huge round baked pie 4 inches high. It is made from Italian ricotta, chocolate candy, cherries and some other fruits. It is surrounded top, bottom and sides with a thick crust.The top crust is crispy. The side and bottom crust softened by the ingredients and having a flavor of its own.

Delicious! To die for! Fattening! Three million calories!

The other dish is sausage pie. Made like a regular pie. Top, sides and bottom crispy crust. Inside ground saugage, eggs and cheese. Also delicious! You can’t stop eating it! Even though it sits like a rock in your stomach afterwards!

Lisa telephoned around noon yesterday. She and Corey wanted to drop the grandkids off. They had to do Easter bunny shopping for Robert and Ally.

The grandkids and I had a good afternoon!

When they arrived, I was watching a great World War II movie. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Spencer Tracey and Van Johnson. Robert and Ally wanted to watch SpongeBob. I said no. When I am at your house,  I watch what you want on TV. I watch spongeBob. In my house, we watch what I want.

Sounds mean. Not really. They kept squirming however, asking to swim. I gave up after five minutes and told them to put on their bathing suits.

We all swam. Even me. They are fish. Take after their father Corey who is an archeologist for Mel Fisher Museum and dives wrecks.

At some point, I suggested a picnic. They were game. I laid a huge towel out by the pool. We had sandwiches, cookies and juice.

Then back in the pool. Them, not me. I can only take so much. I got them to race each other. I lay on the chaise lounge and played starter.

When they were tired, we called it quits.

The three of us ended up watching the golf match on television. No problem this time. No cries for SpongeBob. The grandkids are into golf at 5 and 6 years of age. They have their own clubs. They are official members of the Key West Golf Club.

Ally was cute. Every time a pro golfer made a putt, she shouted hole in one! Whether 10 inches or 10 feet.

Last night Jenna and I went out.

She was a knockout! Lovely blue dress. The right high heeled shoes. Tanned. Hair flowing.

I was proud to have her on my arm!

We had a drink and then headed over to Ambrosia for sushi. A great meal! Even better conversation.

After I dropped Jenna off, I stopped at Don’s Place for a night cap. Another good time! Chatted with Erica, Herschel, Tino, Toni, Boomer and others. The conversations at Don’s Place would make great TV entertainment!

Enjoy the Holiday!

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