It’s a small world!

I have been eating yogurt daily for years. About six months ago, I tried Chobani Yogurt. Greek yogurt. I was motivated to do so based on comments I had heard from others that it was good.

I am now a confirmed Chobani Yogurt fan.

Yesterday, I was reading the fine print on the Chobani labeling. The address for the manufacturer was New Berlin, New York. New Berlin is 20 miles south of my home town Utica. It is a very small community in the heart of the dairy farming belt.

An internet investigation was in order.

Strange! I had never heard or known of Chobani being in New Berlin. Turns out the reason I did not know was because Chobani was only founded in 2004. I was already living in Key West by that time.

In its short existence, Chobani’s sales have reached $50,000 million a year. A wow!

My relatively new breakfast friend is also a neighbor from up north. A comforting thought!

Golf yesterday!

I played terrific! The best in years! Won $22! Big!

I played with Larry, Yankee Jack and Aaron.

I may have played good. Larry shot better.  He pared the first 5 holes. He pared 7 of the 9 holes on the front side. Spectacular! Shot a 38. He lost it on the back side, however. Not one par. Shot a 47 or 48.

Still a good round!

The reason for his down fall on the back nine was simple. He started drinking. No beers on the front nine. Four beers on the back side.

We told him not to drink. His game was outstanding through nine. But…..Larry is Larry!

I had dinner with Lisa and the family last night. I intended to go to the Larry Smith Show at 9 at Hogs Breath.  Instead, I went home to bed. I was tired from golf.

I have a dentist appoinment early this morning. Have to hustle. I am about half way through this ordeal/procedure.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou, I eat Chobani everyday, didn't realize it was made there! Hope all is well, look forward to seeing you again hopefully soon. Chris (and Don)

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