Good morning!

Another spectacular Key West day in the making!

I watched the sun rise this morning from my bed. An orange ball over the water. Awe inspiring!

It was time yesterday! To get up and move about. I still hurt. But much less. The inspiration hit me late in the afternoon. I telephoned Kurt. He agreed to pick me up.

Two disableds! Kurt recently had heavy shoulder surgery. He still is in a sling. Me with my jaw.

We went to Don’s Place. Glad we did. Spent acouple of hours chatting with friends.

Russ was there. Russ is the Chief Chef at The Strip House. Mid 40s. Originally from New York. Queens. Plays bocci. Not on my team though. A good guy.

Toni. Female. Works for Don. Takes care of the grounds. Always pleasant.

Mikey. A gentleman first class! Originally from Kentucky, he is one of the bosses at Schooners Wharf. Also a hell of a golfer!

I enjoyed their company. And Kurt’s also, of course. And then it was home for the both of us. Two invalids who could not handle more than a couple of hours.

I am going to get out today. Manicure this morning. Tonight Syracuse basketball. At 7. Villanova at Villanova. I will be watching from the Sports Page Bar.

In between, I don’t know what I will be doing. Maybe take a long walk.

Enjoy your day!

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