Good morning!

Yesterday I overslept. Today I am up early. Still dark outside.

The sun was hot for golf yesterday. I tired. Spent the afternoon afterwards in bed. Planned on hitting the Chart Room and then the Larry and Jenna show at Hogsbreath last night. Never made it. All was not lost, however. My laptop was in bed with me. I worked on tomorrow’s Key West Lou Legal Hour show.

It has been another big week news wise. Tomorrow’s show includes comments on two Pennsylvana judges who sentenced kids to the reformatory for kickbacks, Obama and the Defense of Marriage Act, pirates killing 4 Americans, an Arizona activist sentenced to death, Senator Reid calling for the closing of brothels in Nevada, easier to sue cigarette makers in Florida, Hawaii votes for civil unions, Arizona wanting to cut off benefits to state employees in same sex relationships, Arizonan Iraqi found guilty of murdering his daughter because she was living with a man in an unmarried relationship, skipping legislative meetings to deny the opposition a quorum steeped in American history, Texas considering permitting college students and professors to carry concealed guns, and more.

A lot lined up for tomorrow’s show. Join me. On the internet world wide. Ten in the morning.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Betcha ain't got no teeth yet ya dirty ole fart!

    toothless looks so well on ya Lou – 75 and gumming your way thru life!


    When ya getting the fake ones screwed into your jaw? Ya know that's what they do with implants – drill into bone and put a metal screw bolt to hold em in place and then wait till the dead bone heals and slap up a bit of resin for your new plate.


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