When it rains, it pours…..

Donna and Terri have been having a rough time of it. Battling Terri’s cancer.

Donna got the flu shot this year. Not the time to taunt the gods. Terri and the flu would not be a good combination.

Donna has the flu! Big time! The worst from her perspective. Strong coming from Donna who has had some heavy illnesses in the course of her life.

Donna has a type of influenza A. One of the influenza’s protected by the flu shot. Hit her New Year’s eve. Twice in the hospital yesterday. Temperature 103.

Donna says it is death. Even getting a little better is in the death area.

The flu shot does not always work. Some still come down from the flu. Not from the shot itself. You cannot get the flu from the shot itself. The virus injected is dead.

Hang in there Donna. Terri, stay away from Donna.

Spent yesterday afternoon preparing for tonight’s podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

A major topic is the Theft of Social Security. The Fund would be sound if the government stopped taking surplus funds out every year. Presently, the United States owes Social Security just under $3 trillion.

You will find the truth interesting. It will anger you as well.

More robot discussion. China is on the way to replacing in excess of 600,000 employees at one of its plants with robots. Also, further exploration of poor veteran care at Veterans’ Hospitals. The story of a veteran who died with maggots in his wounds.

Plus, a Texas police officer who sexually assaulted a 13 year old girl, a Mexican scheduled for deportation and/or removal 19 times who raped a 13 year old girl on a bus, the Miami cop who was fired for bragging the black neighborhood was a good place for gun practice, the EPA intentionally hiding radiation in water at a number of sites, the story of a 13 year old boy paralyzed from a chicken pox vaccine, and more.

Aqua big last night! Tons of people. The season ongoing.

Many friends. Sheila, Jean and Joe Thornton, Stephanie, Liz, Mary and Josefina. Tom and Rick doing the Dueling Bartenders thing.

Made two new friends. Anna and Everett. Owners of Anna’s Cabana. A lovely 40 foot power vessel. They live on the boat when in Key West. It is presently docked near A&B Lobster House.

Anna is the Captain and Everett the first mate.

You know who is boss in that family!

They told me they were steady dinner customers at Berlin’s. We hope to run into each other.

An Alabama night. Anna and Everett Alabama residents. As are Joe and Jean. Anna and Everett plan on being at the game in Tampa on January 9. Joe and Jean will be gut wrenched here in Key West.

In distant past years, there was a drop off of tourists immediately following New Year’s day. Not in recent years. Not this year.

I had difficulty finding a parking place near Aqua.

Liz and the ladies left early to have dinner at Virgilio’s.

Liz and her friends like to whoop it up. Spent New Year’s eve at the bar at Aqua from 5:30 to 11:00.

Then to Bourbon Street to her Bria sing. The best!

Tim and Scott at the bar. Enjoyed a couple of drinks with them. Friends of Donna and Terri. Know them from the Back Door.

They work for Bourbon Street, though not last night. They told me how busy New Year’s eve was. They were still tired.

Stopped at the street level bar/restaurant under Crabby Dick’s where Alex plays tuesday nights. Chatted with Alex and his wife. Met Alex’s brother who is vacationing here.

I was energized. Not tired enough to go home yet. Walked over to Virgilio’s to chat with Liz and friends.

Virgilio’s impressed me. A good 10 years since I had been there. A night club back then. Still a night club. However, a restaurant during dinning hours. The place was packed. Had there been room, I would have joined the ladies for dinner.

Dinner was at Outback. Easy. A cheeseburger. Watched the final minutes of the USC/Penn State Rose Bowl game. A tremendous finish! Just like pro ball. The last couple of minutes everything. USC won with a field goal in the final minute after intercepting a Penn State pass.

Somewhere along the way last night, Hard Rock Stadium  came into the talk.

When first built in 1987, it was the Joe Robbe Stadium. Joe Robbe was the first owner of the Miami Dolphins. He was also the prime mover in getting Joe Robbe Stadium built.

I was in Joe Robbe Stadium in 1987. For Super Bowl XXIII. The Stadium impressed me no end. Especially the elevators.

Think of the long almost vertical elevators at the Atlanta airport. Robbe Stadium had similar elevators. Multiple ones. Side by side. You rode up swiftly to your seat before the game. The elevators took you back to ground level after the game. All elevators were down only after the game.

When Robbe died in 1990, he left a $100 million estate.

Back in the early 1970s, I had a condominium at the Jockey Club in Miami. A private club. The place to be in the those days. Fun 24 hours a day.

Joe Robbe had a condo there also. Occasionally we would enjoy a drink together at the bar. A nice guy. Willie Shoemaker would join us on occasion. He lived at the Jockey Club, also.

Enjoy your day!



I returned to physiotherapy yesterday morning. To the anti-gravity treadmill.

Easily three months since I stopped. First, a broken toe. Then, chest pains.

I started slowly. Stayed slow. Half the speed of what I did before.

I had to grocery shop at Publix following the workout. When I got out of the car at Publix, I was shot! Dead tired! Not uncommon. I was always tired in the past when I finished the treadmill work out.

I got in and out of Publix fast.

As soon as I was home, I put the groceries on the kitchen cupboard. Except for the few items that had to go in the freezer. Did not keep the rest.

I hurried upstairs and threw myself on the bed. Dozed on and off till 6:30. Only then did the exhausted feeling leave me.

I have scheduled 3 days a week rather than five. It may end up zero. Tomorrow, I try again. Fifty percent less than what I did monday.

We shall see.

Publix was strange. They are moving aisles around, what is stocked next to what, etc. I think they do it to aggravate customers. Not really. Supermarkets are smart. They know how to place things so we buy more.

I intended to go out last night. After the long tired spell, I decided not. Stayed in and researched tonight’s blog talk radio show. Topics include Puerto Rico’s pending default, Goldman Sach wanting to militarize the moon, Baghdad protestors, two people connected to Flint water problem found dead, Hillary Clinton’s team to run a fundraiser for her in Israel May 17, new F-35’s software buggy/could affect whole fleet, and more.

Join me. A quick half our of interesting happenings. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Have you noticed? My blog talk radio show now has advertisers. I am impressed. The blog talk people told me my numbers were good and worthy of advertising. I have heard Amazon.com, 3M and Walgreens so far.

On this day in 1986, Willie Shoemaker won the Kentucky Derby. He was the oldest man to win the Derby. Overall, he won 8,833 races during his career.

A tiny person. He weighed less than a 100 pounds.

In the mid 1970s, I had a condominium at the Jockey Club in Miami. As did Willie Shoemaker. When not racing, you could find him around the Club. I got to know him a bit. Not well. An exchange of hellos. A conversation on occasion.

He was a quiet man. Private.

Another today in history. The year 1532. Niccolo Machiavelli published The Prince. It was required reading for a political philosophy course I took in college.

Machiavelli was a bad guy. Anything to get ahead. Forget morality, right or wrong.

Machiavelli claimed an ideal leader was an amoral, calculating tyrant for whom the end justified the means. Such a man would undertake any action for gain, without regard for right or wrong.

How many such men have left their black mark in modern history. Up to and including some in power today. Think about it.

Enjoy your day!