Key West days can be amazing!

I was out all day Monday. Evening, too. Had a terrific time!

Yesterday, I never left the house!

I felt good. The day was beautiful. I just hung around inside and out doing nothing, reading a bit, writing a bit. Last night was spectacular. The temperature perfect. The sky lovely. I sat quietly by the water for a few hours.

After all that nothing yesterday, I overslept this morning. That is why this blog is late. I had to rush to golf!

Golf was good! I only lost $4. Don played like a pro. Shot 75!

We had a good five some. Don, Robert, Mikey, Emmett and me.

I finally found a golfer who deserves more strokes than me. Emmett.

Emmett was bartender at Michaels for 14 years. No longer. He is looking for another position. He told me to announce to the world that he needs a bartending job.

Lisa is home today. Ally sick. The bug.

That is my message for today. Nothing spectacular. But pleasant never the less.

Enjoy your day!

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