My radio show tonight! Blog talk radio. Nine o’clock.

So many things to discuss. So little time. Topics such as the government shutdown, Senator Cruz, Congressional pensions, governmental waste, and Egypt.

The show is quick hitting and entertaining.

Went to see my internest Dr. Jackie Lefferts yesterday. A tough no nonsense female doctor. I visited her because of my swollen hand caused by something that bit me.

She could not tell what type bug. She was concerned with whether the poison had traveled up my arm. She satisfied herself it had not. Prescribed an antibiotic and some other things.

My drug store is Walgreen. Dr. Lefferts suggested for the antibiotic that I go to Publix. It was free at Publix. So I went. No waiting line. My prescription was ready. The bill was zero dollars. I was shocked. No one gives anything away for nothing in today’s society. I smiled and told the woman behind the counter…..thank you. She looked surprised. Must be most people do not say thank you.

There was a sheet of information in the bag. There are several antibiotics Publix provides free. You might want to look into it.

I drive a Volkswagen convertible. Two tone. Blue and white with a black top. A unique color arrangement. Only one other in Key West. I parked my car across the street from Dr. Lefferts’ office. When I came out and went to the car, the door would not open. I kept clicking and nothing happened. I tried the key. Nothing. I tried the trunk. Nothing. How the hell did I get an electrical problem which apparently caused everything to shut down?

I looked in the window. There was a woman’s bag on the front seat. I do not carry a woman’s bag. I looked up and behind the car. Two cars back was another Volkswagen convertible with the same colors. Mine! Who would have expected the only two similar cars in Key West to have been parked within 30 feet of each other.

Yesterday was a bit of a be good to Louis day. I went to the Pier House Beach Bar for lunch.

Lovely! A perfect setting! Sitting on the beach at the edge of the ocean.

A lot of people. In fact, as I drove over I noticed many people on Duval. It reminded me of season.

I had fish and chips, admired the view and read the Miami Herald. Much full page advertising  for senior citizens re signing up for Obamacare. Apparently the time to sign is now through some date in December. The insurance companies are after senior business big time. The prices were much less than I am paying now and seemed to offer more.

I missed Kathleen Peace and Larry Smith. Many times when I would lunch at the Beach Bar, Kathleen would come out of her office and provide a cheery hello and kiss. Larry would be doing some work in the Wine Galley in preparation for his evening show and walk by. Larry did not kiss me.

Then to Publix. To pick up the antibiotic prescription. I went to the new Publix. It is the one I generally use for grocery shopping.

The parking lot is huge. When I came out, I could not remember where I parked the car. For real! Up and down the rows I went till I spotted it.

A first for me. Worries me. A sign of old age. My father used to do it. I have become my father once more. Amazing.

Spent my evening working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Please join me.

Enjoy your day!

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