I must be enjoying my sleep! Overslept again today! Ergo, blog late.

Yesterday busy.

A 9 am appointment with the dentist. I am finally pain free.

Then to Lori for a haircut. Always a pleasant experience being with Lori.

Read the New York papers at the Coffee House. Rock was there.

Visited Lisa at home. Ally sick. Stopped at Borders first to get her a book. Bought a book and a paint set. Ally enjoyed both. She read to me from the book immediately and then painted.

Ally’s eyes were heavy with fever.

I worked on this morning’s internet show. Jenna came over in the early evening and we fine tuned the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Jenna is my producer.

This morning I grabbed a quick shower and hurried over to the station.

A good show!

Post show commnents surrounded the Wisconsin situation. People were surprised to know running away to avoid a quorum is not unique to Wisconsin Democrats. Abe Lincoln did it in 1840 when as a Illinois state legislator, the opposing party locked the door to the chamber to make sure a quorum existed.

Lincoln fooled them. He jumped through a second floor window and ran off.

Wisconsin Democrats are in good stead with Republican Lincoln.

The tale of the two corrupt Pennsylvania juvenile judges also drew much comment. They were sending children to a for profit jail for minor matters. The for profit jail was paying them kick backs for each child.

The money amounted to $2.6 million over seven years.

They are judges no more and shortly will be enjoying prison.

As I was leaving the station, I was almost run over by Jane. My Coffee House friend. She was on her three wheel bike. Riding on the sidewalk. Dressed in flowing white gauze with a matching white bonnet.

We chatted a bit. I like Jane!

Then I was off to Lisa’s. Ally still sick. Better, though.

I had telephoned Lisa and Ally prior to the show. Told them to watch on the internet and I would say hello to Ally. I did and much more at the start of the show. Ally was all excited. She has been with me in the radio station several times. She keeps asking to be on the show with me. Some day.

I cannot eat yet. Chewing impossible. My blender continues to be my best friend. I fry eggs and steak, throw the result in the blender and then drink away. Not bad. Not good. But it supplies my body with needed protein. The best is desert. Milk shakes!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I found your blog by accident – was looking for a job in the local paper and googled Key West and some how found you. (I love Key West) Currently live on the mainland:(

    I was also looking for an apartment, not an easy task.

    I like reading your blog and I just watched the PBS masterpiece movie called "Any Human Heart" which kind of reminded me of your blog only he wrote a Journal and I am sure your out-come will be way more light-hearted than the character in the movie.

    For now ta-ta

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