Living on a sub-tropical island is always a joy when it comes to bugs! They are a given. You become accustomed to them. On those occasions when they invade your home, you deal with them.

The ants came in several nights ago. The very small ones. Tons on my kitchen counter and sink area. TERRO is the solution. Everyone’s hero in the Keys! Does the job with ants.

I went to Home Depot and bought TERRO. Little plastic houses with gook inside. You lay them out where the ants are. The ants go in and eat the stuff. They do not die there, however. The ants  return to their nest where they contaminate the rest of the flock and they all die happily together.

No more ants!

Did not work that simply this time. The ants were gone overnight from where they were. However, they moved to another area of the kitchen. The ants moved four times. I put TERRO out on four different days in four different places.

No ants this morning. I think I won.

This was my week for bugs. Saturday night around 6, I took a shower. Picked up a clean towel to dry myself. Felt a sting to the back of my left hand. Something had bitten me. What, I do not know.

My left hand is now almost the size of a softball. I see the doctor at 11:30. Itching was the initial problem. All saturday night and most of sunday. I went on the internet to see what to do. The oracle of our wisdom.

The most popular relief is to use a hair dryer. On the bite area. Has something to do with the proteins bugs leave under the skin. Aim the hot air on the bites. I have no hair so I had no blow dryer.

The backup remedy was hot water. As hot and as long as you could stand it. It worked. The relief lasted about four hours. Then the hand under the hot water faucet again.

Sunday dinner at Lisa’s. Salmon. Delicious.

I had a prearranged meeting with two ladies afterwards. Business. We had a drink and talked.

Happy Columbus Day!

There was no Columbus Day in my earlier years. Italo-Americans wanted a national holiday for one of their ancestry. Columbus got the nod. The Sons of Italy, of which I was a member, was very instrumental in the drive to have Columbus Day recognized.

Enjoy the holiday!



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