Key West sponsors many events and has many parades. Without question, the Christmas parade every year is the best. The parade this year was last night.

I had to arrive 1.5 hours before the parade started. So I would not have to walk a very long distance to get to the parade. The closer to parade time, the less parking available.

Stopped at Don’s Place first. It was to early to be out on the street. Everyone was there! The ladies dressed up a bit. Many with Santa Claus hats. The mood decidedly festive.

As 7 approached, I left to walk the several blocks to where I was to meet Lisa and the family for the parade. Robert and Ally arrived with plastic shopping bags to put their booty in. Float riders throw candy to the kids.

The whole town was at the parade. Half in the parade, half watching curbside.

The Christmas parade is the longest I have ever seen. Every year. Roughly three hours. Beautiful floats, beautiful people…..all in a holiday mood!

Robert’s mind works well. He reconnoiters the scene and figures out where on the curb he has to sit and how to approach the treasure coming at him from the floats. His bag was full very early. Ally on the other hand is looking around and talking with a girl friend seated on the curb next to her. Occasionally, she would look up and go for some candy.

A school friend of Robert’s was in a Santa hat and on a float that was low to the ground. He was throwing small Reese peanut butter cups to the kids. When he saw Robert, he got off and ran over to him. He handed Robert the whole bag he had in his hand. A large bag of Reese peanut butter cups. What friends are for!

There were about a dozen Santas. All did a good job. They were into their roles. Saw two Mrs. Claus’ also.

I had intended to return to Don’s Place to party after the parade. However three hours on my feet was too much for me. I was tired! Went directly home and to bed.

The morning was busy for me. Guy de Boer is the publisher and owner of KONK Life, a Key West weekly. Guy is going to feature/announce my new book to his readers. The whole front page will be a picture of me, the book, a typewriter, a pad and pen, and my glasses. It will be published in a couple of weeks. Hemingway watch out!

Afterwards, Guy and I went to breakfast. Goldman’s Deli. I get there every couple of months. It is absolutely amazing the business the place does. Every booth and table occupied. People crowded together standing waiting for a table. Reminded me of Joe’s in Utica on a Saturday night.

I have a Christmas cocktail party to attend this afternoon. Life in Key West is always on the move.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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