I had a special experience last night. Dinner at the new Square One Restaurant. Run. Don’t walk. The place is spectacular. The food exceptional.

Carmelo is one of the owners. A brilliant restaurateur. Experienced. He and his brothers started La Trattoria. Then they opened Virgilio’s. Then the Bottle Cap. La Trattoria and Virgilio’s have been sold.

It is the same Square One Restaurant. Except the colors are a warm subdued brown. The pictures  new. The menu expanded.

The food to die for! I had the seafood lasagna. I could taste every piece of fish. The pasta was light. The sauce just right.

Carmelo stopped by to chat a few times. I congratulated him on what is a winner without question.

One other observation. The place was three quarters occupied. Inside and out. This is off season. Mid week. No restaurant has that kind of occupancy. Carmelo has been open about two months. The large number of customers is a credit to the quality of the operation.

Ran errands yesterday morning. The dermatologist, Walgreen and optician.

Sloan and I worked three hours in the late afternoon. We are into me taking pictures on my cell phone and somehow getting them to my blog. Probably easy for most of you. Hard for me. A generational thing. I do not have it down yet.

I leave today for a few days of play in Washington, DC. I have never really seen the capitol. Though I have been to Washington before. It was always for business. Fly in in the morning, fly out in the evening. The few times I stayed overnight, it was dinner with clients or business associates.

I am going to play tourist. See the Lincoln Memorial, the White House and as many historical places as I can.

I will be writing my blog daily from Washington. At some point hopefully with some pics. www.keywestlou.com.

I will also be doing my tuesday evening blog talk radio show from Washington. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My computer via Skype. I have it down. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

My friday tv/internet show is a problem. I cannot do it simply and effectively. Ergo, a rerun will be available for viewing. View, if you can. It may be one you missed. If so, I believe you will enjoy. Via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 from Key West through Miami-Dade County. Via the internet world wide. www.weyw19.com.

I have picked a good time to fly to Washington. I will be traveling with Tropical Storm Andrea all the way. I question whether I will be able to fly out of the Key West Airport. Andrea should not be a problem for Key West. It will be for northern Florida and all the way up the eastern coast.

Have to hustle once again. Must finish packing.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Square One is good, excellent. Didn’t see Patrick and Chris is no longer there.
    Washington DC this weekend, don’t forget the umbrella. To bad the sequester had to close the WH for tours.

    • Weather is supposed to be great in DC on Sunday. The Smithsonian is still free and magnificent as always. I am always amazed at the fabulous museums we offer to the world for all to enjoy.

      I would also check out both the international Spy Museum which is a lot of fun and the Newseum.

    • I think Chris is gone. Magic was the bartender.Patrick works thursday thru saturady. Brought my rain parka and baseball cap in anticipation of the rain. i tried for the White House tour. You are correct. No more for a while. Sequestration. Congressmen can fly timely, but I cannot visit my President’s home that is supported with tax dollars.

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