Ho ho ho! Yogi Bear!

I had a big day yesterday! I was out and about most of the day! It was time to get the pain behind me and live again!

My day started with a manicure. Lee Nails. With Tammy.

The place was empty when I got there. Then all of a sudden, it was waiting time. They arrived in droves. People were taking advantage of the holiday.

I walked. Around the Casa Marina area. Walked through the Casa grounds. The beach and pool areas were overflowing with people. Another sign the season is here and people are again vacationing.

I sat for a while in the Casa’s lovely old fashioned lobby and read the New York Times. The newspaper was free, of course.

Lisa was home with the grandkids. I stopped over. Robert was busy cleaning his room. Ally was outside swinging on a rope hanging from a tree. I asked Ally to show me how she hoola hoops. At 5, she does it terrific! I have never been able to do it. Ally can even do it around her neck!

I spent a part of the afternoon doing my Amazon Kindle legal blog. Talked about Harry Truman. Key West loves Harry Truman.

Last night started with the Chart Room. It had been a while since I was there. Glad I stopped in. Saw many friends.

Sheila gave me a hug and kiss. She drives one of Ed Swift’s trains around town. A more charming and personable lady I know not.

David was there also. He runs the Fast Buck Freddy’s outlet store near Schooners Wharf. A nice guy. He told me he had a big day yesterday sales wise. The season is upon us and the tourists were buying.

Sheila and David were sitting with Bill. Never met Bill before. He writes a blog also. About music.

Michael was bartending.

Then it was to the Sports Page Bar for the Syracuse/Villanova game. Syracuse won! At Villanova! A big win!

Krisitn was bartending. Cute!

The game plan was that I was to meet my friends Cindy and Tom from Cedar Rapids at the Sports Page Bar. They showed up at half time. Obviously not Syracuse fans. They arrived with an entourage. Members of their family. A son and dughter in law. Cousins from Wichita.

Cindy and Tom are two of the most genuine people I have ever met. Cindy has only one leg. Lost the other to cancer back in the late 1990s. She is cut right at the groin. Cannot use a prosthetic.

Cindy is my hero. I complain of some dental work. She has had seven major surgeries from five different cancers. The leg is not the only part of her missing. Her last two surgeries were for a brain tumor.

Between titanium crutches and a collapsable wheelchair, Cindy gets around quite well. Of course, Tom is always there to assist. A good husband.

Cindy and Tom told me about their trip to Key West. They flew from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It has been roughly 15 years since Cindy lost her leg. She still gets phantom pains. Yes, in the missing leg! The pains occurred on the flight to Key West. Horrible was the only way she could describe the pain!

To her, the pain is very real. Interesting she still gets them 15 years later.

I asked Cindy’s permission to share her story with you.

Cindy and Tom wanted to meet Terri and Donna. Terri was singing at La Te Da. We drove over. Wheelchair in the trunk. Cindy and the titanium crutuches in the front seat with me.

Terri was singing upstairs. The show was almost over. The bar downstairs was packed. We found a table.

Soon Terri and Donna joined us. A good time was had! Cindy and Tom had never been to La Te Da before. It will definitely be on their agenda the next time they visit.

Terri sang so Cindy and Tom could hear her.

My girls move back in today for a week. Donna and Terri are returning. Then they are off to Washington, DC for two months. One to rehearse Follies and the other month for the actual show. Terri costars with Bernadette Peters in Follies.

It was midnight! Late for me. Early for everyone else. I was tired. Announced I was going home.

Not Donna and Terri. They were off to the Monkey Bar. Cindy and Tom were meeting people at Mangoes.

They all had to be good till 3 or 4 this morning. Not for me!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The Casa Marina hasn't been all that *old fassioned* since the last restoration. Flagler must be turning over in his grave.

  2. Lou, just a few days ago I found your blog, and have enjoyed perusing the entries.

    Please pass on to Cindy the following link. I'm sure she's aware of this type of therapy but perhaps not. For some people, it has a remarkable affect. I'm not a doctor, btw, just have a bit of knowledge about it. Hope it helps.


  3. They tourists are all out and about here in paradise. And that means here in the great state of bliss Hawaii!

    Aloha from the great P&J

  4. Just wanted to say it was great to finally meet you. I have been reading your blog since my cousins Tom and Cindy turned me on to it. Yes, the very same Tom and Cindy listed in this blog.

    You are correct on how amazing she is. Truly a wonderful person and has been through a lot. Tom married into my family and I could not have asked for a better person to call cousin, friend and most of all family.

    Lou you have lived and continue to live an extraordinary life. I enjoy reading this every day. Take care, keep writing. My wife and I wish you the best.

    Phil and Julie from Wichita KS

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